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The 50 Best Concealers for Sensitive Skin Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore concealers for sensitive skin are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer by Benefit

Benefit Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer Mini is a multi-purpose FULL COVERAGE liquid concealer that hides it all, from dark undereye circles to blemishes & discoloration...yet it feels lightweight & doesn't cake, crack, or settle into fine lines.

Soft Matte Complete Concealer by NARS

"I recently had a horrible cystic breakout which resulted in a ton of red acne scars. Unfortunately I have a hard skin tone to colour match (I'm a pale olive ~ NC 20) so a lot of concealers I've tried are still noticeably different from my skin tone. Because of this, I always do concealer first to add extra coverage and then apply my foundation on top to mask its colour. I know I could probably get a lot more coverage if I did my concealer on top of my foundation and blended it out but l don't do that for the reasons mentioned above. So far none of the other full coverage concealers that I have: (makeup forever full cover concealer, urban decay naked skin, hourglass hidden corrective, it cosmetics bye bye redness) were able to fully cover my pigmentation, and I had problems with all of them "lifting" and blending out into nothing when I added foundation on top with my beauty blender. I decided to try this concealer after seeing great reviews and I'm so glad I did. I'm able to apply this concealer and once it's dried it does not move an inch. my scars are mostly on my cheeks and this concealer doesn't budge after each "layer and blend" of my foundation, contour and powder. It has a creamier consistency when applied to the skin but dries down matte, but in a way that does not overly dry out your skin and emphasize flakiness. It's a great concealer for those with skin issues that need a highly pigmented product in order to get good coverage. I use custard which is too dark and yellow for my skin tone (NARS, it would be awesome if you could please add more truly neutral shades) but it's not a huge deal. As far as using this as an under eye concealer, I don't think I would recommend it as I believe it would be too drying for that area. Ultimately I hope others will give this a try because it really lives up to its hype!! Less" - Sephora user

Loose Powder Concealer by bareMinerals

A versatile, mineral-based powder that can be used as a concealer and an eyeshadow base.

Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer by Laura Mercier

A medium to full coverage, weightless concealer that perfects, hydrates, and blurs with up to 12 hours of crease-resistant wear.

Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer by dermablend

Lightweight formula effectively covers dark circles under eyes, discoloration, acne scars, and dark spots in one coat. Dermablend's Cover Care Concealer provides a soft matte finish while hydrating skin for 24HR. The formula stays soft, supple, and breathable on skin. Waterproof. Transfer-resistant.

Well Rested Under Eye Brightener SPF 20 by bareMinerals

"I have always had creasing issues with cream or liquid concealers, even before the fine lines creeping in at 38 - I'd wipe off lower lid eye makeup as I tried to re-blend concealer. I was hesitant to use a "powder" under eye concealer as it sounded drying - but I have been using this for 2 yrs now and cannot live without it. After priming/applying foundation, I use a soft angled eyeshadow brush and build up however much coverage I need that day, in the triangle area under the eye. I'll also go right to the edge of my lower lashes with a point brush. Fits so nicely on my skin, no creasing or dryness through out the day, gives a natural pop to the area, really decreases darker color. Also doubles as subtle matter highlighter (forehead, bridge of nose, chin). Can't live without it!" - ulta user

Power Play Concealer by Cover FX

"At this moment, this concealer has 46 5-star reviews out of 46 reviews overall. I purchased it when it had about 14 because I have never seen a product that had 100% 5-star reviews so far and I have searched for the perfect concealer for so long. I didn’t have 5-star expectations though because it’s hard when everyone has different skin types so what works for one person may not for another. This concealer seems to defy that lolI’ve tried Tarte Shape Tape, UD Naked Skin, Nars Radiant Creamy concealer... this one blows them all away.It has five stars because not only is the coverage is incredible but it looks like skin. The first day I used it I didn’t use any primer or setting powder or spray so I could see how it would truly hold up. I had VERY minimal creasing in my one line under my eyes that was only really noticeable to even myself when I looked up close and was easy to smooth down (when I actually set it another day I had zero creasing which has NEVER happened to me before). I also have dry skin and so concealers drying me out and looking gross and patchy under my eyes is usually inevitable for me (especially with tarte shape tape). This one looks perfect - I have no idea how it has such staying power and coverage without it drying out my skin - I am absolutely blown away. It has a perfect, bright, natural finish to it.It blends like a dream, barely need any product, first concealer I’ve ever used that was true to the “no creasing”, has an incredible range of shades (plus white and black so you can customize!), and isn’t drying. Cover FX basically did the impossible and I will be very surprised if this doesn’t become the go-to concealer for anyone who frequents Sephora. I will absolutely be repurchasing this and have FINALLY found the perfect concealer for me! « less" - Sephora user

Touche Éclat Face Highlighter Pen by YSL Beauty

"I love the Touch Eclat #6 (Luminous Amber) so much I purchased two. I use this as an all over just to deal with some redness I have in spots...that occurs for no reason and not always in the same place (LOL); or as a way to deal with the discoloration around my eyes- which is darker than the rest of my complexion. I've tried other popular brands but the reason I LOVE this is the way it matches my skin tone once blended. It is very challenging to find products to match black skin tones. I have found only one other (L.A. colors concealer in Dark) but they no longer make it. Usually I have to custom mix to get the right match and even that can be sketchy :) Since I don't have pics- think O. Winfrey, Gabrielle Union, Angela Bassett- skin tones (when not overlit in their photos). I hopt YSL will make a light coverage foundation of the same color- it's so important however to keep the formulation used in the Touche Eclat b/c often times a new product introduction goes awry by loosing what makes the original so amazing. In this case, the creaminess, blendability, buildability, and moderate coverage for a light feeling on the face. Also- my face is terribly sensitive- I can't even use some so-called organic products because they irritate. I've never had any issues with this product- which makes me very merry! I'll probably subscribe....Love TE #6- Thanks YSL!!!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Yves Saint Laurent user

Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Brightening Serum + Concealer by Estée Lauder

"That's all I could think when I put this on. I bought the 2C, Light Medium. I have very thin skin under my eyes, so the bluish underneath shows. My skin is light/medium w pinkish tones. I've been using Kat Von D liquid concealer for years. I've tried everything from high end, to drugstore brands & that was the best so far. With the Estée Lauder, not only was the color a better match, but it did NOT settle into my fine lines like the reviews said. EVERYTHING settles into my lines! This didn't. You can use one or both sides. This actually brightened my eyes! The blend was great & I looked more awake. It's not heavy. You only need to dot this on. Great coverage. Finally! I found something that works. This is my new concealer from now on. " - Nordstrom user

Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer by Lancôme

"SHADE SELECTION--- I bought this in light buff and it is an alright shade for me but i feel i could of went down a shade lighter. I don't like my under eye concealer to be extremely lighter then my skin tone because then i would be using white (literally lol) but i like it to be maybe half a shade lighter then my foundation if not the same shade as my foundation. Light buff is probably half a shade darker then my skin tone. For reference I wear.. NARS sheer glow in mont blanc BB foundations in either Alabaster or porcelain (depends on formula) MAC NC/NW 15 TEXTURE-- I really like the texture of this concealer. It blends very well, wears light. Does not cake. And most importantly does not emphasize fine lines nor does it dry up your under eye area even though t dries to a matte finish which i love because you need very little setting powder and you have beautiful concealer. I love that it is creamy while you are putting it on that way you dont tug on the delicate under eye area and it is so easy to apply, but dries to a matte finish. This is what makes this concealer BRILLIANT to me. COVERAGE--Even though i use this over my bb corrector because i have extremely dark circles i feel this has great coverage for normal or very light dark circles. But for dark eye circles you do need a corrector regardless. Bobbi brown corrector blends like a dream with this concealer and I love to use them together. WATER PROOF?--- Yes it really does stay on!! lol I have had this on and washed my face with Philosophy PUrity made simple and it is still on. I use an oil based makeup remover to remove this at night. CREASE?---- Since it does dry to a matte finish you will probably not crease and if so very little. But i can tell you that it is one of the best concealers in that aspect. I havent found a concealer that doesnt crease but this one is actually pretty good. You only will need a little setting powder. OVERALL-- I really like this concealer and trust me Ive tried sooo many under eye concealers from bobbie brown to benefit to mac to everything you can think of. This is one of the best ones in the market. It has become a staple for me and i highly recommend giving it a shot. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Face Touch Up by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"I love this concealer stick! I am relatively new to BB products and I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this product, but I am very impressed.The consistency of this concealer is luscious. It is creamy and surprisingly moisturizing, while offering medium to full coverage. The moisturizing aspect is really important to me because I have acneiform rosacea and use several very drying products to try to control breakouts. Plus I live in Colorado, where it gets ridiculously dry during the winter. I feel that this concealer covers my breakouts pretty well without accentuating any dry flakes. This concealer also doesn't cause any breakouts for me.I use Warm Beige in both the concealer stick and the BB Moisturizing Skin Foundation, and the match is spot on. When I have the time, I spot the concealer onto red problem areas with a small brush and then pat it in with my finger to blend it out a bit. However, when I'm in a rush, I just use my fingers to apply and blend the product. The exact color match between the foundation and concealer allows me to be a bit sloppy when applying, but no one is any the wiser.Because this product is very moisturizing and has some "slip," I find that I need to set it with a light dusting of translucent powder. After that, however, it has great staying power throughout the day.Sometimes after I set my face with powder, I'll go back and apply another layer of concealer on areas where some red is peaking through and then dust that area lightly again with powder. Although I sometimes have several layers of product on my face, I don't feel that the makeup looks cakey or artificial. The only exception is if I have an area that is particularly dry (usually at the lower corners of my mouth). Sometimes I feel that my makeup settles a bit into the cracked areas and then highlights these flaws, but usually all I need to do is run a finger lightly over the area to smooth the makeup back out.All in all, I am very pleased with this product. I love the small size, too. Perfect for popping into my purse. Less" - bobbibrowncosmetics.ca user

Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer by BH Cosmetics

"I loved the coverage and the finish of this concealer. Very natural looking with medium to full coverage. It has a really brightening effect so be aware of that when choosing your shade. I choose the shade 101 and it was a little too bright for my complexion, it was good for under the eyes (brown,blue under eye circles) but not very good for the rest of the face. My match probably would be 102 or 104 mixed with the white one. I have a neutral skin undertone and this shade is very pink based. In the photos, the one that I have half of my face with make up, the concealer is just in the under eye area. In the full face of makeup, the concealer is the only thing I am wearing on the skin.For those people buying from Brazil, everything went fine with my purchase and I didn't pay any taxes! :) Less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Power Fabric Concealer by Giorgio Armani Beauty

"I'd asked about this concealer when it first came out, having watched a few of my favorite YT/IG'ers rave about it. I was steered away from it by one or two people working in Sephora. They felt it would be too drying, too matte for my more "mature" under-eye area, and would accentuate any texture or lines (minimal though they might be). Given the rave reviews I'd seen from the over-40 set, I decided I really wanted to give it a try. I love my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (and Soft Matte Concealer) for spot concealing; the shade Vanilla is a perfect match for me, blending in perfectly. However, I've often wished it was a thinner consistency for under my eyes. The GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY Power Fabric High Coverage Stretchable Concealer is very liquidy, and a little goes a long way. It not only blends out easily and beautifully, but it doesn't crease at all, nor does it emphasize lines or texture. I set it with a light dusting of Viseart Seamless Setting Powder (let it sit a few moments, then brush or buff it away), and it holds up nicely. I got the shade 1, which is a bit lighter than I'd normally prefer (I usually prefer to match my concealer to my skin, rather than using a lighter shade to lighten and brighten the under-eye area as some like to). Shade 2 is too yellow, too deep, so 1 is my best option, and it really is totally fine. I wear Luminous Silk in shade 2 for reference. So, if you have more mature skin, and are afraid that this concealer won't work for you, I'd suggest giving it a try." - sephora user

Le Correcteur Pro Concealer Kit by Lancôme

"SHADE SELECTION--- I bought this in light buff and it is an alright shade for me but i feel i could of went down a shade lighter. I don't like my under eye concealer to be extremely lighter then my skin tone because then i would be using white (literally lol) but i like it to be maybe half a shade lighter then my foundation if not the same shade as my foundation. Light buff is probably half a shade darker then my skin tone. For reference I wear..NARS sheer glow in mont blancBB foundations in either Alabaster or porcelain (depends on formula)MAC NC/NW 15TEXTURE-- I really like the texture of this concealer. It blends very well, wears light. Does not cake. And most importantly does not emphasize fine lines nor does it dry up your under eye area even though t dries to a matte finish which i love because you need very little setting powder and you have beautiful concealer. I love that it is creamy while you are putting it on that way you dont tug on the delicate under eye area and it is so easy to apply, but dries to a matte finish. This is what makes this concealer BRILLIANT to me.COVERAGE--Even though i use this over my bb corrector because i have extremely dark circles i feel this has great coverage for normal or very light dark circles. But for dark eye circles you do need a corrector regardless. Bobbi brown corrector blends like a dream with this concealer and I love to use them together.WATER PROOF?--- Yes it really does stay on!! lol I have had this on and washed my face with Philosophy PUrity made simple and it is still on. I use an oil based makeup remover to remove this at night.CREASE?---- Since it does dry to a matte finish you will probably not crease and if so very little. But i can tell you that it is one of the best concealers in that aspect. I havent found a concealer that doesnt crease but this one is actually pretty good. You only will need a little setting powder.OVERALL-- I really like this concealer and trust me Ive tried sooo many under eye concealers from bobbie brown to benefit to mac to everything you can think of. This is one of the best ones in the market. It has become a staple for me and i highly recommend giving it a shot. « less" - Sephora user

Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector by Tarte

A multitasking, full coverage CC that supports the coverage of under-eye discolorations and dark circles.

Inner Light Concealer by Aveda

"i'm 23 and by all means def. don't have the best skin....hyper-pigmentation, large pores, circles under my eyes...nasty blemishes every now and again.....this concealer is a MIRACLE nothing short of that.....i actually look like i've got naturally great skin using this product....usually i have to layer my whole face in primer.....liquid foundation THEN drugstore concealer...and finally powder foundation....i'm sorry but my goodness when i'm all done i look not only caked up but a good five years older....with the inner light concealer i can use a few dots here and there and bingo i'm finished! and you can't tell it's on my skin!! and it doesn't rub off lol....which is awesome no more worrying about the bf rubbing up on my face and getting it on his shirt.....and i can wear it to bed and i don't break out....and trust me EVERYTHING makes me break out if left on overnight....cept for this!!! thank you aveda!!!!! « less" - aveda user

Full Cover Concealer by Make Up For Ever

"I never ever write reviews so this is a first for me! I'm a concealer junkie, with very fair blemish prone combination skin. I've tried most concealers, in a variety of formulations and this is hands down the best one. The problem with combination skin is sometimes my T-zone is incredibly dry and flakey (thus concealers can be over drying and highlight blemishes, particularly ones healing) or can be a lot more oily, therefore slips and budges off. I'm currently having probably the worst breakout I've ever had due to medication and working 12 hour shifts running about constantly, I genuinely didn't think anything was ever going to cover it, until I remembered I had this. The pigmentation is incredible, meaning the consistency is very lightweight. You only need the tiniest half a pea size to cover an entire area of the forehead, chin etc. I use a very smaller concealer buffing brush to lightly work in it, and warm it up a little on the back of my hand beforehand. It lasts beautifully, it's almost a miracle, and oilier girls (or if you just want extra reassurance) I use a little dusting of MUFE HD pressed setting powder and it literally locks this in for over 12 hours, even in humid and stressful environments. The other thing about this concealer is it blurs the texture of imperfections so things don't look as raised and generally smooths things out but doesn't cling to dry patches or over-cake areas. I know this is a little pricier, but honestly it will last you for months of end, and for someone with very fair sensitive break out prone skin, this hasn't aggravated anything for me, so it's definitely worth a shot if your current face base isn't hacking it at the moment! For reference I am around an NW15/Alabaster/1C0/Mont Blanc skin tone and use Shade 1; Pink Porcelain which is a perfect match, and really not as pink as it suggests. Happy concealing! :)" - sephora user

Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer by jouer

"I have very dry under eye area. Before Jouer i've used Tart Shape Tape, but i noticed, that my skin was very dry and creases a lot (I'm 28 btw). So i ordered Jouer Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer, after reading so much positive reviews, and never regretted about my decision! It has good coverage and smooth texture, covers my hyperpigmentation and dark circles. It doesn't dries my under eye area and don't need to set with lots of powder. You need a very small amount of product, it goes a long way. The only thing I've noticed - if you want to build up, you definitely should set it, for everyday makeup I'm using a little product without setting at all. Sorry for my grammar mistakes, English is not my mother tongue :) " - Cult Beauty user

Forever Skin Correct Concealer by Dior

"SHOW MY GLOW FROM WITHIN YALL! So I absolutely am a highlight junkie and I have collected every type of highlighter from pressed bake and powder highlights to liquid and cream highlights.This was bought as a whim in the MAC store cause the sale associate just wanted to play with my skin and see what works best for me (I love store associates who go over and beyond what I expect and actually actively try to elevate my makeup with honest recommendations). When she put this on, instant love at first sight!! When I tell you that this is honestly one of the most buildable highlights I have ever seen.I can use this as small dusting on my cheek bones for a more natural/no-makeup makeup look and then wet my brush and build upon that so that my cheeks can rival that of the sun's beam.For my skin tone, where with MAC, I range from NW47-NW50, this does not look ashy in any way, shape or form (thank goodness for how far the beauty industry has come) and lasts quite a while (about 6-7 hours before your skin just has a sheen of glow). I'm very happy to tell that this is not the kind of highlight with chunky pieces but it is very shimmer like and doesn't irritate the skin. I am very acne-prone so it doesn't react badly to my skin at all.A major staple, that would last a ridiculous long time (GUYS, there is so much product in here and it's so pigmented that I see myself hitting the pan in maybe 3-4 years).Don't hesitate to buy this!!! Less" - Sephora user

Stroke of Light Under Eye Concealer by bareMinerals

An eye brightener that diffuses dark shadows while visibly reducing fine lines and dark circles.

Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation + Concealer by Clinique

A full-coverage powder foundation and concealer in one with a unique, dual-sided sponge for easy on-the-go application.

Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Concealer by Shiseido

"I know my review on the foundation which matches this concealer, was very mixed, but man, this is going to be a different kind of review. My color is "101 Fair" and "110 Alabaster". I used the concealer under my eyes and it came off in a thick layer, which had me worried at first again. But once blended out with a thick kabuki as directed (and my personal favorite way) my skin looked flawless and didn't crease at all (check!). Along with full coverage (check!) and not drying (check!), those are my top concealer requirements. I do not want a drying concealer that settles into your lines and stuck like this all day. I just topped it with some Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder, and I felt completely blown away. I am so happy by this concealer and am thrilled I found it!As far as the color goes, I found this to be slightly yellower than the foundation, which I was happy with since the foundation ran pink, making it more neutral (my actual undertone), than the foundation. I also have quite fair skin found the depth good for a more natural to medium-low glam look under the eyes. Less" - Sephora user

Peeper Perfect Under Eye Concealer by Winky Lux

Hey bright eyes. Awaken tired peepers and conceal under eye circles all day with the Winky Lux Peeper Perfect Concealer, their creamiest, stay-put concealer yet.

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Concealer by Pat McGrath Labs

"So, I tried this concealer a few different ways for a few weeks. The first being my normal routine NOT using the finishing powder. So liquid foundation, concealer & then setting with a loose powder. Second, I used a powder foundation. So concealer, setting powder & then powder foundation. Again no finishing powder. The third & fourth way, I did my normal liquid & powder foundation routines & then added the finishing powder on top of my “highlighted” areas. Throughout the weeks I’ve noticed that the finishing powder blurred my under eyes but also looked really shiny & emphasized my pores as the day went on. When I didn’t have it’ll the finishing powder on I felt my concealed areas looked healthy & didn’t have any weird caking or emphasized pores. If you have dry skin I think you’ll like this concealer. I have combination skin so this will work until warmer months come. I also like it for more “natural” days because it is very hydrating & this particular color blends well with my natural tone. Only down fall is that it feels like you have makeup on when you wear this. Even when I’d get a little dewy it would rub off super easy or smudge. I didn’t break me out even being full coverage. Overall, I would recommend to those who have dryer skin or if you’re looking for a healthy looking concealer.Pros: Instantly I noticed it was super high coverage. It made my under eyes blurred & flawless. It does feel very hydrating. Does last throughout my normal day, all day long. Didn’t crease. Didn’t look cakey.Cons: I noticed it was a heavy feeling Less" - Sephora user

Quick Fix Concealer Stick by dermablend

"I am not one of those people who needs a dab of concealer because I didn't get enough sleep last night or my allergies are acting up. I have had horrible under eye circles since I was a child -- those purple-blue marks that extend half way under my eye and make me look like I was in a fight. I have used many, many concealers over the years -- over a dozen at least -- and this one has the most benefits and fewest drawbacks of any I've tried so far (and I've tried all the top brands, all the beauty magazine award winners, obscure brands, cult favorites, etc.). This product gives truly excellent coverage without looking makeup-y. Whenever I have found concealers that actually conceal this well, the makeup itself has been obvious, no matter what shade I have tried and what application method I've used. I used Dermablend's shade finder on its website to choose a shade. There were two shades that looked like they might work, and so I went with the slightly darker of the two to avoid reverse raccoon eyes (I have fair to medium skin with neutral undertones and chose beige). I blend the edges, dab on a translucent powder with a soft brush to set and then wear Bare Minerals on the rest of my skin. You cannot see the concealer at all, and my under eye circles are almost completely eliminated. I have dry skin and some light crepe-like wrinkling under my eyes, and I do notice the concealer creasing a bit not long after I apply it, especially if I use too much. However, if I gently pat the creases with my finger, the creases disappear without affecting coverage. This product also lasts. At the end of the day, coverage is almost as good as it was when I first applied the product. « less" - lovelyskin.com user

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer by Estée Lauder

Estée lauder double wear stay-in-place flawless wear concealer creates the perfected look of flawless skin and lasts all day. Transfer-resistant, color-true, with medium buildable coverage that won't slip, slide or melt away.

Multi-Perfecting Concealer by Guerlain

A hydrating concealer that blurs imperfections for a perfected complexion.

Plantscription Anti Aging Longwear Concealer by origins

"Okay, now I see what all the rave reviews are about. Got this a week ago and I'm in love! Truly THE BEST concealer I've ever used, and that says a lot. Not only for the numerous brands I've tried over the years; but because I'm also very particular and have a lot of allergies & sensitivities. I have medium beige skin, with cool olive undertones, The medium color I got is very neutral (not too orange or too pink) & a perfect match. Looks like skin, only better. I also think very seasonally adaptable. I might get another one in a shade lighter for under my eyes, where I'm more fair. But this covers all of my issues. Brown (sun) spots, broken capillarities, redness from breakouts. The lovely, creamy texture looks & feels smooth, spreads easily, absorbs quickly & feels weightless. I'm still oily at 54 and this seems to help balance & even out skin tone, gives the look of refined pores and lasts with very little blotting or touch-up, if any. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! Very portable and a nice slim design, too. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-7533402681192062480-full" data-show="-7533402681192062480-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Origins user

Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics

Amazing cosmetics amazing concealer is a full-coverage, water-resistant cream concealer that makes all skin imperfections disappear. Also doubles as a great highlighting and contouring tool. The best part is no one knows you have it on.

Eye Concealer With Botanical Extracts (With Brush) by Sisley

"I have dark purple circles under my eyes. All the women in my family do-- it's not about getting enough sleep. Most concealers get dry and cakey after a few hours, but this one does not! I use the lightest color they make for my very pale skin, and while one layer does not completely hide all traces of purple, this does as good a job at covering my impossible circles as any I have tried before. The difference is that this feels so nice and doesn't settle into lines or crack or look dry at all. It doesn't crease or look oily, either. It feels like eye cream instead of a concealer, yet it does a lovely job of concealing. I'm glad I found it here at Overstock instead of paying the tremendous full price at other stores, like Bloomingdales, which sells Sisley products. Is it worth nearly $70 for any eye concealer? You have to answer that for yourself. I do think this is an amazing product, though, and it lasts all day and beyond. It feels wonderful on your skin and does a good job of coverage. Try a sample at a makeup counter before you buy it, but then buy it here at Overstock for cheaper, if you find you like it as much as I do. Less" - Overstock.com user

Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12-Hour Concealer by Tarte

A waterproof, 12-hour wear concealer that expertly hides skin discolorations and imperfections in one seamless application.

Double Wear Waterproof All Day Extreme Wear Concealer by Estée Lauder

Estée lauder double wear waterproof all day extreme wear concealer creates the perfected look of flawless skin and lasts day to night. Color-true with full coverage that won't crease, streak or cake. Natural matte finish.

Mineralize Concealer by MAC

"I have tried it all, done it all with applying concealer underneath my eyes. I am fairly young but I have crazy wrinkles under my eyes. Every concealer I have tried, and method never seemed to make my eyes look smooth and stop the creasing. I did concealer alone and tapped it on the area with my ring finger, then I set it with a powder (setting, blot powder, mineral powder, foundation, etc.), then I did concealer powder alone and it all creased, caked and just made the area look bad. I tried tons of different eye creams, different types of soft brushes (i.e. 224), I was at my wits end with trying to look for something that worked. Then this came into my life. It wasn't even on my shopping list but I said, "This is the last thing I am going to try, then I give up for real." I am an NC25 but I got the lightest shade they have so I can achieve that Kim K and Nikki Minaj look. I put some on, tap and blend it with my ring finger, then with a 224 and some setting powder (light dusting) and it doesn't crease at all!!!! If you are having the same issue as I was, just follow these simple steps. It will make a difference in your confidence. Less" - M·A·C user

Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer by Make Up For Ever

"This is my new must-have-everyday product! It goes on with a smooth matte finish that looks like skin and isn't sticky. I actually use this now as both my concealer AND foundation, it's that good plus affordable! I use this with a wet beauty blender and love that it's buildable from medium to full coverage. I use just a pea size amount starting with my nose and work it outward to completely cover redness, acne scars, and my really bad dark eye circles. I've had one tube for about 6 weeks and it'll probably last 4-6 weeks more. Tip to get the right shade: try it under your eyes at the store, don't just try on the wrist. Also try a few similar shades don't just go with the one the salesperson says she thinks should be right - I've had different salespeople try to sell me on different 'right' shades of the same product on the same day! Bright lighting is key to picking the best match." - sephora user

Hello FAB Bendy Avocado Concealer by First Aid Beauty

A flexible, second-skin concealer that provides buildable, weightless coverage with superfood avocado to help hydrate and nourish the skin.

Touche Eclat High Cover Radiant Concealer by YSL Beauty

"The New Touch Eclat Concealer is here and I love it! Here’s why...Packaging: Well, of course we find all the feature of the All Time Favourites Touche Éclat - Radiant Touch. And that’s what we want: Gold finish, application in one click, slim design and luxurious YSL feel! With a little difference stamped in black to separate the concealer from the illuminator.Texture: lightweight fluid texture on application which then dries down and settle as a soft matte skin cover. Feels lovely and is ever so easy to work with.Application: Very easy application with the iconic YSL Touch Eclat brush tip. It allows you to apply with a soft touch which is ideal for the fragile under eye area. It is precise, allowing you to use only a small amount to cover blemishes or scars.Result:Under the eye I found that it made my eye look more awake!It’s probably for two reason.First, the Touch Eclat illuminating formula that you will find in all the Touch éclat range. This concealer contains it as well and offer coverage and light!Second, the formula has an anti-fatigue and calming complex.As a blemish cover, I was so pleased! With just a thin layer, it covers my spot and blemishes for the whole day, staying perfectly in place. What’s more, it leaves me with the natural look I love!Tips: -Make sure you choose the right shade for you. With the Touch Eclat Radiant Touch you could get away with using a shade that is slightly too light or a bit pinkies etc... but as this is a concealer, I advise to choose the exact shade for your skin. This will allow you to get a more natural look especially when covering blemishes.-Do not stop using Touch Eclat Radiant Touch! You will still need to apply natural illuminating Touch to your skin. The concealer can of course be used on his own, but personally I advise using them teamed up for the perfect result!Verdict: I have been waiting for this concealer for years! And I am so happy it is finally here! Was worth the wait! Touch Eclat concealer gives coverage, light, natural look and easy application! What more to ask?! My favourite and perfect partner to Radiant Touch, and the perfect addition to my beauty routine! « less" - yslbeauty.co.uk user

Anti Cernes Multi Action Concealer by YSL Beauty

"This concealer isn't cheap, but let me tell you, it is entirely worth the money. Though I'm young, I've struggled with my dark circles for several years. I have an incredibly fair porcelain complexion, so finding a color that matches has been a challenge. Usually you want your concealer to be lighter than your skin tone, and I was never able to find the right color because most companies don't make shades that light. Thank goodness for this concealer, shade #1 is the perfect match for me! Aside from the small yet impressive color range, the texture is also a home-run. We have such delicate skin under our eyes, and as we age, it's evident whether one tugged their eye area or not. I found myself having to work too hard with most concealers; they were dry, goopy, and unpleasant, which resulted in me not handling my eye area as delicately as I should have been. Well thanks to this PERFECT concealer, my eye area is no longer in jeopardy. This is the most buttery concealer I've ever felt. I am able to blend it seamlessly into my skin without any effort on my part. This is also very effective for women with mature skin; the more lightweight and buttery a product, the less heavy and obvious it looks. Heavy products under the eyes only emphasizes wrinkles, whereas this product brightens your undereye area providing a youthful, well-rested appearance. I can safely recommend this to all women of all ages. I'm very pleased with this product and what it's done for my skin. It's definitely worth a try, and I hope everyone finds it as helpful as I do! Check out my video below to see how it looks on my skin and to hear how it works! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Le Correcteur De Chanel Longwear Concealer by Chanel

"These concealers I live by. They do not clog my pores. Other concealers I use do a great job of hiding the redness and staying on throughout the night but the next day i have 3 others in the same spot because my skin couldn't breath. I swear this stuff actually HELPS my breakouts, call me crazy. But if i have one and then use this, the next day it is NEVER worse and usually much better. Even with a full face (I don't use concealer every day) I also use 31 (pinker shade) for my under eyes (I wear 30 to cover blemishes) and it is BEAUTIFUL! Gives my under eye JUST the right amount of pop. Does not settle into any wrinkles and stays on. REPEAT BUY! " - Nordstrom user

Smooth Liquid Camo Hydrating Concealer by dermablend

Dermablend's smooth liquid camo concealer is a medium coverage liquid concealer. With the ability to give flexible camouflage that instantly makes dark circles and any localized imperfections disappear. The wand applicator allows for quick accurate coverage that sweeps on skin.

Camouflage Cream by Catrice Cosmetics

Undercover wonder! The catrice camouflage cream provides long-lasting texture and high coverage. The smooth cream blends perfectly with the skin and covers uneven skin tone, discoloration and redness. Set with powder for the longest wear.

YouthFX Fill + Blur Concealer by Revlon

"I typically just put on a foundation, eye makeup, and a lipgloss, completely foregoing concealer because, in the past, concealer has seemed either too thick or too chalky in texture, which makes it very visible and defeats the purpose of trying to conceal anything. I decided to give the Revlon Youth FX Concealer a try because it is advertised as being both lightweight and hydrating. With my darc under eye circles, I tend to look a little tired and older (I think, at least). For the trial, I washed my face and applied my other products as I normally would do, and then I applied the concealer. It has a little push-button at the end that you click, kind of like you do for an ink pen, until the liquid concealer appears on the spongy tip. I applied it under my eyes, along my chin, where I tend to have acne, and over the worst of the acne scars on the left side of my face. I couldn’t immediately see a difference, so I took a photo of my face in natural light to compare to the “before” my photo, which shows my face after following my typical cosmetic regimen. In the photos, I can definitely see a difference. With the Revlon Youth FX Concealer, my eyes seem brighter and less tired, and my acne and scaring are much less noticeable. I think that I’m definitely sold on using this product. It seemed to stay put throughout the day, and it didn’t become “cakey” or chalky. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-5361550795749502122-full" data-show="-5361550795749502122-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - walmart.com user

Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer Brush by By Terry

"I bought this in shade no.2 cream, to conceal undereye bags, layered over Tacha's The Pearl. For my fair skin with neutral undertones, this is the ideal shade and the combination with The Pearl makes me look like I've had eight hours sleep, and is nourishing and softening on my dry, thin undereye skin. I have recently purchased another in no.3 beige, for the warmer months ahead when I am sporting more of a tan. The formula is featherlight and although this isn't a heavy duty concealer, it's illuminating properties does the trick, especially in the daytime, when natural light would show off any thick makeup. Any more full coverage, and it would settle into fine lines, which this does not do. For me, it's worth the money because my mid-30s skin is demanding beauty products that impart a softening effect. Less" - mecca.com.au user

TimeBalm Concealer by theBalm

"Love this product and Boy did I put it to the test. A little about me- olive toned skin, blemish prone, combination skin The first time I tried this product I made the mistake of not using a moisturizer under it, the product thusly didn't blend that well and left my skin kind of dry. The second time I tried it I was much smarter- used Dermalogica Active Moist as my moisturizer/primer, let it absorb for about 30 seconds then started to apply this foundation. I applied it in random patches around my face using my fingers making sure to attack my problem areas immediately. I then used my moistened beauty blender to blend it all in. It held up all day long without causing any additional blemishes. Let oil through in my T-zone which was easily dabbed away with a tissue and the makeup itself didn't rub off too easily when doing so- I was easily able to re-blend throughout the day on the areas I had dabbed a little too rough. I prefer a foundation that lets oil through as I've found it prevents my skin from breaking out. After blending I found that the color was a great match to my otherwise very difficult to match skin tone, and it looked dewy. I did of coarse apply some bronzer / blush / and highlight but all of the products I used blended very nicely with the foundation and the foundation didn't leave any of my other products looking as though they were a funny hue. Very happy with this product. With that said, because it does stay on so well I've found the only way to get it off and not hurt my face with endless makeup remover is to use the Dermalogica PreCleanse before my facial cleanser. Works wonderful. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Beauty.com user

Mister Light Instant Light Corrective Pen by Givenchy

"and did I mention it is so!!!!expensive for the amount you get. The product itself is amazing. Really, amazing. Light, creamy, and yet covers well (medium coverage). Also doesn't seem to show up in fine lines or little dry bits, like nearly every other concealer known to man. When applied, the effect is not flat, but is also not at all shimmery... it looks more natural than any other concealer I have ever used...its effect is healthy, slightly glowing skin. I have Mister Meringue, which is pale and pink toned.. this is a perfect match for my skin. I use this for under-eye, and spot foundation/concealer, since I can't seem to find anything else quite the right color and of similar quality (for cheaper) and good lord does it run out fast. This is my second time purchasing it and I definitely fought with myself about it, only because it is so expensive and you get so little. Of other consideration is the applicator (a twist-click delivers product out of the brush). It's pointless... if you actually used it in the fast, on-the-go-touchup style it seems to beg for, the brush would be caked with product and bacteria in no time. This doesn't stop me from clicking out product and squeezing it on a clean fingertip and applying it that way, but I would prefer a simple tube. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

All Hours Concealer by YSL Beauty

A new 16 hour-wear, full-coverage concealer that instantly and completely covers skin imperfections, yet does not crease, crack, or look masky.

Cover Perfection Tip Concealer by The SAEM

"Word to the wise: If you use these on their own, they can be a bit dryer in application than you maybe used to and sink quickly into the skin. However, you'll have no trouble whatsoever with these if you use them after sunscreen or moisturizer, giving you a bit more time to spread the product, and they are so lightweight it hardly feels like wearing anything. But don't be fooled, this concealer means business.These apply well and spread easily but go on shockingly light. Don't freak, I think that's the SPF in the product. WIthin minutes of spreading it out, it levels off and melts into the skin. In fact, the coverage is so good that I don't need any base products.. No foundation, BB or CC cream, nothing but my SPF as a base. I use this very sparingly (two tiny dots) under my eyes and around my nose to cut the slight redness from allergies, and blend it out for a natural fade. It stays put and looks fresh all day. Doesn't settle into fine lines, isn't cakey and comes off with a standard cleanse. Best of all, it works and it does not irritate my skin or eyes..This one wins best concealer, budget or otherwise, and both out-performs and out-lasts high end concealers I wasted money on in the past. I'm keeping this in my makeup wardrobe, especially at this incredible price point. No regrets, I'm here to order back-ups and leave this review. If you need a code BRTBFH and have a wonderful Valentine's Day, everyone! xx Less" - yesstyle.com user

Wonder Pencil by NYX Professional Makeup

"Five starts because I don't want them to stop making it! Now the real review: I use this as a concealer pencil. The fat concealers just don't do it for me, and since Cargo stopped making their "reverse lip liner," (which I used as a concealer) this pencil is really the best I've found. As someone else here said, the light is a bit too light, the medium is too dark. As with Shiseido before them, they really could use a shade between the two. Until then, I make do with the light, but lots of blending required because it is so pale. Pros: lots! It's long lasting but actually smoother/less cakey than many other concealer pencils I've used, the fine point makes detailed concealng easy, the price is great, I can make the Light shade work with some blending.. Cons: The light is a bit too light, the medium is too dark. There's a really big gap between the light and the medium. Maybe NYX is reading this and will consider adding a shade between the current light and medium!! « less" - Target user

Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer by Hourglass

"I'm a full-coverage concealer obsessor who has tried a zillion concealers but never budged from Kryolan's Dermcolour camouflage cream (made for covering tattoos and scars - amazing). This concealer is the first I've ever bought that I've been reaching to daily instead of the Kryolan for anything other than special occasions.It's light, wet and creamy but highly pigmented, making it easy to very gently blend with fingertips under the eyes and on spots or other red areas. However, unlike other wet concealers, it's got a very good block-out; not as strong as the Kryolan, but good enough to almost totally cover my dark under-eye circles. I let it set for a minute or two then finish with light powder.It's very brightening under the eyes and stays put well compared to other concealers. It does streak / crepe very slightly during the day (I've never found a concealer that doesn't), but has good staying power compared to most I've tried. Also, a little goes a VERY long way. Just a teeny dab under each eye is enough to blend into a nearly-full undereye blockout, without looking heavy or overdone.The best technique I have found is using fingertips under the eyes, not a brush or sponge. I'll definitely be buying this again as my go-to daily concealer. Less" - mecca.com.au user

Shake & Bake Powder-to-Cream Under Eye Concealer by pür

"I wanted to give this a try before judging it on the fresh reviews. I applied my primer, foundation, and regular concealer routine- this is labeled for baking so I wanted to make sure it was over my normal set up! I used the larger side of my blender and patted it with my finger a couple times then went over the area under my eye to the top of my cheek bone!It absolutely brightened and enhanced my look and was very smooth!I think the issue may be a disconnect with how someone is using it and how it's meant to be used, while make up has no rules products will still perform best when they are applied as intended! " - ulta.com user

Select Moisturecover Concealer by MAC

"I have been on a very long search for a good under eye concealer and this one was the last out of the MAC concealers that I had not tried so I picked it up one day and fell in love!! It is VERY moisturizing and thats what I need for under my eyes cause they can get a bit dry so I def cant use any type of concealer that is drying. I just dab a few dots along the under eye and then tap it in with my ring finger a little goes a long way. This is NOT a full coverage concealer at all but it does even out the under eye a lot. If I seem to have a heavy dark cirlce I use a more full coverage concealer first then go over it with this or if I really want a porcelian canvas that is totally flawless. If you are looking for full coverage this is not what concealer will work for u its a natural finish which is great for everyday. I have tried this on other areas of my face and it tend to get a little oily thru the day so I just use it on the under eyes or dry areas such as healing blemishes (works great for that) If you have dry under eyes I know you will LOVE this. I hope this has helped someone!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - M·A·C user