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Classic Color Lipstick by Besame

Classic Color Lipstick

staying power(342)
chapped lips(241)
pigmentation: pigmented
Besame CosmeticsBuy ($24)

Top Reviews

staying power


i love this beautiful jewel toned red i’m also obsessed with this formula, this is the most pigmented full coverage lipstick i have used and i am in love it’s staying power and comfort is amazing and it stains beautifully also

- Besamecosmetics User

this lipstick is so wonderful-- it's the perfect color, and it lasts all day and leaves my lips feeling wonderful even after i take it off

- Besamecosmetics User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

i am in love with this lipstick -- long-lasting, highly pigmented, incredibly moisturizing

- Besamecosmetics User

it feels wonderful on your lips, does not dry or flake

- Besamecosmetics User


precise application

it glides on like butter and covers my lips in one coat, and the shape of the lipstick is perfect for precise application (which is very important with such bold colors)

- Sephora User

the colour american beauty 1945 is the perfect red for skin with a cool undertone and the application is precise and smooth

- Sephora User



whatever besame is concocting, they're doing it right; i've never felt a smoother, lighter texture, nor seen such beautiful colors before in my life

- Besamecosmetics User

the colour is very nice and beautiful, it's super pigmented, and the texture is smooth and doesn't dry your lips at all

- Besamecosmetics User



feel/texture- one of the creamiest true mattes i've tried

- Sephora User

the color is vibrant and lasting, consistency is creamy, and is just overall stunning

- Besamecosmetics User



the cocoa butter makes your lips moisturized without being too heavy

- Sephora User

feels very light on the lips but locks in

- Sephora User



it is highly pigmented and the colors are unique and true to the time of the 30's

- Sephora User

the colors are deep, rich and long-lasting

- Sephora User
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Sephora userMarch 2, 2017

best lipstick ever!

I'm not a big one to review products, but I have to say that I have a lot of lipsticks in my collection and the Besame lipsticks I just bought (Dusty Mauve and American Beauty) are BY FAR the nicest ones I've ever used. The colors are richly pigmented, stay put all day, don't dry your lips and are so easy to apply. The shape is unusual, but once you get the hang of it, it's actually more precise than your usual lipstick shape. The colors are just so beautiful. Do yourself a favor and pick one (or more!) of these up. You can't go wrong!! 

- Sephora
besamecosmetics.com userFebruary 18, 2015


Like many others, I got this because of Agent Carter. I'd been eyeing besame lipsticks for a while, and the show was the final push I needed to get one. I love it, the texture is very creamy and pigmented, and it lasts a while! It shows up as cooler on my skin tone (fair with green eyes and dark auburn hair). I've worn it every day since I've gotten it! It lasts well, and does not dry out my lips too badly, and not at all if I put some burts bees underneath. I am planning to pick up other shades and try other products after this experience! 

- besamecosmetics.com
Sephora userAugust 31, 2016

Portrait pink 1963

I was excited to try this line. I bought a pink to start. I wasn't Inthe mood for their iconic reds. Unfortunately I find the formula very dry to apply. It drags across the lips. This may help the color stay longer, but I do like a bit more creaminess in my lipstick. The color is lovely. MLBB. But today I opened the lipstick to apply midday and the whole bullet snapped right off at the base. I didn't have the bullet rolled all the way up. It just snapped at the bottom. Not good!

- Sephora
Sephora userMay 5, 2015


Hands down, Red Velvet and Merlot are THE most unbelievable lipsticks I have ever worn or purchased. Before they became available on Sephora, I ordered 5 tubes of each from Besame and paid an arm and a leg for it all including shipping, but it was SO worth it. 1) You don't need a liner. The lipstick is angled so you can line your lips with it, then fill it in. 2) MEGA colour depth. We're talking mega. So rich 3) the texture is creamy and easy to apply--not a drying matte like most. You don't even need a primer. It goes on like the best lip balm 4) Long lasting like whoa. 5) COLOUR DEPTH OMG. I honestly just love it. Best purchase ever. A steal at $27, in all honesty--I'd pay (and have paid) $50 for these babies. If you think you can't pull off red lipstick--you're wrong.

- Sephora
Sephora userMay 10, 2018

A Lipstick Love Story

I was introduced to Bésame Cosmetics about a year ago, and I absolutely love this brand! It is definitely my go to for classic stick lip colour. The packaging is very elegant and vintage Hollywood glamour. Any time I use it to touch up in public people always ask, "Where did you get that lipstick? It's too cute!" Packaging aside, the lipstick formula is very nice and a great quality. The texture is slightly creamy, but still stays put fairly well. I also love that the colors are very highly pigmented, so one application really lasts especially if you use the blotting method. They also make very nice lip stains if you're going very a lighter look. I have every color but especially love American Beauty. The raspberry red tones look fabulous on my skin. If you're looking for a perfect red lipstick you HAVE to try Bésame. They brand is called 'Kiss Me' for a reason! « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Olea Europaea Fruit Oilacne
Glycine Soja Oilacne
Cera albaacneirritant
Ricinus Communis Seed Oilacne
Hydrogenated Castor Oilacne
Isopropyl Palmitateacneirritant
PEG-12 Carnaubahazard
Retinyl Palmitateacneirritanthazard

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