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The 50 Best Color Correctors Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore color correctors are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 by Dr Jart+

"This product is for diffuse redness, not trying to cover up acne or very extreme rosacea. For that you need color correcting concealer. I have redness due to mild rosacea as well as just overall pink skin, and my chest is naturally red. It took me awhile to figure out how to use this product correctly and this is what I found: -Liquid foundation cannot be worn over this product! It will smear it right off. However, you might find you no longer need to wear foundation upon using this product. I recommend getting a sample if possible. -This product goes on after moisturizer. The more hydrated your skin the better it will look. If you need to use primer, put the primer on after your moisturizer and before this product. -Use a foundation brush. It makes a huge difference! Start out with a small amount of product and dot it around the area you are covering, then use the brush to blend. You can always add more product a little at a time and build and blend coverage. -This product needs to set for 15 minutes. If you can't wait that long, use a setting powder after 5 minutes. -You will notice that this product will make you look a little pasty. That is because of the sunscreen in it. The good news is that it's a physical barrier sunscreen which is much better for rosacea and your skin in general, and this kind of sunscreen can last all day If you're not out in the sun too much. -To combat the pastiness, and because you can't use liquid foundation with it, use a pressed powder or powder foundation on top. Bare Minerals works amazing with this product. Between this and the Bare Minerals you will look and feel like you have nothing on your face. Make sure to use a fluffy powder brush. -You will have to use other powder makeup on top too - highlighter, blush, etc. Liquid products will make it patchy. However, you can still use concealer on very small areas applied with a brush and carefully blended. -This product has niacinimide in it, which is amazing for redness but cannot be mixed with Vitamin C in any form. I recommend a different antioxidant serum w/o it during the day and save the C for night. I wish I had this product years ago. It has changed my life. When I tried it the first time at my custom makeover at Sephora, every single staff came over to admire my skin. The best thing about this product is that it's skincare, not makeup, and if you use it right it lasts all day and feels like you have nothing on. I have seen a noticeable decline in redness after using this product only a month. My one complaint is that this product won't work for people of color and those with dark skin tone. I would love see a version for them! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Corrector by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"I have had to contend with dark circles in the corners of my eyes for my entire life. The thickest concealers, which claim to cover tattoos, brighten the eye area and, most importantly hide dark circles, did absolutely nothing for me. I was even recommended colour correctors before, but I found out yesterday that what I had been sold was a corrector for my face, not my eyes. The difference being that ones for the face are not as thick or as pigmented as ones for the eyes. So, having been shown the error of someone else’s ways, my new favourite MUA at Sephora showed me why Porcelain Peach was perfect for my skin tone and the blueish-black circles under my eyes. This is a very thick corrector and a little goes a very long way. You apply it only where your dark circles are and not under the whole eye area unless you need to, otherwise it is going to defeat the purpose and you are going to be wasting the product. On the website and on the box, it says to apply this before your concealer. However, I found that what works for me is to apply my foundation and then either my NARS radiant creamy concealer or the Kat Von D Lock-It concealer BEFORE the corrector so I know how much of the corrector I really do need to cover up the circles. I then set it with Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder so that it stays all day. And now, I’m no longer being told that I look exhausted even when I’ve had 8-9 hours of sleep. This is a Holy Grail product!!! I have read where people are saying that it is very heavy and it creases a lot. However, with what the MUA told me and what I’ve found for myself is that if you use too much, you swipe it to blend instead of tapping gently and you don’t set it with a powder is that it will feel heavy, it will look heavy and it will crease." - sephora user

Conceal & Correct Color Correcting Concealer by Revolution Beauty

Colour correcting made easy with Makeup Revolution Conceal & Correct Color Correcting Concealer. Features a large doe foot applicator and liquid formula, for a smooth and easy application that won't pull the skin or drag the delicate skin under your eyes.

Cream Pigment by Illamasqua

"Illamasqua – Cream Pigment in Emerge& - Girls is the best for dark pigmentation for under the eyes! If you have dark circles this is the best thing to hide took me years to find Illamasqua and really glad that BeautyBay are now stocking their products and I can buy them under one roof! The best way to use this product is to mix it with the concealer that matches your skin tone then apply and then blend on your foundation, where appropriate - I have serious dark pigmentation and this is the only thing that covers it. I have tried other products with similar pink tones/salmon type colours and they did not work for me.. but this product is just amazing and works brilliantly - you have to blend it!!! That is the key to this, blend, blend, blend!! I don't leave the house without it!! Best Illamasqua product ever!!! Please do NOT stop making this!!" - beautybay user

Reveal Color Correcting Radiant Primer by algenist

An advanced tinted primer that incorporates Algenist’s newest biotech discoveries, including algacorrecting complex, alguronic acid, and microalgae oil.

Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid by Urban Decay

Don't just conceal. Correct with naked skin color correcting fluid by urban decay - in targeted shades for everything from redness to dark circles.

Diorskin Mineral Nude Glow by Dior

"I have the 01 and 02 shades; the most gorgeous bronzers (so far) this season. I hope they stay around. Nice lightweight compact too. The shades blend together perfectly, and are buildable if needed. " - Macy's user

Meteorites Voyage Exceptional Compacted Pearls Of Powder by Guerlain

A refill for the Meteorites Voyage Pearls of Powder Compact with corrective and illuminating shades for a range of skin tones.

Dermablend Colour Corrector by vichy

"I am new to colour correctors and have always believed that they look easier on YouTube videos than for me to use in real life (if colour dyslexia is a thing then I probably have it as I need to be reminded of the colour wheel, every time).This Vichy Dermablend Colour Corrector was a punt for me: I've recently been getting red spots which take a few weeks to go away, and my experience of my trusty Vichy Ideal Soleil CC cream has given me confidence in the brand.I apply the green colour corrector with my ring finger onto the red spots. It is not that noticeable and, after a coating of the colour corrector, I will still be able to see the spots. However, the magic happens when I layer my usual concealer: either the corrector acts as a more adhesive base for my concealer, or maybe the colour wheel theory really does work, but the two combined does eliminate the appearance of my spots. The combination also works with dark patches (when the spots are nearly healed and turn a darker colour), even though I think this should really be a purple colour corrector job rather than a green one.With a dab of setting powder on top, the combination stays put all day (and night). I can't really compare this to the (now many) other colour correctors out there as this one is my first experience, but I am very happy with my purchase. « less" - Escentual user

Double Wear Custom Coverage Correcting Duo by Estée Lauder

"After years of constantly researching and trying countless full coverage concealers and foundations for my SEVERE rosacea, I can't believe I just found out about this stuff a few weeks ago (why is it not advertised more?!). I happened to read about it in a random beauty article and immediately got excited, because I use and love the regular doublewear. However, I would still need to use a concealer specially designed for redness under it, and even then, after several layers of each, my redness STILL showed through. This stuff, however, covers the discoloration with only 2 lightish layers, applied with my fingers (I find this warms it and helps it spread better) and then blended in with a damp beauty blender. It does get a little cakey/foundation-y looking if you're not careful but honestly I'll take that any day over my redness. The first time I applied it I almost cried in relief at the coverage. When I wore it for a full day and it still looked great and stayed put even through sweating at the beach, I knew I'd found my HG.Cons: 1) They need to offer more shades! I'm currently between 3W1 and 4N2 now that it's summer and I'm tan (the 3W1 will be perfect the rest of the year for my light/medium warm-toned skin.....4N2 was way too orange). What I'm doing is mixing the 3W1 with the bronze version of a popular drugstore 'skinlights' product and that's working well....plus it still gives the coverage. 2) My t-zone does tend to get more oily than usual with this stuff...probably because it's so thick. But I don't even care because of the coverage. 3) It's not sold in any store near me (and I'm near quite a few) so you'll have to get it online most likely.Finally I will say that most people do not need this heavy of a foundation...it's really only needed for severe skin discolorations that regular full coverage foundations can't cover. But for those of us that need it....hallelujah! « less" - Sephora user

Correction Concentrate by Pixi by Petra

"I was extreeeemely skeptical of this product, especially since it only came in ONE peach shade. I had heard so many wonderful things about it and how well it concealed dark circles, so I figured I'd give it a shot. [..] did seem pricey for a concealer, but people have said that that little pot lasted so long, so I figured I really only had [..] to lose and, if I didn't like it, I'd find somebody else who did. I was certainly proven wrong. This concealer is amazing at concealing my dark undereye circles. My eyes seemed to look brighter and more awake. I also have issues with dryness under my eyes, and this didn't cling to any dry patches. It seemed to actually moisturize them. It stays on all day and does a fantastic job on its own to conceal, but you can definitely build over it with your own skin-toned concealer for extra coverage. I think I will definitely repurchase something like this because I can swipe it on really quick if I'm in a rush in the morning or I can use it a corrector base, although that isn't always necessary. Overall, awesome product!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Target user

Master Corrector by Giorgio Armani Beauty

A hybrid color-correcting concealer that hides skin imperfections.

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Corrector by Lancôme

"This is the very best color corrector that I have ever used for under eye discoloration! Before I go onto the review, I would like to address why some users may have found dissatisfaction with this product; they are simply using too much and are not setting the product. I use this product in the following manner and it has worked beautifully for me (having been a makeup artist for over 7 years). 1) prime the skin (I use Hourglass' veil mineral primer). 2) using a small amount, use your ring finger to apply the product in the areas needing correction. As silly as it sounds, I would use an ant size amount to start with. Using your ring finger, gently blend the product in a stippling motion until it is blended out and has a slightly powdery finish. This should be all that you need, but if you need more color correction, redo this step. The point of color correction isn't to conceal, but to cancel out discoloration. This product does both to some extent, however. 3) the tacky nature of this product is a blessing in disguise; it allows the product to stay put while applying foundation/concealer over the skin. Many color correctors become erased after the application of foundation/concealer. Apply your foundation in a stippling motion over the color corrected areas and gently blend. 4) Gently set under eyes (if you're using this product under the eyes) with Laura Mercier secret brightening powder. If you're using this product on your face, set with a face setting powder of your choice. I recommend Laura Mercier's translucent setting powder or Make Up Forever's loose setting powder. If you follow these steps, it should take any discomfort and tackiness. I have worn this under my foundation and concealer for over 8 hours under humidity and it stayed put! Hope this is helpful to you all! -R <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Nordstrom user

Color Correcting Finishing Powder by algenist

A color correcting finishing powder that is formulated with AlgaCorrecting complex and an algae-derived ingredient.

Photoready Color Correcting Pen by Revlon

"Revlon Photoready Brightening Primer is a shimmery, all purpose primer. I like that it has no scent and glides on very smoothly. I recommend using 2 pumps of this product to completely cover your face and neck, using the tips of your fingers or a makeup sponge to apply. I feel like it really does brighten up my face and complexion, sometimes a little too much brightening. With the shimmer contained in the product, I think it could be worn alone on no-makeup days. Or used as a subtle highlighting cream as well... especially if you layer it along your cheekbones, forehead and the bridge of your nose. My standard makeup application goes perfectly on top of this primer. Even though I am using different brands on top, I have not had any issues with the products blending together. My makeup lasts most of the day with very minimal touchups. I think my skin looks great in photos, so I am giving this product 5 stars. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Luminessence CC Cream by Giorgio Armani Beauty

A lightweight, color-correcting CC cream with sun protection

Multi-Colored Pressed Powder by Physicians Formula

"What a difference this powder makes! I started getting compliments on my complexion the very day I added this correction powder to my morning makeup routine. I bought it because I have some brown patches on my forehead and cheeks from sun damage [make note of that, all of you young sun worshippers!], some broken blood vessels on my jaw area, and (genetic) darkening of my under-eye area.I applied the powder to those problem areas using a "heavy" application foundation brush, then applied a small bit and blended everything in with a big, fluffy kabuki-style brush. After that I put on my powder foundation and everything else as usual. Then I started getting not-so-usual compliments, starting at work and ending with the cashier at the grocery store!!This is a fabulous product! " - drugstore.com user

Clearly Brighter Dark Spot Corrector by garnier

Skinactive clearly brighter dark spot corrector by garnier reduces the look of years of sun damage. Brightens skin. Clinically proven results - in 2 weeks, a visible ''new skin'' as the look of dark spots, age spots and discoloration is visibly reduced.

Color Correcting Stick by Smashbox

A creamy color corrector that pairs with foundation or concealer to neutralize redness, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, sallowness, and uneven skin tone.

Color Correcting Liquid Primer by NYX Professional Makeup

"I bought this primer in green because my skin tends to get ruddy. It works amazingly! I've been wearing it every single day since I got it and I'll definitely be using it for a long time in the future.This primer is very lightweight, and doesn't leaving a greasy film on the skin like others I've tried. Also, depending on how much is used, it can be layered up for even more color neutralization on areas that need it. It almost feels like a moisturizer! As for its ability to keep makeup in place, it's also a great option. My daily face makeup routine is usually to wear the primer by itself with some pressed powder, and I've found that the powder stays in place pretty much all day. So I definitely recommend this for people who prefer light coverage too. " - nyxcosmetics.com user

Color Correcting Powder by NYX Professional Makeup

Nyx professional makeup color correcting powder evens out your complexion using their ultra-fine, translucent loose color correcting powder. This lightweight, easy to use powder can be applied before or after your foundation.

Corrective Colors Kit by Jane Iredale

"I received this as part of a "supply" package i purchased at a plastic surgeon's office when having an intense laser facial procedure and have been using it for about a month. I LOVE IT! And here's why: Over the years, I've tried just about every concealer or color corrector on the market (or at least, it feels like it) and none worked for me. White ones, even the ones that claim to be "reflective," are the absolute worst. If I used enough to cover dark circles, I looked like a raccoon. And that was on a good day! I was a PR major and am no art expert for sure but the fundamentals of art dictate that white only emphasizes dark colors (such as under eye circles) but certain colors will downplay others such as yellow on red. I did try a dept. store brand years ago that offered different colors to conceal but it just looked terrible. Thankfully, I did go ahead and try this one anyway. Not only did it work on the laser spots while I was healing, it actually effectively concealed my dark under eye circles, too. I dotted it on the darkest portion then spread with a brush to the lighter parts before covering with with skin color product. . I'm so thrilled to find a concealer that actually works while looking natural (most imp't to me) and doesn't dry out my under eye skin! Perfect! And worth every penny « less" - janeiredale.com user

Magic Vanish Color Corrector by Charlotte Tilbury

"I have extremely deep genetic dark circles made double-whammy with serious anemia and chronic illness against paper white skin so believe me when I say I have tried them ALL when it comes to colour correctors and this one beats them all into oblivion. The fact is I don’t currently own any correctors in my collection despite my dire need for it simply because there hasn’t been any that meet the criteria I have.The biggest plight I’ve had against other correctors is how in order for them to be creamy, pigmented yet blendable, hydrating but not too greasy, they move around like crazy. And the stiffer formulas I find always look disgusting on the skin after no time especially in a colder dryer climate. And if you don’t like to wear foundation or light coverage it can sometimes be a little obvious.However CT’s corrector manages to be creamy so as to blend BEAUTIFULLY and hides lines, doesn’t bring out texture, and I definitely observe a blurring of my skin.The winning marks for me here though is it’s also stiff enough that it doesn’t move around when you blend but somehow isn’t so stiff that it leaves your skin looking or feeling cakey, dry or separatey.I honestly can’t say any corrector I’ve used has come close to this. I now have (1) corrector in my collection. At least for me, it’s the perfect product. If I had the resources this would be the product I’d want to make. Less" - Sephora user

Correct Click by Cover FX

"I am on a color correcting kick and have been purchasing so many correctors from different brands and these are definitely up there in the ones that I am loving. I did a review and demo of all six shades on my YouTube channel (Makeup by Amy Michelle). By far out of all the correctors I've tried (Becca, UD, etc.) this lavender shades is the BEST. It is absolutely beautiful and gives you such a gorgeous brightening effect and it is easily the most pigmented purple shade out there. I also really love the yellow and green shades as well. Overall, the formulation of the lavender, yellow and green are very creamy, blendable, easy to work with, blends great with foundation, etc. I do really like the peach, orange and brick shades but find that they are little more drying. If you have dry skin I would stick to a more moisturizing corrector such as a liquid corrector. If you have combo/oily skin like I do I don't mind the formula but I still prefer other liquid correctors for those shades. Despite the consistency though, all six shades have great pigmentation, blendable, long wearing and do a great job of correcting the areas they are targeting. I haven't quite decided if I'm keeping the peach-brick shades as I feel like I might like the Becca Papaya shade the best for DARK under eye circles. But I am most definitely keep the lavender, yellow and green shades those are must have. Overall the quality of the products are really great you just have to decide what you are trying to correct and if that shade will work best with your skin type. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Fix It Colour 2-in-1 Complexion Prime & Conceal by Dior

"This product wasn't even on my radar, until I happened to spot it on the Dior display in store. Because I can't turn down any new products (lol), I decided to try it. IT IS AMAZING. I don't typically use heavy concealer, but this works great as a light undereye enhancer in addition to my foudation. Smooths out my skin, and evens out skintone, without being heavy, cakey, or noticeable. I've used it as a targeted primer/concealer around my lips to enhance the look/shape of my lipstick, too. I love that it's super portable, easy to use, and isn't drying or scented. You can tap it on with your fingers, apply straight from the tube, or use a brush for a bit more coverage. Lasted a full work day in ridiculous heat/humidity when combined with my normal setting powder/spray routine. Overall it's a really versatile product, and I'm glad I found it. Another great product from Dior.For reference, I purchased Shade 2, Medium. I'm about an NC37-42, depending on the time of year. I would say I'm about an NC40 right now/MUFE 127/128, and Medium works fine on me. Maybe just a tad lighter than my skintone, but it still blends seamlessly, as it's not super pigmented, just a nice smooth texture with a bit of coverage. Think similar to a tinted lip balm, but for the rest of your face. « less" - Sephora user

Toleriane Teint Corrector Pen Brush by La Roche-Posay

"Also, erst hatte ich doch Angst, weil in einigen Bewertungen der Stift als zu orange beschrieben wurde - und La Roche Posay neigt zu "orangenen" Make-up-Tönen bei hellen Farben...Aber Gott sei Dank - der Stift ist für mich perfekt. Und die Haut scheint es mir zu danken. Mittlerweile setze ich meist auf Produkte mit weniger Inhaltsstoffen. Meine Haut scheint es zu lieben!Ich bin eigentlich eher ein Avene-Mensch, aber das Produkt hier ist gut. Ich brauche dann manchmal keine richtige Foundation, wenn ich die Problemzönchen im Gesicht mit dem Stift gepimpt habe. Das gefällt mir gut! Ich nehme den Stift überall mit hin. Wenn er mir bei längeren Gebrauch weiterhin so gute Dienste leistet wie bisher, dann bleib ich ihm treu.Und - er ist tausendmal besser als alle Luxus-Concealer aus der Parfümerie. Und die wenigen, die mit ihm mithalten könnten, sind dann gleich richtig, aber richtig teuer. Mit mehr Inhaltsstoffen, die es mitunter gar nicht braucht!Also von daher...Tolles Teil! Less" - medpex.de user

Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector by Marc Jacobs Beauty

"I have really red cheeks and chin. I also have super fair skin. I have tried dozens of color correctors, and this is the first one that has really done the job. It goes on silky smooth. I use a finger to just blend it in. Also, a little bit goes a long way. The best thing about this product is that it not only color corrects with green pigment, it also has a light cream color that does some concealing. In the past, i would have to use 2 separate products to do this one job, and would end up flaky and dry. I use this product with Sephora's 8 hour powder foundation, and it lasts all day. I was hesitant at first, because of the cost, but I took the plunge, and I am so glad I did. You won't be disappointed." - sephora user

REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops by algenist

Algenist reveal concentrated color correcting drops, apricot is a unique color corrector which is formulated with golden microalgae & pigments color correct discoloration. This weightless, color drop formula will transform your beauty regimen.

Rainforest Of The Sea Wipeout Color Correcting Palette by Tarte

"First of all I have never tried color correcting before but the dark circles under my eyes were in desperate need of help as well as the redness in my cheeks that has suddenly appeared now that i'm in my 40s. I have been looking at color correcting palettes for awhile trying to decide which one would be best and wanted the convenience of having the colors all in one place as well as the affordability (buying them separately looks like it would be costly). When I saw this palette show up on the website I decided I just had to try it. I have several Tarte products and have not been disappointed so far. This palette works very well with my dry fair skin. The formula is creamy and blends well. So far I have used the red, green, lighter peach and yellow and am pleased with all of them. They successfully hid my dark circles and redness and helped to brighten my face. I haven't tried the contouring one yet but I like the idea of having it in this palette so I wouldn't have to carry my contour palette if I were to travel.. I applied the colors in this palette after applying primer and before foundation and had no problem at all. I like the simplicity of this palette and the instructional video on Sephora and the diagram that came in it is extremely helpful to us first timers who don't want something complex. The packaging is absolutely adorable as well. The only thing I would have liked is perhaps a lavender color but I can live without it or can buy it separately. Also if you have dark skin and/or an oily complexion you may want to look for something else. Do your research and look at reviews before purchasing a color correcting palette to see which one will most likely work best for you because as great as this palette is for me, it's not going to be for everyone. « less" - Sephora user

Bright Future Color Correctors by Sephora Collection

"This is for the new shade Orange/Deep that Sephora recently added. I really appreciate the fact that Sephora listened to all the people who asked them to release a shade to promote brightness for those of us with deep complexions. A shade that didn't exist when the line of correctors came out earlier this year. Anyways, Orange/Deep is a really great shade. It's orange but it's a softer orange than most orange correctors I've come across. It's orange enough to correct but it's soft enough to look natural. Once I blend it out, it looks like my skin, not a patch of bright orange. It doesn't look ashy at all on my NW45 skin. In fact it corrects and blends into my skin so well! I'm really impressed. It's my go-to concealer for my dark spots. This corrector does a great job at concealing my dark spots. It's not super pigmented, I do have to build a little to get the coverage I want, but it builds well. It never looks cakey on my skin. I love the creamy texture and how lightweight and natural it looks on my skin. It makes my skin look naturally flawless. I do wish the applicator picked up more product, but aside from that I have no qualms. I love this corrector and I've been reaching for it every day since I've received it." - sephora user

Bye Bye Redness Redness Erasing Correcting Powder by IT Cosmetics

"I have red toned skin and still get pimples. I don't really like wearing a lot of think makeup. I have combination skin and some products don't blend well or you can see the pores and creases. This doesn't do that to me. If I'm going somewhere special or where I'm seeing a lot of people i know, I'll put on some cc cream and concealer first to cover the pimples and under my eyes a little more. But on days I'm just shopping, errands, etc., i just use this powder. It really does cover the red really well and even tones down the redness in my pimples. I love this stuff. Its a little pricier than what i usually spend, but i had a coupon lol. I'll still buy it even though it costs a little more, but hopefully can use a coupon again. Lol. " - ulta.com user

Color Correcting Stick by e.l.f.

These e.l.f. Cosmetics color correcting sticks are concealers that help balance and correct skin tone for a flawless look.

Amazing Concealer Corrector by Amazing Cosmetics

"Color correcting products blew up on social media over the past few months & it seems that every brand has their own take on this phenomenon but none can compare to the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Corrector. First of all I love the simplicity of it. Its not a palette with a bunch of different shades to choose from, which can be confusing or make you feel like you need to use every single shade at once because there's only 2 shades carefully selected to match your skin tone (fair/light, light/medium, medium/dark). Next is the real star of the show, the formula! Smooth, creamy, pigmented, easily blendable & long wearing, with doe foot applicators for easy, targeted application. But that's not all! As with all of Amazing Cosmetics products these correctors go above & beyond just collor correction because they are infused with some serious skincare benefiting ingredients like vitamin E & hyaluronic acid. I chose the light/medium shade which has a yellow corrector on one side & a salmon corrector on the other & they can be applied alone or in tandem to suit your needs. I prefer to use both shades - I apply the salmon shade directly on the bluish/purple under my eyes & on some darkness I have around my mouth & I use the yellow shade directly beneath the salmon shade under my eyes for subtle highlighting. I use a dampened blending sponge to blend everything out, then I apply my foundation, Amazing Concealer & set everything with Amazing Cosmetics Powder Set pressed powder. The end result is aabsolutely flawless! You would never know that I have some serious under eye circles & darkness. It's like I'm walking around with a Snap Chat filter on my face! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-2975899445690383203-full" data-show="-2975899445690383203-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - ulta.com user

Color Correcting Crayon by japonesque

One stroke of the japonesque color correcting crayon applies a soft wash of correcting pigment. For use over or under foundation to neutralize problem areas without drying, melting or streaking.

Backlight Targeted Color Corrector by BECCA

"So I'm not really sure why these got bad reviews... These are amazing color correctors. I have used the MUFE 5-pan concealer palettes for years but was never truly over the moon excited for them; they were one of the only decent ones available. I also bought the YSL color correcting pens at the same time I bought these, and I have to say... They don't come close to the quality and staying power of these Becca ones. I bought the peach, green and violet colors at my local store. At first, the feel of the product did concern me in the store... They have a tacky, gel like consistency, but this really allows the product to adhere to the skin and not budge. To use it, I just tapped it around my dark circles and places where I have rosacea... And it did not move when I applied foundation and concealer. I also sealed my color corrector with a smooth finishing powder, like Too Faced Primed and Poreless or MUFE HD, which really helped as well. I barely used any product, but it still packed a lot of punch in correcting my complexion. I have been fighting the flu for the past few days and was able to fake rested, healthy skin better than when I'm not sick, so I am excited to see results when I'm feeling better. One thing I would ask is that they make a yellow toned version as my under eye circles are definitely more purple than blue. The peach tone still worked better than anything I've ever used, but I think using a yellow one along with the peach would solve all of my problems. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-7339947993230253967-full" data-show="-7339947993230253967-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

CC+ Eye Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream by IT Cosmetics

It cosmetics cc+ eye color correcting full coverage cream concealer spf 50+ is a natural, physical uva/uvb, chemical free sunscreen. Paraben free.

Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector by Neutrogena

"I grabbed this in a pinch to use as a primer for a night out, and I continued using it for about a week as a primer never really even considering what it's intended purpose was. After about a week of use after taking my makeup off at night I noticed my skin was looking really good lately. After further examination I realized that all the freckle like sun spots I've had as long as I can remember (in my mid-twenties now) were almost completely faded, making my whole face look one even tone for literally the first time ever. I am honestly wowed. I have super fair skin that burns easily and almost always wear makeup to look a little more alive, and my face without makeup now looks noticeably better, more clear and way brighter. Not to keep raving on but I feel super lucky to have stumbled upon this. The sun spots weren't anything I ever even considered would have the possibility of fading without some kind of deep chemical or laser peel and I didn't really care about it enough to go to that extent. The fact that a not super expensive drugstore product actually worked is amazing me. I will absolutely keep using this as long as they keep making it. I never post reviews but my shocked discovery of this made me feel the need to start.10/10" - walgreens user

For Men Dark Spot Corrector by Clinique

"I absolutely love this product! I moved out of state last year, due to financial constraints, I restrained myself and only purchase necessities, skincare and everything. My mom recently picked one of these up for me, I had no idea my skin was suffering so badly the last 9 months. It tightens, improves clarity, and blends the skin color evenly, the result, younger looking and feeling skin. " - clinique.com.my user

Color Correcting Face Stick by ULTA Beauty

Conceal and correct flaws with the ulta color correcting face sticks. The easy application of a stick combined with color correcting shades helps to eliminate skin concerns special to your needs.

Dark Circle Corrector by no7

Dark circles look visibly reduced in just 1 week with No7's clinically proven Dark Circle Corrector.

Photoready Color Correcting Primer by Revlon

"I had a chemical reaction due to a combo of a retinol product a facial hair removal cream (totally my mistake!) and woke up in the morning with a bright red, chemical burn mustache! I had to give a presentation at work and started to panic, and then remembered that I had purchased this product a few days before. I gently dabbed some on, used my regular powder and LIKE MAGIC, the redness was GONE. Like it was never there. I asked my best friend at work if she noticed anything strange, and even after I told her what happened, she couldn't see anything at all. The coverage lasted all day. Truly a life saver! And, yes, I know I probably shouldn't have put anything over a burn like that, but I didn't have a choice and this product didn't irritate it at all." - ulta.com user

Miracle CC Cushion - Color Correcting Primer by Lancôme

"I have never used color correcting shades before and I was a bit skeptical about these, but after watching the video I decided to jump in head first and get three colors; Green, Purple and Pinky Peach. I have medium colored skin tone with uneven tones, dark spots, acne scars and under eye darkness. As you can in the attached pictures the before and after is a huge difference. I use Lancome skincare products and I use the Miracle CC after my moisturizer, but before applying on my foundation. I dab it on using the included sponges and then blend it in with a foundation brush. It blends in effortlessly. I use the Pinky Peach underneath my eyes to lighten the dark circles. Green in areas where I have dark spots and acne scars or blemishes. Then I use the Purple in the the other areas to even out my skin by neutralizing the yellow tones. The results are perfectly flawless looking skin that looks healthy and radiant. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="6635010499777297200-full" data-show="6635010499777297200-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Lancôme user

ProEven Daily Dark Spot Corrector by vichy

""Absolutely love this product! I am lucky enough to try this for free as part of the review club. I am fairly pale and have some darker spots and areas on my face from not always using sunscreen, some acne scars, and also from pregnancy. I started using this product right away and from the moment I put it on my face the texture is so wonderful. It's so silky, not greasy and my skin just loved it. It honestly feels so luxurious. I was worried about layering my primer and foundation on top but I needn't have because everything I layer on top just glides on and actually my skin looks more supple and moisturized than before and that was with using a serum and moisturizer. My skin does tend to get quite dry but I find this cream to be moisturizing enough on it's own. It has a very light scent too which is pleasant and doesn't bother my sensitive nose. I've been using it for a just over a week now and I have already noticed it's efficacy. The darker spots on my face have lightened up quite a bit in a few days. I'm so happy that I don't HAVE to throw on foundation and powder to cover it if I don't want to. I actually feel comfortable letting people see my skin right now. I also love the packaging. It allows me to squeeze out as much as I need and not have any waste. Also love that it's a tube so I don't have to stick my fingers in to grab product. I have a feeling the tube will last me a while given that you really don't need a lot of product to disperse it all over the face. I am so happy to have found my new must have. Thanks for letting me try this!" <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - vichy.ca user

CC Your Most Beautiful SkinAnti-Aging Coll by IT Cosmetics

"I’ve been reading all the negative reviews and I’m in shock because I actually love this product. I bought the entire set (cc cream, powder, and brush) and I found that it worked amazing for me. I have combination skin and dark acne scarring. I found the product had amazing coverage for being just a CC cream. I applied the foundation with a brush and it blended well. I think the problem is that it does set a bit quickly, so working in smaller sections (versus dotting it all over your face) will work better. Once it sets after applying it, it IS very matte. And if it feels too matte, you can go over it with a beauty blender! It’s not patchy or streaky. It is a bit heavier feeling compared to their original CC cream (which I also own), but it’s not unbearable and feels much better once you spray some setting spray or mist. (You also don’t need to set this foundation with powder with how matte it is. But I do. And it layered with powder nicely). This lasted me all day! (Wore it for 9 hours. No touch ups!). I WILL say that the color of this versus the original CC is slightly different in the tube. Once applied it looks the same (or at least the shade medium tan does). I do recommend this foundation based on my experience with it!!! I had been wishing for a matte version and it’s finally here.! « less" - Sephora user

Hello Fab 3 In 1 Superfruit Color Correcting Cushion by First Aid Beauty

A weightless, one-step color-correcting cushion with three universal tints to instantly brighten dullness, decrease redness, and even out tone, while hydrating and refreshing skin.

Secret Brightener Pen by Laura Mercier

"I have been using this product for over a year now and it is AMAZING! When I originally purchased it, I was looking for a brightener to use under my concealer to help with my dark circles. My dark circles were out of control at the time because I was a sleepless college student. I was drawn to this product because it is allergy tested and I have sensitive skin that tends to react badly to brightening products. Immediately after using this, my dark circles under my eyes looked like they were gone. My eye area looked much brighter and I did not look like I had been up all night studying. I use this everyday under my Makeup Forever concealer. I cannot recommend this product enough, it is beyond amazing." - Sephora user

Cc Cream Radiance Color Corrector Broad Spectrum Clair by erborian

"I found this product through a youtuber's video about Korean makeup. I bought several products and love them all. I have dry skin with fine lines and freckles (40's). I use a good skin care regime and moisturizer daily then I use the cc cream or ginseng bb cream depending on the time of year. I use the pink cream for highlights and my skin looks fresh and dewy. This cc cream goes on clear and blends to the color of your skin and has coverage. Its amazing. It feels really good on your skin also. You wont regret this product. I bought it originally through Sephora online but now I just use soko glam because I get my skin care products through here also. Generally I really love the Korean products over the cakey dry American stuff. That's a generalization but has been my experience. Prior to using this product I only used bare minerals for about 10 years because of sensitive skin issues. So these products from erborian have worked for me but I have older skin that is less acne prone. I am not sure If this would be good if I used 20 years ago on more oily skin but maybe someone younger will review. Less" - sokoglam.com user

Treat Skin Imperfections Color 04 Peach Balancer Corrects by Max Factor

"I purchased the yellow undereye cover stick about a month ago and honestly I've been waiting all my life for this product! I have very deep hereditary dark circles which I've always struggled with and tried every product under the sun for. I have never found anything I was happy with, either 'reverse panda' (awful in pictures) or just caked to death so making my insignificant crows feet look a million times worse. So I was sceptical to try this product. However I am so glad I did. I use it as the first step of my makeup routine after moisturising. The crayon glides onto the eye area and then I pat it into the skin and blend it a bit. At this point the eye area looks very white although dark circles greatly reduced. Then I apply foundation over the top and voila, a natural looking makeup which although not removing my dark circles entirely, makes them look miles better and no cakeyness at all. Less" - boots.com user