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The 50 Best Cheek Palettes Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore cheek palettes are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Sugar Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills

A set of four metallic powder highlighters for intense luminosity.

Bloom Blush & Glow Palette by Natasha Denona

An ultimate glow palette inspired by Natasha Denona’s bestselling Diamond & Blush Palette, featuring some of her bestselling shades and formulas.

Moonchild Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills

A palette with six shades of metallic powder highlighters to wear alone or layered on the face and body for a radiant glow.

Diamond & Blush Palette by Natasha Denona

A new multidimensional texture palette for cheeks inspired by Natasha’s famous Glow system.

Blush Bliss Palette by Tarte

Tarte blush bliss blush palette includes four new, amazonian clay 12-hour blushes to make every single skin tone glow, housed in a show stopping, limited-edition travel palette. A $116 value!

The Saharan Blush Palette Volume II by Juvia's Place

The Juvia's Place Saharan Volume II Blush Palette is the ultimate all in one palette which embodies a meticulously formulated array of multi-functional colors. A perfect blend of beautiful peach and soft pink shades to captivate facial structures.

4-in-1 Blush Book by pür

With a stunning array of cool to warm pigments, pür's 4-in-1 blush book sculpts, shapes, and defines the cheekbones. A $120 value!

Color & Light Palette - Cream by Kosas

"I have a number of tried and true holy grail products and it is very rare that I try something new that surpasses one of my favorites. I have used this product almost every day since i got.it. The creamy texture blends well on the skin and provides my deep skin tone with a natural flush. I have never found a good highlight that I repeatedly lean toward and love the natural luminosity that this one provides. It does have a tiny bit of glitter that I notice as the day progresses, which I don't love because I'm not a glitter person. BUT, I love the highlight so much that it does not deter me from using at all!Ihave received many compliments on my skin after using this product. I'll repeat, my skin NOT my makeup. This product helps to achieve a natural and healthy glow. I highly recommend. Less" - Sephora user

Glamorous 10 Color Blush Palette by BH Cosmetics

"I am a light-skinned black female, and I highly doubted that this palette would suit my complexion. I absolutely love all of my eye shadow palettes (I have a small collection ;)), but I just never bothered to purchase blush from BH cosmetics. I am so glad that I did!The blushes in the Glamorous Palette are gorgeous. They are very pigmented, and I suggest that you use a fluffy blush brush with a very light hand, otherwise you will end up looking like a clown! It is sooo much easier to build up the colour, than to tone it down.The beauty of this palette is that you can blend colours, or layer them to create a totally different, customized look! There is a mixture of satin, matte and shimmer blushes, and they all blend really well. Depending on your complexion, there is a gorgeous light/champagne coloured blush that I love to use as a highlight as it is not too shimmery.I have recommended all of my friends to try BH cosmetics! Thanks BH for creating such a pretty palette! « less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Blush Bazaar Palette by Tarte

"I never bought any blushes (or highlighters) before since I thought I wouldn't end up wearing any. After seeing a lot of positive feedback on this palette, I decided to get this. This palette is wonderful in a range of choices (typical palettes usually have 3-4 colours in them that don't have that much variety) with a great price to go along with it -- I am very pleased with the colours, it suits well with my skin tone (light medium with golden undertones/colour IQ2Y07). The darker shades, particularly endless and authentic, are yes, quite dark to put on but they aren't really a problem as long as you blend on a large area. You do not need to put on that much on your brush, these blushes are once again, very pigmented and blendable. I would definitely recommend getting this palette for anyone who would love to try out wearing blushes and not want to spend a hefty ton on a single blush (same said with the highlighters). Personally, I don't think I'll be purchasing anymore blushes until all of my pans are empty. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-7199155407629533607-full" data-show="-7199155407629533607-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Sculptionary Cheek Contouring Palette by Clinique

Clinique sculptionary cheek contouring palette is a versatile cheek sculpting compact with natural-looking shades that blend and build beautifully. Use each separately to colour, contour, highlight. Or swirl them together for a quick easy glow.

Monochromatic Blush Duo by Cover FX

Consciously formulated without talc for a weightless texture and seamless application, these richly pigmented duos deliver an airy, breathable veil of color.

Nude Blush 10 Color Blush Palette by BH Cosmetics

"I am a light-skinned black female, and I highly doubted that this palette would suit my complexion. I absolutely love all of my eye shadow palettes (I have a small collection ;)), but I just never bothered to purchase blush from BH cosmetics. I am so glad that I did!The blushes in the Glamorous Palette are gorgeous. They are very pigmented, and I suggest that you use a fluffy blush brush with a very light hand, otherwise you will end up looking like a clown! It is sooo much easier to build up the colour, than to tone it down.The beauty of this palette is that you can blend colours, or layer them to create a totally different, customized look! There is a mixture of satin, matte and shimmer blushes, and they all blend really well. Depending on your complexion, there is a gorgeous light/champagne coloured blush that I love to use as a highlight as it is not too shimmery.I have recommended all of my friends to try BH cosmetics! Thanks BH for creating such a pretty palette! « less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Powder Blush Palette by e.l.f.

This beautiful e.l.f. Cosmetics powder blush palette holds 4 gorgeous shades to mix and match throughout the year for a custom blended color.

Subtil All-In-One Contour, Blush & Highlighter Palette by Lancôme

"This blush combination trio has made a tremendous difference to the entire effect of my makeup. I had never before used more than one or two colors for blush...generally just one. But I started using this trio, just before my trip to Thailand. In all my pictures I look beautiful! My face looks smooth, and natural. I couldn't believe it. I kept asking myself, "what is it", "why do you look so beautiful" (not just my opinion, but my husband's and comments on facebook). And I definitely noticed a difference between these pictures and previous ones. I am sure it is the trio blush. It's the enhancement of the shape of my face, or possibly the manner in which it compliments the other makeup I use. I LOVE to use makeup. It's fun! I am so glad I found this product. I truly cannot think of any other reason for the difference from before. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-8307460072980989825-full" data-show="-8307460072980989825-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Lancôme user

Contour Blush by NARS

"I've been contouring using some Buxom bronzer and highlighter samples for the past year. I finally used them both up, so I asked for this duo in Paloma for Christmas. For reference, I am asian with light/medium skin and yellow undertones. I AM IN LOVE. The bronzer is blendable, matte, and applies so smoothly. It is a huge improvement on the shimmery Buxom sample I was using before. I actually applied too much of this the first time because I wasn't expecting the amazing pigment! The highlighter created a great natural look, although it didn't show up on me as well as I had hoped. It will be perfect for everyday use. I think I'll apply a shimmer highlighter on top of it for nights out. I'm so impressed!" - Sephora user

Petal Essence Face Accents by Aveda

"Blush is a favorite cosmetic of mine, for years. Having tried all kinds, at all costs, from drug stores to high end "holy grails," Aveda has, in my opinion, come up with the ideal face color! The product is three in one: blush, contour and highlighter. On my skin, it is not too dry or too powdery, and blends nicely. The formula is fine-milled with just the right amount of reflective properties. It adds glow without excess glitter or artificial beaming, a popular trend in cheek color these days. I am fair with golden undertones and use the shades Peach Lights and Plum Touch. Peach is perfect for the summer months, plum for the winter, although I use both all seasons depending on my mood and what I'm wearing. BTW, I do think Aveda could have better pictures of the shades to help with online selection;-)! Applying with the puff provided and/or with a brush works for me. Try rolling the puff a little to get the individual shades--a tapered contour brush also will work. A smaller eye-shadow brush works for highlighting. I don't have the cases for them, and use them in their little plastic containers. They toss around just fine in my makeup bag. On a budget, I found that cases aren't mandatory in order to use and enjoy these great little face colors! Less" - aveda user

Revolution x Soph Highlighter Palette by Revolution Beauty

The makeup revolution sophx highlighter palette does it all- look no further! From a natural glow from within, to a blinding highlight that can be seen from space, the sophx has you covered.

Girls' Getaway Trio  by theBalm

"My first balm product was the highlight, after this I knew I wanted to try the rest, love the contour, blush/bronzer, and lippies. The contour powder and blush, a little goes a long way. Highly pigmented. Stays on all day, and i love the natural bronze glow it gives me. The contour is my go to now, it doesn't look "muddy" on me at all and all products blend beautifully. I also own an eyeshadow palette. Love all the products so far. The liquid lipsticks, are perfect. They go with my skin tone perfectly. My Husband complimented me the week I wore them all, he said, those colors on your lips you've been wearing lately look really nice on you, those are the best colors I've seen on you. I thought he never noticed?! I was also missing an item when my order arrived so I emailed the customer service, and within days I had it on my doorstep. Don't sleep on these girls, it's not much to think. I don't know why i did. « less" - thebalm.com user

Studio Fix Sculpt & Shape Contour Palette by MAC

"It is contour, eyeshadow, highlighter and blush all in one handy package. The texture is creamy yet solid, buildable and a dream to blend for every day use with tons of product to work with (big pans) and endless options. For a matte neutral look this is holy grail. There is plenty of product in each pan and I love and use ALL of the colors. The MAC SA was rocking an amazing look and her coloring is similar to mine. She used this palette to achieve her look and added lipstick, blush and mascara - that's it! She demonstrated it on me and I am still blown away. I am blond and green/hazel eyes with ruddy patches and it is sheer yet covers without being chalky or heavy. I feel like my skin can still breathe and not look "done up". I use a spritz of Fix It before and after application and then smoosh it gently and and super satisfied with the result. You will not be disappointed - buy it and you are welcome. I purchased the lighter version FYI. Less" - Nordstrom user

Contour Blush Spice Market Blush Palette by Sephora Collection

A pressed powder blush palette with six expertly-coordinated shades for all skin tones.

Truffle Blush by BH Cosmetics

"This blush is such a neat formula. It a cream to powder with almost a putty like consistency. It looks so natural yet has pigment as well. It really sinks into the skin which makes it look so natural. I have the shade that's peachy and the blush please shades and they are both so pretty. I'm definitely buying more shades before they sell out. They are that good! They also last a long time and stay looking amazing even in heat and humidity. Florida has been hot and humid these past few days and these just stay on without fading all day long into the evening time without problems. " - dillards.com user

The Saharan Blush Vol. I Blush Palette by Juvia's Place

The Juvia's Place Saharan Vol. I Blush Palette is the ultimate all in one palette which embodies a meticulously formulated array of multi-functional colors. A perfect blend to captivate facial structures with a flush of richly pigmented colors.

Epic Illusion Cheek & Contour Palette by pür

"I love this cleanser. My skin feels super clean and smooth in just a few short days I have using it both in the morn and eve. Smells great and fresh. I let it sit on my skin a few minutes before rinsing. Perfect pump releases just the right amount without waste. I then apply Cosmdeix Emulsion Hydrator and then the spray sunscreen. Wonderful products! Can't wait to have the Cosmedix Timeless Peel! " - cosmedix.com user

HD Glamour Creme Blush Palette by graftobian

"Env: developmentI don't like foundation. You know why? Because I can see it on almost everyone who wears it. I know, I know. If you are a foundation fanatic, you are probably saying to yourself, that I just don't know how to apply it. Or maybe that I never met anyone who knew how to apply it.I have heard it all. Seriously. You don't know HOW many times I have allowed someone that said those very things to me to SHOW me how to do foundation the right way. They proudly take the time to apply the foundation in what they assure me is the flawless correct manner.I watch carefully as they give me the best they have, and you know what? I can STILL see their foundation.I work on a lot of older clients. Older people have a lot more challenges when it comes to foundation. They have pits, and creases, and wrinkles, and oftentimes craggy skin and enlarged pores.I came across a foundation that professionals use which is designed for the HD market so that you can even use it in front of the unforgiving HD lenses which magnify all sorts of imperfections and problems with makeup so EVERYONE can see it up close and personal.**Product Details**Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour foundation comes in various forms. You can get it alone in a round container. You can get it in a long narrow container with five selected colors which fall in a particular range from super Snow White pale to Dark Ebony beautiful. You can also buy it in super palettes which will give you 18 colors in a selected range of either neutral, warm, or cool.The texture of Graftobian is a cream yet pretty firm. The prices range from $12.50 for a single color to $19 for a five palette to $260 for three super palettes, a corrector palette and a instructional DVD.**Product Performance**At first I was rather put off by the Graftobian palettes. I have all three super palettes as well as the corrector palette and their lip color palette. The squares seemed to be so small, and the colors seemed to be so odd to me, having never dealt with this line before.However, as I have used them over and over on various people, I have found that the colors are easily adapted by mixing and using combinations of on various people and skin tones.What impresses me most of all about this line of Hi Def Foundation is that if warmed up with fingers and applied carefully in a patting motion on the face, I have been able to put this foundation on the most difficult of skin textures with it being completely undetectable. I even put it on men who refuse to wear makeup to cover up bruising coloration and dark circles, and who had enlarged pores, lots of wrinkles and creases and blemishes and discolorations. This foundation is the only foundation I have been able to use in such a case where it is almost impossible to see that the person is wearing any foundation at all.The finish was set with mineralized skinfinish powder from MAC or similar mineral powder and the foundation lasted all day long and into the night with no trace of foundation settling or creasing being seen.The trick with this makeup is that it is firm and has to be warmed up with the finger (after using hand sanitizer, of course) and then patting it around the entire face gradually and lightly. It makes fantastic contour, eye contour, and even highlighter, making it easy to sculpt the face beautifully.I have never worked with such a nice foundation that looks good on any skin from older to younger and stays that way if applied carefully.I have also not seen too many lines of foundation which carry very dark neutral colors that are not orange or red in tone as well as very light colors in various tones which look good on even the lightest of skintones.**The Bottom Line**Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme Foundation is the best foundation I have ever found for young and older skin. It goes on virtually undetectable if carefully applied and covers up most intense discolorations too. Long lasting and wide variety of colors are only a few reasons why I really love using this foundation.Although it is not like most of the foundations I have used in the past, it is the best performer for photographs as well as daily wear.You can get Graftobian products at www.paintandpowderstore.com and www.camerareadycosmetics.com.For the record, foundations I have worked with in the past are MAC, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Revlon, Almay, Ulta, Lancome, Loreal, Elizabeth Arden, Bare Escentuals, Chanel, Clinique, Dior, Mary Kay, Avon, Laura Mercier, Too Faced, Makeup Forever.Env: development Less" - viewpoints.com user

Bouquet D' Amour Six Shade Blush Palette by jouer

"I first fell in love with Jouer blush duos a couple of months ago, so when I saw that they were coming out with this Rose Gold blush, I knew I had to immediately scoop it up. I am so happy that Sephora is finely selling Jouer, they have some truly amazing products and their blushes are definitely a hidden gem that are not talked about enough. With these blush duos, you get a matte blush on one side and a shimmer on the other, you can use them separately or pair them together. The "matte" side doesn't actually look like a flat matte in the pan, it does have a bit of a sheen to it but once in the skin it really does mostly look matte. What I do is apply the matte blush first and then top it off with the shimmer side. These blushes are both extremely buttery and soft and they are pigmented, but not too pigmented and they blend in like a dream. This color in particular would work on so many different skin tones, I really think that the shimmer side would look stunning on deeper skin tones especially. The simplistic packaging of these duos are so stunning and they are super sleek so they are easy to travel with. The price point on these are great considering you are getting two blushes in the compact. I can not say enough good thing about these blushes and I think I can confidently say that Jouer blushes are some of the best and my most favorite that I have ever used to date. « less" - Sephora user

Make Every Moment Count Cheek Palette by Tarte

"Love the colors!! They are VERY pigmented so you only need a little bit in your brush. I use a goat hair brush to put my blush on and I glides right in your face. Not patchy, and the price is amazing for 3 different blushes that you can mix together. A huge bonus is that it smells AMAZING, every time I open it I just smell it!!!! " - ulta.com user

Blush Bouquet Dual Blush Palatte by jouer

A duo of velvety-smooth, complementary blushes that deliver full-pigment color, and blend to a perfect finish.

Life Of The Party Clay Blush Palette & Clutch by Tarte

An attention-grabbing glitter clutch fully equipped with a mirror, card holders, and five blushes in a removable tray.

The Blushed Blush Palette - 9B by Morphe

"I was looking for a blush palette for my kit and I spent a lot of time (far too much time, if I'm honest) browsing different sites. I stumbled across Beauty Bay and was thrilled to see they sold Morphe products as I hadn't seen them sold on a UK site anywhere else. So I decided to try this palette which seemed a steal. The colours are very highly pigmented so anyone seeing this review before buying, please be careful when applying because a little bit of product really packs a punch with this palette. There's a nice range of blush colours for different skin tones which is great and they blend so easily. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to buy a blush palette. If you buy it, you won't regret it." - beautybay user

NARSissist Wanted Cheek Palette I by NARS

Nars narsissist wanted cheek palette with a curated selection of six covetable cheek shades in two limited-edition palettes featuring matte, satin and shimmer finishes. A $146 value!

Brightening Brick Blush & Bronzer by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"This is perfect for anyone who gets a bit pink when naturally blushing, regardless of skin tone. The description for this says that it's for lighter skin tones, but it looks great on my medium-toned skin (I wear Golden Natural stick foundation). It does have some shimmer to it, but it's not excessive. I don't usually wear anything shimmery, but this doesn't feel over the top...it's just enough to be noticeable but not ridiculous or something that would only be appropriate for night / glam looks. I apply this pretty liberally with a bronzer brush (perhaps I can be more generous with it because it blends into medium skin tone so well) to give me some color and youthful luminosity." - bobbibrowncosmetics.com user

NARSissist Unfiltered Cheek Palette I  by NARS

A curated selection of six must-have blush shades in a limited-edition, mirrored palette.

Urban Decay x Jean-Michel Basquiat Gallery Blush Palette by Urban Decay

"The very second these compacts came out, I scrambled online to get them! I knew I had to have them, especially being that they're LIMITED EDITION! However, the only thing that I'd always was not keen of with Urban Decay products, is they're material of choice with these kinds of palettes. I wished that they were made with plastic or more durable material as opposed to supported, hard, cardboard with painted paper-mache.But with that being said, the compacts are definitely nicer and encompass much more detail and embellishments than the norm. You can definitely tell they are very special edition and entail everything that is Basquiat. The color options of the pigments themselves are VERY beautiful and definitely match the theme of the compact, but as with all Urban Decay shadows, if you do not take a flat brush and literally pack the shadow on your lid, the pigments are not as opaque as you would imagine. In turn, if you do pack the pigments on, be prepared for major fall-out and alot of clean up. The pigments tend to become very loose once they're applied, regardless of technique. I'd recommend a much thicker and more adhesive eye shadow primer with these shadows.Overall, for the UD die-hard and enthusiast, as well a the Basquiat fan, these are a necessary addition to your collection. I cannot express enough how much I love the color selection in this particular palette, as I'd always been one to search out and use the rather unconventional eye shadow colors and wear them with very bold and high-end fashion looks. I'm thrilled that they're included in this exclusive palette! Awesome choice for this special edition line! I'm hyped. They are still extremely workable pigments despite they're slight cons, and I feel very lucky to have not just one, but 2 of these palettes to have in my personal collection! ♡ « less" - ulta.com user

Hi-Lite Palette - Opals by Lime Crime

Get that opalescent glow you've always dreamed of! Lime crime's opals hi-lite palette is formulated with special pigments that are translucent in the base and erupt in color glow upon contact with skin. 3 milky shades adapt to every complexion, from light to dark.

Weekend Vibes Bellini - 6 Color Blush Palette by BH Cosmetics

Achieve a glowing complexion inspired by a bubbly brunch cocktail with the BH Cosmetics Bellini - 6 Color Blush Palette. In silky matte and shimmer finishes, each luscious peach-pigmented hue glides on seamlessly for a sweet, effervescent flush to the cheeks and face.

Classic Blush 10 Color Palette by BH Cosmetics

"I am a light-skinned black female, and I highly doubted that this palette would suit my complexion. I absolutely love all of my eye shadow palettes (I have a small collection ;)), but I just never bothered to purchase blush from BH cosmetics. I am so glad that I did! The blushes in the Glamorous Palette are gorgeous. They are very pigmented, and I suggest that you use a fluffy blush brush with a very light hand, otherwise you will end up looking like a clown! It is sooo much easier to build up the colour, than to tone it down. The beauty of this palette is that you can blend colours, or layer them to create a totally different, customized look! There is a mixture of satin, matte and shimmer blushes, and they all blend really well. Depending on your complexion, there is a gorgeous light/champagne coloured blush that I love to use as a highlight as it is not too shimmery. I have recommended all of my friends to try BH cosmetics! Thanks BH for creating such a pretty palette! « less" - bhcosmetics.com user

NARSissist Unfiltered Cheek Palette II by NARS

"I purchased the Unfiltered II palette because I already had exhibit A and thought several of the colors in Unfiltered I would lean a little dark on me (though I still think Unfiltered I is a beautiful and versatile palette). Let's start with the case. It might not be evident from the pictures on Sephora but the case is a colored mirrored finish. Beautiful, simple, but also smudges easily with fingerprints. Next comes the actual mirror, which is a good, high quality mirror that occupies the entire length/width of the palette. No complaints here. Now onto the palette. The colors in Unfiltered II are very wearable and work well for everyday use. I agree with the posts that say the colors are not as they appear on the Sephora website/promo. The actual colors are a little more muted (albeit still beautiful) and not as "in your face." I found them to blend very well with good color payoff producing a natural flushed look if you use a light hand, but the pigments seem buildable if you want a more intense look. Also, breaking down the price of the palette...each color is 0.12oz VS 0.16oz of the full sized NARS blush ($30). So you get 3/4ths the product of a full sized blush per color. From my calculations, the cost of the palette would be $135--not the $150 value that Sephora states. Someone, please correct me if my calculations are off! With that being said, this palette is well worth over the $59 cost. At the end of the day, I think these palettes are a great buy and everyone will be able to find value with one or both of these palettes. The quality of this palette is no different than what you would expect from NARS blushes (I own several singles, as well as a few holiday palettes). Pick one up as soon as it becomes available again! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="55134361613348499-full" data-show="55134361613348499-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Rose Blush Trio Palette by Milani

Milani Rose Blush Trio Palette features three color coordinated, pigment rich shades to wear alone to amplify and define cheekbones. Palette features fine-milled, matte and shimmer finishes for a perfect flush of color.

Facestudio Master Blush Color & Highlight Kit by Maybelline

"This Maybelline Master Bronze and Highlighting Kit is absolutely amazing. I have extremely fair skin and this palette has a lot of options that look good on my skin tone, and also don't look super orange on me either. The highlighter in this palette is absolutely stunning. It is extremely pigmented and buttery and is a beautiful light golden color. It gives you a nice glow, but isn't anything super metallic. It's definitely a perfect shade for summer for anyone who is looking for a highlighter that isn't super blinding. The three bronzers are also super pigmented, buttery in texture, and apply evenly onto the skin. Since I am very fair I can only wear the two lighter shades of bronzer since the last one on the right is far too dark for my skin tone. These are some of the best bronzers at the drugstore. They last all day on my skin and did not become patchy when applied. I also must mention that this palette is perfect as eyeshadow too. The bronzers aren't super pigmented either so it's easy to either have a light bronze or you can build it up to become super intense as well. I want to point out there is a lot of product in this palette for the price of it. A little goes a long way as well which is something I love. Definitely recommend it if you are looking for a drugstore bronzer and highlighter, by far one of the best options out there! I received this complimentary for reviewing and testing purposes, but all my opinions are my own. « less" - maybelline.com user

PRO To Go Eye/Cheek Palette by Lorac

"One of these days, I'm going to get my passport and go to France. When I do, I'll be taking this palette with me, and I won't have to pay extra baggage fees to carry it!Being the makeup addict I am, I now haul around tons of cosmetics in an organizer basket in my car. That's getting tiresome. This palette may set me free. Yes, I'll still need to carry my lip colors, eye pencils, foundations and mascara, but I can leave a lot of the other stuff at home and still look great on the go.Packaging-the eyeshadows and cheek colors are packaged in a sturdy attractive cardboard-based box. I prefer the paper/cardboard packaging to metal tins, and I think it will hold up well. If you want to be really OCD, you might swipe some ModPodge on it to make it extra waterproof, though I think it will be fine as isThe package has two halves. One side contains six neutral eyeshadows with a nice mirror, and the other has three cheek colors. These are also two decent small eyeshadow brushes which self store. It will easily fit in a normal purse.The eyeshadows are very nice neutral browns/taupes/coppers/grays/creams which would give almost anyone a great "basic" eyeshadow look. I'll accent with one of my bright eye pencils if I want a more colorful look. The shadows have a wonderfully creamy, blendable texture, good staying power, and hit the sweet spot between "too shimmery" and "too matte" with no fallout noted.The cheek colors include a cool saturated matte pink, a slightly shimmery (not glitter) coral, and a nice light bronze. Haven't used the bronze yet, but the pink and coral are lovely and basic. As some have noted, they are highly pigmented, so use a light touch and blend. I'd rather do that than have to build layers! Again, great texture, light feel, and versatile colors.In brief: this is the best neutral palette I've had. It's a great value, portable, versatile, and I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be able to use it. SCORE! « less" - ulta.com user

Cheekleaders Pink Squad Mini Cheek Palette by Benefit

"When I saw they had made a mini version of the bigger palette I was excited. I mostly just wanted the highlighter shade. However I quite like most of this mini palette. The blush in this is pretty, however it doesn't really work for me. It's just not pigmented enough to show up on me. I have light to medium skin. Since I do have this in the palette I'm going to play around with the blush shade more to see if there is a way that I can use it. The bronzer is really nice, not my favorite, but still one that I do enjoy using. It blends out really well and has good pigmentation. The only thing is you have to use a light hand with this as this is pretty pigmented in this palette and can be intense if not careful with it, so go in lightly and build it up. Now the highlighter is amazing. I just can't get enough of it. It just gives you this wet, amazing, intense glow to the skin without looking like a big stripe on your face. You can also use a lighter hand to get a more subtle glow if you aren't the one to like a strong and intense glow. It really is a pretty shade and blends like a dream. I hope that Benefit comes out with a single of the highlighter shade. Less" - Sephora user

Sugarlicious Deliciously Nude Lip & Cheek Kit by Benefit

Keep it sweet! Benefit's sugarlicious ''deliciously nude lip & cheek kit'' includes all the essentials for a fresh, natural-looking glow at a major value! A $43 value!

All Over Shimmer Duo by stila

"The winter seems to really be taking a toll on me this year, and I was desperately searching for something to perk up my dull, winter pale complexion. Bought this on a whim having been a fan of the kitten eyeshadow for many years and figured I'd use this mostly on my eyes if I didn't like it for face. Was pleasantly surprised with the lovely natural color and light it brought to my entire face. I just swirl my blush brush over the 2 colors and apply lightly as I would a bronzer/highlighter, and I am really pleased with the results. Don't care for the colors applied separately or like it so much for my eyes (not as finely milled as stila's eyeshadows, it's a bit chalky on the lids, instead of silky) but for all over face, this product really is perfection. I'm so glad I discovered this! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Coucher Del Soleil Cheek Palette by NARS

"When I first saw sneak peek pictures and swatches, I knew I had to get my hands in this palette. The colors are totally up my alley and I’ve already tried Nars blushes in the past (I also have the Blame it in Nars palette) so I knew these blushes would be great.I really like the easy to wear everyday neutral shades plus the one shade for the times that I want a more shocking cheek color.Compared to the Blame it Nars palette, I found this one to have a tiny bit of powder kick-up, but I could easily avoid it by tapping my brush on the colors to pick it up. I find swirling would cause a powdery mess.The colors have medium pigmentation so it’s very easy to build it up and not worry about over blushing. The bright coral shade did take some practice because it applied with the most punch of color. The two shimmery shades have a gentle shimmer to it and does not look glittery. Both work well to give my cheeks some added glow. I like using the lilac shade as a base or as a final touch to blend the blush to soften it.The colors all wear very well through the day and I still end up with a beautiful flush after my 9-5 job. My favourite shade in the palette is Buzzed, it doesn’t darken too much or look muddy on my cheeks and looks very natural.Overall this was a fantastic purchase and it was a great value for the size of the palette. The variety of colors and finishes will work well with any makeup look I do « less" - Sephora user

Paint Pretty Eye & Cheek Palette by Tarte

"l love this palette!!! lt is so cute and l love the painting inspired packaging. The blush is a nice color but the main reason for the five stars is the shadows! They are so blendable and have become my go to for school because they are so easy. l just pat the lighter brown on my lid and blend a tiny bit of the dark into my crease. Finish it off with some highlight in the inner corners and I’ve got an easy eye look in literally 20 seconds. lt is also inexpensive, l got it for five bucks! Don’t hesitate to buy this!!! " - tartecosmetics.com user

Blush 101 Amazonian Clay Blush Palette by Tarte

"I really love this blush. I have found that while foundations, powders, primer, etc doesn’t break me out, something in blushes and bronzers make me break out! This is one of the only blushes I have tried that has not caused any breakouts and I have been using it for over a month. There is no shimmer, and the color is super natural looking. It is definitely pigmented, but not so strong that you can’t layer it on to get the deepness you would like. " - dermstore user

10 Color Blush Palette by Coastal Scents

""Being an avid makeup collector I must admit that I am not much of a blush user. In fact, I own only two blush compacts (shame, I know). Additionally, I never really had a chance to experiment with different blusher colors as I usually stick to corally-pink shades. That being said, I recommend this blush palette because you get some beautiful colors with amazing color pay off. It's perfect for those who love to use bright colored blushes or those who wish to experiment! I suggest using a synthethic stipple brush to apply as the product is extremely pigmented. Also, it allows for a more sheer and natural flush. A little goes a long way! Bottom line: Perfect palette for any level of makeup lover! Definitely a staple to any collection." " - coastalscents.com user

Bombshell Bronze Bronzer by BH Cosmetics

"I bought Starlet only, just because it's my first time working with bronzer (I just got into contouring about 2 months ago) and I love how it looks! I sit in front of the mirror and mess with my new makeup to try it out and see how to use it on my face shape, and while I LOVE how it works, I think I over-applied it in just 1 too many swipes! But that was my fault. I asked my husband how it looked, he said it looked fine, but once he got closer to me he told me it looked like I had 3 different shades of color on my face. I did NOT blend it in with my contour, so definitely remember to do that (unlike me) and avoid the rainbow-like layering of this bronzer and your contour (if you do that). Even if you don't contour, try not to dab your brush too much or you may overwhelm your face because it seems super easy to do that. Still very pleased with this product, I just need to get the hang of it! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-130762688460715548-full" data-show="-130762688460715548-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - bhcosmetics.com user

Park Ave Princess Contour Palette by Tarte

"I would give this 4.5 stars, but since that's not an option I rounded up. I love how travel-friendly this palette is! I also have the Tarte Pro Glow to Go, but I think I prefer this one since it has a blush, contour/bronzer, and highlight. I could also probably use some of these shades as eye makeup in a pinch if I needed to pack really lightly. The highlight shade in this palette is my favorite out of the four highlights I own. Everything is very pigmented in here! My only tiny complaint is that the blush is almost too pigmented and it can be hard to blend out. Make sure you use a light hand with this palette, especially the blush, and that should help. " - Sephora user