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The Best Color Correctors Under $20

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Jan 5, 2021
The Best Color Correctors Under $20

Conceal imperfections with these under $20 favorites

Listen, we would never deny the power of concealer. It’s a holy grail makeup product that covers up dark circles and puffiness after a long night, and even doubles as a primer or highlighter to become the ultimate beauty multitasker. That being said, even the best “normal” concealers aren’t always enough to hide imperfections… which leads us to color correctors.

As the name suggests, these specialty concealers are available in a variety of colors to reduce all sorts of skin issues. Apply a bit of peach concealer under your Boi-Ing Cakeless Concealer by Benefit to camouflage dark circles like never before - even if you’ve been unsuccessfully trying to hide them for years with ten layers of concealer. Please, don’t do that. Looking to fade dark spots? An orange shade can do wonders for deep skin tones, while bisque makes all the difference on light to medium complexions.

You may not know it yet, but color corrector is your new favorite product for complexion perfection - and there are plenty of under $20 favorites that will become a must-have in your beauty routine. Find them all below!

Blemish Banish Concentrated Mineral Correcting Creams by Pacifica, $14

Blemish Banish Concentrated Mineral Correcting Creams by Pacifica
Source: Pacifica 

Some of us just have moody skin, there’s no way around it. On the days we finally think our dark circles have subsided, a bit of redness or inflammation shows up. And don’t even get us started on the dullness that gets worse in the winter. That being said, this color correcting palette by Pacifica has everything you need to hide imperfections and put your best face forward. Literally. It contains three colors - green to reduce blemishes and redness, pink to hide dullness and boost brightness, and yellow to neutralize the skin and conceal the deep blue tones that we’ve all had to deal with. And in true Pacifica fashion, these shades are packed with natural and nourishing ingredients to care for your delicate under eyes while enhancing your look. Coconut Water, Kaolin Clay, Flower Extracts, Concentrated Minerals… all meant to hydrate, brighten, and smooth out your skin for a refreshed appearance and no sign of dark circles, ever.

Conceal & Correct Color Correcting Concealer by Revolution Beauty, $6

Conceal & Correct Color Correcting Concealer by Revolution Beauty
Source: Revolution Beauty

“This is a great dupe for the tarte Shape Tape! Shape Tape is really nice as well, but I wanted to suggest this too because it’s a lot less expensive!” A color correcting concealer with all the power of the iconic Shape Tape, at one third of the price? Don’t mind if we do. The similarities between tarte’s product and this Revolution Beauty favorite are evident - from the doe foot applicator to the creamy formula that blends out effortlessly underneath your eyes. However, the Conceal & Correct product has a slight edge… as it’s available in 8 shades to fit every skin tone and complexion concern. Lavender and Banana treat dullness and even out skin tone, Red and Peach hide dark circles, and Orange fades hyperpigmentation and dark spots. After you’ve blended out your hue of choice, apply the Conceal & Define Infinite Longwear Concealer over it for a flawless matte finish that’s totally Shape Tape worthy.

Photoready Color Correcting Pen by Revlon, $9

Photoready Color Correcting Pen by Revlon
Source: Revlon

Make your mark on dark spots and under eye bags, literally. These color corrector pens by Revlon contain 3D pigments for a blurring, filter-like effect that instantly erases skin imperfections in one stroke. Lavender isn’t just the calming oil you use in your self-care routine, it’s also our favorite shade of this Revlon pen to banish signs of dullness during the chilly fall or winter months. Or you know, just any other season! You can also try Peach to send eye bags packing and reduce dark spots, or Green to banish inflammation and blemishes in the problem areas. We’re looking at you, T-Zone. Collect all three shades of this Revlon pen to color correct and zap imperfections better than FaceTune ever could.

Color Correcting Palette by NYX Professional Makeup, $12

Color Correcting Palette by NYX Professional Makeup
Source: NYX Professional Makeup

“This is my go-to. The texture is perfect for the under eye, and opaque enough to cover; it's creamy enough to blend effortlessly, but viscous enough to stick and not crease.” Now that is a MIRA review, and means a great deal when considering that it comes from one of our guests with mature skin. While this skin type often worries about finding concealers or color correctors that won’t sink into fine lines - this NYX favorite conceals imperfections effortlessly, and on a budget. Color Correcting Palette contains six shades to treat a range of skin concerns - including redness and blemishes, blue or purple tones, yellowness or dullness, and bruising. Yes, it can even cover up the random bruise on your face, arm, or leg that you have no idea where it originated. Pretty cool, right? Layer the shades on multiple areas of the face, and apply full-coverage concealer or foundation (like Born to Glow!) over it to look like an IRL Instagram filter.

Cat Nap Under Eye Brightener by Kaja, $19

Cat Nap Under Eye Brightener by Kaja
Source: Kaja

Looking for a color corrector that makes you look like you got a full 8 hours of sleep (even when you didn’t,) without settling into fine lines or creasing? Kaja does that, and more. It’s available in just one peach shade, with a buildable formula that adds a brightening effect to your eyes for a new type of pick-me-up. If you’re one of the lucky ones whose dark circles are just barely noticeable, wearing Cat Nap by itself can give you a subtle boost of radiance for the days you’re feeling extra glamorous. Want to intensify the sparkle even further? Apply a full-coverage formula like the Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer by Too Faced to give your under eyes a luxurious lift.

Correct Click by Cover FX, $18

Correct Click by Cover FX
Source: Cover FX

Stick concealer enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Available in three types to conceal and correct, the Correct Click is an ultra-pigmented, blendable formula infused with your favorite vitamins and antioxidants. Yes, the green shade covers up acne and inflammation in an instant… but let’s talk about how it’s also packed with Vitamins C, E, and F to add moisture to the skin and protect against free radical damage. These skincare ingredients are known for their nourishing and soothing properties, and featured in every shade of Correct Click to give your skin a complexion and radiant appearance. You can even use two on the same day to defeat multiple skin issues that have seemingly snuck up on you! For example, the Correct Click - Under Eye Circles features three hues (Peach, Orange, and Brick Red) to conceal the deep blue or purple color that lurks underneath your eyes. But you can also use the Redness shade in orange or green on the areas where you have the most inflammation, such as the jawline or oily T-Zone. Cover FX products are designed to make you look good and feel good with unique, vitamin-rich formulas… and your makeup routine will never be the same with Correct Click.

HD Pro Conceal by LA Girl, $5

HD Pro Conceal by LA Girl
Source: LA Girl

“I love this concealer! I think it comes in many amazing shades and it has many different undertones. It is super easy to blend and you can definitely build up to full coverage. I use it almost everyday!” This influencer-favorite concealer by LA Girl can do it all. Carli Bybel uses a deeper shade to contour her nose while a different hue covers up dark circles - and in addition to 30+ “normal” concealer shades, LA Girl also has 10+ color correctors for a complexion as impeccable as Carli’s. And not just your typical Green and Peach (though it has those too!), but a multitude of unique hues. Mint neutralizes redness for extremely pale skin, Reddish diminishes dark spots for deeper tones, Flat White tones down your concealer shade in the best way… the options are endless. Our MIRA community agrees that this $5 concealer is color correcting, buildable, and long lasting - and you’ll want to collect every shade!

Colour Clique Correcting Palette by Lottie London, $11

Colour Clique Correcting Palette by Lottie London
Source: Lottie London

An affordable brand that you need to add to their radar? Lottie London. Colour Clique Correcting Palette doesn’t just have chic packaging, designed with black and white stripes and a starry design, it also features four shades to prep and perfect your skin. Did you know that Mint is a pretty shade of green that neutralizes redness and acne marks? Even better than your typical green color corrector? Use it alongside the Lilac, Burnt Orange, and Yellow shades to enhance your complexion and produce flawless makeup looks like never before.

Color Correcting Stick by e.l.f., $4

Color Correcting Stick by e.l.f.
Source: e.l.f.

“It goes exactly where you place it, it blends out and stays put. It doesn't come off when you apply other products over it and it works. I have rosacea, and this green corrector covers the redness perfectly.” A $4 crayon that blurs imperfections in just a few swipes? Only from e.l.f. Besides the green shade that diminishes the look of blemishes, eczema, or inflammation…this Color Correcting Stick is also available in peach to conceal dark circles and effects of hyperpigmentation, plus yellow to balance and neutralize your look. Add each of these shades to your makeup collection for your most flawless look yet, at half the cost (and all the quality!) of a luxury concealer!

Color Correcting Liquid Primer by NYX Professional Makeup, $19

Color Correcting Liquid Primer by NYX Professional Makeup
Source: NYX Professional Makeup

Even if you haven’t worn much other than lip balm for most of 2020, the upcoming holiday season is an excuse to get all glammed up with nowhere to go. Except to your living room for a virtual Friendsgiving, that is. Color Correcting Liquid Primer is a silky, blendable formula that balances out your skin tone and preps you for makeup application - with shades that neutralize redness, brighten up your skin, and send eye bags on an extended vacation. Not only will your foundation blend out more smoothly and evenly, this primer will guarantee that no blemishes or blue tones are visible in your HD camera during FaceTime. Because that’s the worst, right? Pair this color correcting primer with other NYX favorites for a full-face glam look that’s affordable and influencer-worthy.

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