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The 50 Best Brush Sets Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore brush sets are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Everyday Essentials Brush Set by Real Techniques

Real Techniques Everyday Essentials for foundation + concealer + blush + highlighter + shadow.

Marble Luxe 10 Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

Add an elegant touch to your vanity with the BH Cosmetics Marble Luxe - 10 Pc Brush Set, a decadent collection of face and eye brushes that offer perfect application, seamless coverage and flawless definition.

Eye Essential Brush Set by luxie

"This is the best brushes I've ever had! They are very soft and the color is so pretty. Everyone compliments my brushes and do not believe that these are synthetic bristles because it is very very soft!! So much love for this brand. Thanks for providing us cruelty free yet high quality brushes! " - luxiebeauty.com user

Sculpt And Blend 2 by BH Cosmetics

"I own a lot of brushes including a competitors who's brushes I love, and a well known drug store brand that is OK. I ordered these brushes as a back up to the competitors as I clean my brushes constantly and needed a nice yet afordable back up set. This set has now become the set I reach for. The set has a nice feel to it I love the metal bevel compared to my other set that has plastic bevels that I worry about with the constant cleanings. The weight is not overly heavy and they are not as bulky as my drug store brand. I was a little worried about them being not dense enough or having a cheap rough feel to them...this was not the case at all. They are plenty soft but not flimsy. I would put them on par with any of those wonderful stores us ladies love to shop at in the malls brand but with a much better price tag. I also bought a shadow blending brush at the same time. All these brushes are fantastic even at full price, but better on a great sale! I will buy a set again if I need a back up to my new favs. Don't drop $30 or more for one brush when these do a great job. No shedding yet and I don't believe they will for some time! « less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Travel Essentials Set by Real Techniques

"I have never heard of this brand before and the price is so low I was kind of iffy to order these brushes. I figured I could always return them if I didn't like them. Turns out, these are the best brushes I have ever tried, I have Brushes from MAC, SmashBox and Clinique, and they all shed and all seem rough on my face. For the price and quality, Essential brushes can't be beat, so happy To finally find brushes that work!!!!!!!!! " - Target user

Bombshell Beauty Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

Bombshell Beauty 10 Pc Brush Set by BH Cosmetics featuring plush synthetic bristles and elegant pink handles, this essential collection of face and eye brushes offers precise placement and a blended finish of liquids, creams and powders for exquisite eyes and a radiant complexion.

Rose Quartz 9 Piece Makeup Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"I totally dig this brush set! I love the color scheme and the way that they feel. Not only are the bristles pretty soft but the overall feel in your hand ???? is pretty great as well. They don’t feel cheap and breakable, they feel sturdy and ready to get the job done. I would definitely recommend buying this collection not only because of the aesthetically pleasing look they have but the small brushes in this set work amazingly! They pick up product like a boss and distribute very evenly and nicely. Although I would recommend shampooing your brushes first only because they feel a tiny bit stiff before they are washed. Other than that I definitely love love this set! " - bhcosmetics.com user

Aquarium Makeup Brushes by Lime Crime

"These are amazing with my grey eyes, I’ve always loved a dark magenta or raspberry eyeshadow, but they’re so hard to find. Now there’s a pallet full of them and some lovely complimentary shades too! Brown eyes should work great too with these, also being neutral. I’ve just dyed my hair bright violet, so it emphasises this too. As for the texture, they feel lovely and creamy, and I would say the same level of pigmentation as my urban decay naked heat palette. All in all, this is the collection of colours I always wanted but never could find, and it’s performance more than matched my high standards of expectation. I don’t mind a card box, and this is a high-quality one with a great mirror, but I know some don’t so think I’d better mention this. " - Cult Beauty user

Chic 14-Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"All i can say is all of their brushes are AMAZING. I have the 7 piece eye essential set and the sculpt and blend #1, 10 piece and boy was i impressed when i bought them. Ive had them for a couple months now and clean them once a week and have had no shedding. Theyre all so soft and work like a dream. I refuse to buy high end brushes because they never feel as good as these do plus i dont know if its even possible for a brush to work better than these do. I picked this set up this week and cant wait to use them, there so incredibly soft like my other brushes and the makeup pouch is so cute and A LOT roomier than you'd think, i could fit all 14 brushes plus full sized makeup to go in this! Please buy BH cosmetics brushes if you want amazing quality at an affordable price, I deifnitely recommend all their brushes to everyone! « less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Highlight And Glow Duo by Real Techniques

"This set of brushes is such great value for the price. They are very good quality and I never thought that a brush can change my make up game so much. The foundation brush is just fabulous. I absolutely love the blush brush so soft and fine. I use the medium brush to set my concealer and the small brush to apply eyeshadow. And the sponge is such a bonus. My make up never looked so good. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you " - lookfantastic.com user

Sculpt and Blend 3 10 Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"These are my first BH brush purchase and I'm very impressed with the quality and performance. I was looking for a good deal on brushes and seen BH was having deals and I came upon these and I feel in Love right away. I love the color their beautiful, bristles are soft and they handle very well no cheap feel what so ever. I also love that it came with more face brushes than small eye once since I have a lot already. Totally recommend these and more BH items as well. " - bhcosmetics.com user

Artful Accessories Brush Set by Tarte

"Absolutely adore this Tarte holiday addition! I have never bought any Tarte products before and decided to splurge on better brushes, as usually my best companion is my beauty blender, especially for foundation. So far I'm finding these brushes to work great, and are soft on your skin as well. The artwork on them is obviously very attractive, which is what interested me in the first place. The ONLY downside when I originally purchased them was that the face/foundation brush bristles seemed to move around and curl quite a bit, especially the outside ones from moving in the package. Once I washed and picked out a few damaged ones, the brush remained in good condition. Therefore, I would be super careful when packing these to go away somewhere so they stay in tact. Overall, very impressed, the best brush I used so far would have to be the blender brush. Blends eyeshadow wonderfully! « less" - Sephora user

Rose Gold 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set by luxie

"This was my first order with Luxie Beauty. I was mostly amazingly pleased with the majority of the items I purchased. Everything arrived quickly. I did have to contact CS,due to a few damaged & misshapen brushes from shipment and they handeled matters very professionally and promptly !Now this could just be my preference..... but I was a bit disappointed in the kabuki brush set I bought. They are well made, with amazing quality.....but they just didn’t meet up to my expectation. The flat top, angled, and rounded kabuki....just aren’t very densely packed bristles, as I was hoping to end up with. None of them are useful for foundation application, as I had hoped. I have much lower end brushes that do the job beautifully, and these ones didn’t get the job done at all.Everything else I purchased I absolutely love and am very pleased with !!!They are very soft, amazing quality, and blend product perfectly !Love Luxie brushes !!! « less" - luxiebeauty.com user

Enhanced Eye Brush Set by Real Techniques

"When I was single I had cash to spend, I bought quality brushes and wouldn't bat an eye spending hundreds of dollars at a time. Now I have a mortgage, family, and a budget. I find myself seeking quality items at a good price, which is what these brushes are! The brushes are great, soft, and blend nicely. My favorite is the versatile blending brush. I apply my primer/eyeshadow base with it. It's large and soft. The only negative is the liner brush. I wish it was a bit fuller/stiffer. I try to get as close to my lash line as possible and it it's my lashes (I am lucky to have long and thick lashes) that get in the way. " - ulta.com user

36-Piece Ultimate Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"Worth Every Penny!! Brush sets of this quality are easily quadruple the price. I'm VERY impressed with the quality of this brush set. The face brushes are so soft especially the Duo Fiber Stippling Brush which gives my face that perfect airbrushed look without looking fake. The Highlight & Contour Brush can be used as a stippling brush as well. Of course I have to test all new brushes for shedding and while cleaing the brushes I pulled a couple strands from a few but no more than that. There are so many eye brushes to choose from... These brushes pick up and distribute product so well It actually addded to the pigment of eyeshadow. The synthetic brushes are great wet or dry and the natural brushes are so soft they make blending so gentle on the eyes. Depending on the look I'm trying to achieve the variety of brushes gives me so many options. I've had and used almost all the BH brush sets and this one by far is my absolute favorite. I really don't have anything negative to say about this brush set. I love the case, I love the variety of brushes, and best of all I LOVE the price. This brush set is perfect for any professional makeup artist at any occasion. I HIGHLY recommend. Tips for Washing Brushes: Wash with baby shampoo and rinse very well. When you think all soap has been rinsed out be sure to rinse a second and third time while rubbing brushes into your palm until suds are completely gone. Many people make the mistake of not rinsing all soap out which hinders the brushes from picking product up and distributing product evenly. After rinsing lightly brush fibers on a clean towel. Lay all brushes flat on towel to dry. Never let brushes dry upright in a cup, that casues mold to grow in brushes. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-1161085741449903880-full" data-show="-1161085741449903880-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - bhcosmetics.com user

Lavish Elegance 15 Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

Add luxury to your look whether it's sultry, sophisticated or sweetly decadent with the BH Cosmetics Lavish Elegance - 15 Pc Brush Set With Cosmetic Bag.

Start The Day Beautifully Kit by ecotools

"I have been using EcoTools brushes since I can remember. They are good quality brushes at such a reasonable price. I have been discovering this "Start The Day Beautifully Kit" and I must say I really enjoy it. I recently took it with me on my birthday trip to Disney and it has all the essentials that I needed, besides it's travel friendly and the case that the brushes come in it's nice and compact. From this set I really liked the Full Powder brush which works great with both liquid foundation and face powders and the Defined Crease - my go-to blending brush. I enjoyed also the 3 beauty looks that this kit comes with. After arriving home from my vacation I washed all my brushes and I was so happy to discover that these did not loose any hairs. I think this is a good quality kit, it's a great choice for anybody who loves makeup from just beginners to professionals. I received this kit complimentary for testing purposes, all opinions are my own as I like to stay honest and truthful to my review." - walgreens user

Flawless Base Brush Set by Real Techniques

"So, I'll be honest that I was disappointed when these arrived because at first sight, they didn't seem like much. But I decided to give them a chance and I'm so glad I did. No shedding and high quality. I use these for contour, blush, and highlighting. The pickup and application of pigment is amazing. I am very impressed with these brushes!" - ulta user

Smoke & Mirrors 10-Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

The BH Cosmetics Smoke N Mirrors-10 Piece Brush Set with Cosmetic Bag is an assortment of superior-quality face and eye brushes. It is designed to deposit just the right amount of pigment and blend expertly for foolproof, flawless full-face looks.

Eye Essential 7-Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"I had previously ordered a single blending brush from BH and loved it. So when I was looking for a set, I figured I would give them a try. I took advantage of one of their amazing sales to get this set and was not disappointed. I love how they look - long, sleek and nice quality. The brushes are all soft and easy to use. So far I haven't experienced any shedding. I haven't had them long enough to speak for how they hold up - but I would highly recommend them so far. Especially at such reasonable prices." - bhcosmetics.com user

Eye Shade + Blend by Real Techniques

The real techniques eye shade + blend duo pack is paired for easy two-color shadow application. Use with powder or cream shadows.

Pink-A-Dot 11-Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"This brush set is truly beyond words. The price is right and the quality is there. The brushes are very very soft and the bristles do not shed at all. The brushes are very finely made and they apply color perfectly.The thin pointed brush number one in the description of brushes in this kit the eye liner brush is perfect to carve out the crease and build up the color before blending. The crease brush is so soft and it blends out color like a dream. It just blends with no problems.I honestly can't believe it. It amazes me how these 11 brushes are so cheap but they out perform any high end brush I have tried. You need to buy these. They are everything you need with the best possible quality. I am more than happy. The tips of the brush are pink and the handles are very sturdy. They have the company logo on them in gold and pink polka dots on them. Buy them. Shipping took 2 days to get here. Perfect. « less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Dreamcatcher Set by luxie

"This brush wasn't the first of my purchases. I love Luxie brushes. The bristles are soft and they hold the pigment very well. The flat definer brush did not disappoint. I can get a precise line just under my bottom lash line and the bristles are soft enough not to irritate my sensitive eyes. Love this brush. I look forward to adding to my Luxie brush collection! " - luxiebeauty.com user

Teddy Bear Hair 5 Piece Brush Set by Too Faced

An all-in-one, portable brush set that features the five essential brushes you need to achieve any look, plus a heart-print cosmetic bag.

Dot Collection Makeup Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"This brush set is truly beyond words. The price is right and the quality is there. The brushes are very very soft and the bristles do not shed at all. The brushes are very finely made and they apply color perfectly. The thin pointed brush number one in the description of brushes in this kit the eye liner brush is perfect to carve out the crease and build up the color before blending. The crease brush is so soft and it blends out color like a dream. It just blends with no problems. I honestly can't believe it. It amazes me how these 11 brushes are so cheap but they out perform any high end brush I have tried. You need to buy these. They are everything you need with the best possible quality. I am more than happy. The tips of the brush are pink and the handles are very sturdy. They have the company logo on them in gold and pink polka dots on them. Buy them. Shipping took 2 days to get here. Perfect. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-894387183168531457-full" data-show="-894387183168531457-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - bhcosmetics.com user

6-Pc. Back To School Tools Brush Set by Tarte

"Do I need more brushes? No! But such outstanding quality & value is something I couldn't pass up!I'm no stranger to Tarte brushes - I have too many to know just exactly the number - I've purchased similar value sets in the past: This speaks volumes of the many attributes of the brand!Tarte brushes are extraordinary. In my opinion, they surpass any other brand, regardless of price & reputation!Reliable, durable, excellent performers! Don't let the low, low price of this set mislead you! No corners have been cut : They are solid, comfortable, smooth handles with well secured densely packed bristles, firm yet soft, there's no shedding & the application of whatever product is achieved with flawless precision! They also hold up well to my ruthless cleaning procedures.Additional sets will be purchased to stash as affordable gifts! Christmas, Hostess, birthday, whatever ... this set will make an impressive, memorable gift! Less" - tartecosmetics.com user

Enhancing Eye Set by ecotools

An eye enhancing duo set from ecotools that comes with 4 different brush heads! This will help you achieve different eye ''looks'' from day to night. The set includes a ''shade and define'' brush as well as a ''blend and smudge'' brush.

Crystal Quartz 12-piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

Enchant your beauty routine with the BH Cosmetics' Crystal Quartz 12 Piece Brush Set with Cosmetic Bag, a collection of top-quality face and eye brushes.

Studded Couture 12 Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"These brushes are LIFE. Literally everything I need for my everyday makeup in a super convenient (and cute) carrying case. When I'm not traveling, I leave the case open and use one side to hold the face brushes and one for the eye brushes. The brushes are SUPERB quality and the bristles are so soft. I haven't washed them yet but if they're anything like my other BH brushes, they will hold up just fine. As a non-professional makeup user, you could honestly get away with having just these brushes and nothing else IMO... Thanks BH. :) " - bhcosmetics.com user

Ready To Roll Brush Set by Sephora Collection

A set of 10 brushes curated to include all the essentials to create a complete makeup look.

Goal Getters Contour Brush Set by Tarte

A five-piece vegan brush set that helps create a sculpted, strobed, and perfected complexion, decked out with rose gold sequin handles and baby pink bristles.

Shimmering Bronze 12-Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"I have tried so many different types of brushes (Sigma, Sephora, etc) most of which cost way more than these and I'm truly impressed by the quality of these brushes especially for how much they cost! Very soft bristles that do not fall out and the container looks better in person than online with the shimmery bronze. Will definitely be buying more BH brushes in the future!" - bhcosmetics.com user

Airbrush Complexion Kit by ecotools

The ecotools airbrush complexion kit is designed to create a noticeably smooth complexion and organize your beauty space. This kit includes 1 makeup wedge, 4 brushes, 3 beauty look cards, and both a brush and sponge storage cup.

Pretty In Pink 10-Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

Be a true original when you create statement looks for face, lips and eyes with the Pretty in Pink - 10 Piece Brush Set with Cosmetic Bag by BH Cosmetics.

MUA Life Brush Collection by Morphe

"If you’re looking for a set of high quality brushes at an affordable price, then your search is over! This is a first class set of brushes and just about every brush you could wish to have. A perfect set for a gift to someone just setting out or someone you love and needs a really good set. I purchased these for my wife and wow was she pleased, not only with the range but also the quality and feel of the brushes. The fact that the set even stands so you can have easy and full access just adds to this perfect set. I just can’t recommend enough!! " - morphe.com user

Essential Brush Kit - Make Me Classy by Sigma

"Ive heard from many people about the sigma brushes and decided to test them out for myself. Luxola provided me this set at a much cheaper pricer compared to other websites and provided with me free shipping which is just the win! The brushes surprised me, for such a great price for the entire set, I must say i am extremely happy i ordered these. The brushes are soft and the one thing i love about them is they from myy experience dont malt all over the face. The bristles themselves are soft but sturdy and with the correct care i feel as though they can last. Girls, i recommend this brush set it comes with all the brushes you need!I am mainly a natural make up person and i use 1/2 of the brushes during the week, and the rest i would use if i put alittle more makeup on for when i go out. Great set, versatile, great price, amazing quality, you cannot go wrong with this set. The cherry on top, it comes in a fab travel wallet!Shipping from Luxola was fast i received them in 3 business days, great service. « less" - sephora.com.au user

12 Brushes Classic Complete Set by zoeva

"I received these brushes today and within half an hour I'd tested them all out and they are incredible. Not scratchy at all; they are so soft and lovely to use. They came beautifully shaped and have not shed. The handles are lovely and solid with a good weight to them and they aren't flat black - they have a slight glitteriness to them which makes them feel special. The whole set feels really high quality and well made, including the clutch bag they come in which is gorgeous. Each brush does its job fantastically well, and having the set meant that I had everything I needed for a full on eye look. I used these with Kat von D shadows which can be tricky to blend out (especially the darker shades) but not with these brushes! They eliminated any problems I've previously had with the same shadows and I can't wait to play around with them more. I have a MAC 224 and I found Zoeva's equivalent to be much nicer and more effective to use. Excellent brushes for an amazing price: what more can you ask for? « less" - Cult Beauty user

Five Piece Travel Set by ecotools

"Pardon me, but I believe that these brushes are fantastic! Anyone that claims that they shed or do not wash well is NOT washing their brushes correctly...I like to research every little thing that I buy, use, or "consume" and I've come to the conclusion that these brushes are the best of those I've used so far! I have never used MAC brushes, though I plan to buy many of them in the future, but even brushes from Maybelline or "kits" they sell at drugstores, Claires, and the Bon Ton do not satisfy me.. Many "generic" brands have left me with scruffy and scratchy brushes that don't pick up the color, nor apply it to your face correctly. The worst were those that "shed," but if you simply submerge the brush tips in baby oil, swish it in your hand until it has both thoroughly lifted the color out and nourished the bristles, dip them in a little bit of liquid lemon dish-washing soap and this will remove any and all color WITHOUT shedding! Why? Because of the baby oil! :) I use SC Johnson's by the by. ;) These brushes are too big to take in a small purse, but luckily I'm a big-purse type of gal! So they're barely noticeable in the corner of my bag. You can even buy purse organizers that will protect and hold your make up in various compartments to go along with your brushes! ^^ I hope this helped somebody out there! <3 p.s. I've broken the brow brush three times already.. :| The bamboo is strong, but the plastic doesn't withstand much friction! Also, if you use these brushes for the first time without washing them, they do not pick up color as great as their potential allows them! I recommend buying a separate case if you do not wash these regularly. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - drugstore.com user

Flawless Eye Brush Set by luxie

"I am from Canada, and upon doinf tons of research, I came across the Luxie brand on YouTube and google. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and luxurious the brushes looked. I took a chance and put my order in for the 6 piece eye essentials set and I was so impressred. The packaging, quality and design is so amazing. I cannot use another brand that is not Luxie, and am looking forward to adding more Luxie brushes to my collection.Superior brand, every person that loves makeup, should definitely have a Luxie brush (S) in their collection.Well done, I am a loyal customer and will recommend your brand to everyone I know. " - luxiebeauty.com user

Pink Perfection 10-Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"After a bit of a rough start, I've decided to give BH cosmetics another try. So glad I did! I just received this and was absolutely stunned with how beautiful and professional the case and brushes were. All brushes are stunning as well as extremely soft to the touch, I haven't experienced any shedding as of yet which is a bonus and have fallen in love with how pink it is, plus I think it's great that this purchase is for a great cause! " - bhcosmetics.com user

Rose Romance 12 Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"I ordered them a week and a half ago and got them in 2 days which I was really impressed. Let me start with the bag, its beautiful and high quality. It's not one of those cheap flimsy bag. The brushes are gorgeous. They looked like high end and yes they are quality brushes. Super soft and no shedding. i love them and so glad I purchased them. I highly recommend ordering them before they're all gone. " - bhcosmetics.com user

Metallic Pink 14-Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"I put these brushes on my wishlist and ended up receiving them as a gift from my boyfriend. I'm SO glad I ended up getting these because absolutely nothing tops these when it comes to quality for the price. I was a little skeptical about these when I was looking at them online because I have yet to be impressed by a drugstore/lower end brand brush, but trust me, these brushes are super soft and luxurious feeling.I have had them for about three months now and even after washing them, I'm happy to report that they have not shed whatsoever! If you're on the fence about these, just go for it. I consider myself picky with texture (I can't stand brushes that feel even remotely rough) and was wowed by the quality.Also, pretty much every brush in here is useful. The only one I have not reached for is the foundation brush because I'm not a fan of the streaky paintbrush effect, but other than that I use almost every brush daily. I think this makes an excellent starter kit, as long as you have a nice buffing foundation brush on hand already.The one and ONLY con was that upon arrival, these did smell very plastic-y, or what others would call a sort of "chemical" smell. After airing out for a day, the smell was completely gone, so that's really a non issue for me. Figured I'd note it anyway for those who are extremely sensitive to smell.All in all, this definitely earned a 5 star rating from me, and I know I'l be purchasing more BH brushes in the future. « less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Most-Wanted Brush Set by Sigma

"Good quality brush, washes well with no shedding. It was too long and tapered for me to blend powder eyeshadows with though. It would probably be better for blending cream products like concealer.I like the quality and durability of this brush so I will keep it in my collection. I'm still interested to try a different Sigma brush for blending because the e45 is gentle on my eyelids. I would recommend this brush if you are looking for a soft brush to deposit color in the crease. You have to blend out with a different brush though. I guess my only complaint is the brush shouldn't be called a blending brush. It's more of a soft crease brush. " - Nordstrom user

Smokey Eye Essential 7-Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"I thought all these "5 star reviews" we're part of their " Marketing Stratagy" but ladies it is ALL TRUE!!!! These brushes are AMAZING?????????? these babies are soft, easy to use, DO THE JOB and are a FABULOUS price! It is FANTASTIC that we get such HIGH quality for a steal of a price. The only issue was the handling time of 6 business days. I figured 2 days tops for handling ( I was put on "punishment" ?? for spending) but saw these babies on sale and justified the purchase for the price. The brushes are SOOOOOOOOOO worth getting into " trouble" with my husband. If you need brushes looking for QUALITY and QUANITY at low cost PURCHASE THESE!!!!" - bhcosmetics.com user

Sculpt & Blend Makeup Brush Set, Multicolor, Onesize by BH Cosmetics

"Good performance, coverage, blends well. High quality brushes came highly recommended by several makeup pros. Vegan and they do not shed. Wash easily. " - bhcosmetics.com user

Illuminate 8-Piece Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"When I seen this set of brushes I was drawn to the beautiful color. I purchased one set and fell in love. I was blown away by the quality. I have to be totally honest. I am a makeup collector I have tons of it. I have over 200 makeup brushes. I have high end, drugstore, beauty supply etc. These are my favorite brushes in my collection. They are so soft and blend eye shadows so well. They are better than some of the high end brushes I own, I cant tell you enough how I enjoy using these brushes. The quality is the best of all brushes made by bhcosmetics. They are top notch. The structure and hardware of these brushes are top 10. I enjoy these brushes over my Zoeva , Mac, Bdelium , Sigma and Sedona Lace etc. I immediately went back to the website to order another set. This collab brush set is the best Bhcosmetics ever did. I hope they collab again and extend this set. GREAT JOB BHCOSMETICS. I dont know how long this set will be sold but as soon as they come back in stock I will purchase 2 more sets. ( Youtuber beauty channel..Cynthia Miller) « less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Sigmax Precision Kit 5 Brushes by Sigma

"I just got these brushes today in the mail....so I washed off all of my makeup, and re-applied it, just to try these out. I am so, so glad I spent the money on this set! They are soft, great quality, no shed brushes, that are the PERFECT size! I was worried they might be a little too big(the brush heads)but they are perfect for every area of your face...even eye lids. I would recommend these brushes to anyone looking for a good brush set. I usually use an eye shadow 'pencil' or 'bullet' brush to apply concealer, because I like to use a round, soft bristled brush for that, rather than your typical flat, stiff bristled concealer brush...but eye brushes are small, so it takes longer, but these are just the right size for concealer application, and they are soft but dense, so they do the job well. Also good for blending blush and bronzer, so you don't get that sharp contrast line that screams-"look how much makeup I have on!". It's unusual to find a set of brushes that I actually love, and will use every brush...but this one is it. Love, love, love them!!!!! Plus, they are so pretty, lol! Less" - sleekshop.com user

ItsMyRayeRaye Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

"I love most BH Brushes & these are no exception. They are such high quality! Soft & I have experienced no shedding yet. I also love them so much because they are unique. I've never seen a brush set, around this price point, with these types of brushes in them. Every single brush in here is honestly a must have to me. " - bhcosmetics.com user

IT Cosmetics x ULTA Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 5 Pc by IT Cosmetics

IT Brushes For ULTA Your Beautiful Basics Airbrush 101 5 Pc Makeup Brush Set includes powder, foundation, concealer, and eyeshadow brushes.

Baking & Strobing Brush Set by Sigma

"I am a freelance makeup artist so I need alot of brushes in my collection and honestly most of the good brushes are way to expensive to buy yet alone buy all of them and double of them but I still need to have good quality brushes and after buying a couple from sigma, i had to order this set. these brushes are truly awesome! And even more awesome is the price, they are half the price of macs brushes and they are the exact same quality as macs if not better. They have every brush that you need and in this kit if you bought it, you really wouldnt need to buy any other makeup brushes, it has everything you need in it. The price is a bit pricey because you are buying alot at one time but if you did the math you are getting a great deal. I think everyone who needs brushes should get these brushes, you wont be disappointed! You can only get them online which is the only bad thing but it's worth it. I would recommend to everyone. « less" - viewpoints.com user