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The Great Brow Basics Pencil & Gel Set by Benefit

The Great Brow Basics Pencil & Gel Set




Key Benefits:

  • Volumizing
  • Longlasting

Ratings & Reviews

4.587% of 235reviewers recommend this product

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Sephora user
December 13, 2019


You want great brows? The Gimme Brow gel will give you beautiful brows all by itself. Then add the Goof Proof Pencil and My Brow Pencil...omg you won’t use any other brow products again once you use THESE brow products! When I used other brow gels, and made more than one stroke, the gel would just come off. Not Gimme Brow! It stays put. And the way you can choose different colors is just another stroke of genius.I use #2 and I’m a natural redhead going dark with some gray... but this color looks darker on the brow than on the brush. But it’s perfect. This set is for my 83 year old mom for Christmas. She’s pretty white haired now and not many brow hairs left. She can’t find a lighter color at Walmart, the only place she shops besides QVC. So I know she’s going to love this set! And I’m going to ask her if I can have the Tin container. I love containers and this one is heavy and really nice. The top of the Tin is like the picture on the box it came in. I wanted to show the thickness of this tin that’s why I added the side view. When I picked up the box my thought was “what in the world did I buy?!” It is that heavy. SO NICE!!!!! Less

John Lewis user
June 15, 2019

Everything you need for better brows!

I’m a bit of a make up junkie so I already have and use some of the component products in this set myself as I do love Benefit for their brow products. But I bought and ordered this actual set as a gift for my Mum, who has greying, sparse brows. After giving her a couple of demos on what to do, she now confidently does her own brows herself. This is a big thing for her as she never wears any makeup!The Goof Proof brow pencil is so easy to use and the easiest to start with, building a base colour and creating shape. It also covers greys successfully.Then either add in some definition with hairlike strokes using the Precisely My Brow pencil and/or use the Gimme Brow fibre gel, which will enhance what’s already there using fibres and add colour. It will also set everything in place.Used individually or as a ‘perfect brow team,’ brows will last all day. And they’ll look really natural.One other tip, don’t be tempted to choose a shade that’s too dark. We’re both brunette and olive skinned but have found that shade 3 works quite well for us when layering all three products together. It results in really natural-looking brows.Great set, which really does cover the basics of great brows. I highly recommend it! Less user
September 15, 2019


Questo kit include 2 matite e 1 mascara volumizzante per sopracciglia.La matita Goof Proof permette di infoltire le sopracciglia ed è waterproof, la matita Precisely, My Brow è ideale per realizzare tratti morbidi e naturali, grazie alla sua punta ultra sottile. Invece, il mascara Gimme Brow+ è un gel facile da stendere, in poche passate rende le tue sopracciglia più folte e piene.Set perfetto per sopracciglia naturali!!! 

Sephora user
January 24, 2020

This Whole Set Truly Sucks!

This is the first bad review I've ever given on Benefit Brow products. I paid $36 for one product that works. That sucks. There's no product in the pencil, the slanted Brow shaper is uneven, breaking in pieces so when apied, I got color on top and bottom, nothing in the middle! The only product that works is the brush on color, already have one. Really wanted to try the other two. BENEFIT should test products randomly to see if they even have the product in them. I wl be lookin g for a new company for Brow products and I've been with Benefit for years, for all my concealer products and Brow highlight products. I won't be getting their Brow products anymore. So, all I really got was a Brow thickener and a pretty tin. Woo-hoo. NOT! 

Sephora user
June 13, 2019

Brow game changer

This is a real DEAL – 2 full size and 1 mini size.I got the shade #4 medium. Good for brunette to dark hair.For the products I found that the pencil is a bit soft and the colour pays off well so be light-handed when you fill in your brows. It generally stays put for the whole day (I wear my makeup for 16 hours per day). On the days I want my brows to be more volumized I would use the brow gel as well. Brush is small which is good! Haven’t tried the mini Precisely My Brow pencil yet. But I would recommend this brow kit! And I LOVE the tin box :) 

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Community Posts

Profile picture of Syd Alana
Syd Alana
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

Which one would you recommend for a quick and creamy product for the brows. I don’t want my brows to look chalky.

Profile picture of Sav 27
Sav 27
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

I say use the pomade if you have time because u have to work with it. But if it’s quick like u said use the kabrow. I use the brow basics which has a small pencil to overline and underline . A thicker pencil to fill it in . And a gimme brow to fill in the whole thing and make it stay longer.