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Sugarlicious Deliciously Nude Lip & Cheek Kit by Benefit

Sugarlicious Deliciously Nude Lip & Cheek Kit


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Sephora user
November 10, 2015


I really love this kit by benefit cosmetics. To start with the lip and cheek tint looks very pigmented and scary to use because it's so red but when applied and rubbed in it is very neutral and natural looking on the skin. Next the blush and brush provided, the brush is amazing and extremely soft and the blush really makes your cheeks look as natural as possible if the red is too intense. Next the highlighter is absolutely stunning!! It is the perfect pinky highlight with white and goldish under tones in it and it's perfect. And lastly the lip balm is a gorgeous colour and VERY mosturizing on the lips and not drying at all! Overall I give this kit a 5 ⭐️ Review and I will be buying the other sets like this!

Sephora user
November 29, 2012

Sugarlicious is Fabulicious!!!

I have used the Benetint and High Beam in the past, so it was nice to see a kit with little minis in it for taking in the purse! I really wanted to try a new blush and while I not am not overly fond of lip gloss, I figured why not try the kit anyways...I had a gift card and needed to use it so I got the kit. Really happy I did. For those not used Benetint before, you are so missing out. The stuff is outrageously awesome. Goes on lips for a just kissed really well flush...though sometimes with those with deeper lines in the lips, can settle into the lines...not as attractive but use some lip balm to smooth out and it works great. On cheeks the flush is perfect color of well...going beyond really good kissing. I have used under makeup and over it. Looks great either way and doesn't clump or look weird even over foundation or powder. The High Beam works like a dream to highlight those areas with just enough glow, like top of cheekbones, right below eyebrow, or even just a mere touch in midle of lower lip for poutiness [blend well]. Ok onto the products not tried before. The cheek color sugarbomb...I like it. I don't love it. Too much glow for me. If could make without all the glow and pearlescent sheen would be much better I think. The tiny brush in the kit does not work well for me, so used a actual blusher brush, liked the results better. Also, the colors chosen to mix and blend together are great, and with smaller brushes have used to creatte highlights or lowlights as well to emphasize cheekbones. The sugarbomb lip gloss. Not sticky at all. Smell sweet as candy but does not taste like a 6 year olds lip balm thank goodness. Great color as well as for me at least, it almsot exactly matched my natural lip color, and added that just hint of sparkle. Looks good over the Bentint as well. Overall, nice little kit. « less

Sephora user
October 25, 2015

Not useful at all, the balm is too shiny and dense with no good pigmentation, the blush is ok but no much longer on my cheeks ... no waste your money

Sephora user
September 30, 2012


This trial size kit is great. High Beam is very light to the touch and does a great job of illuminating skin, but is also easily blend -able. The benetint is my absolute favorite beauty product at sephora. It is amazing on the cheeks and even more stunning on the lips, you don't need alot to make an impact though. Sugar Bomb is a great blush for when you don't have time to apply the cheek stain. The lip gloss smells great, I only wore it once when I first got the kit, but it stayed on all night even after several drinks/dinner. Would have been just as happy with the kit without the lip gloss though. Overall, I am so pleased with my purchase, and will buy the high beam and benetint in full size.

Sephora user
July 31, 2012

Good Value - Variety

I really enjoyed this kit. I got it as part of the kicking some class lunchbox set and it may be my favorite of the three kits. Benetint looks dark and a bit watery in the bottle but it actually blends wonderfully. It gives you a hint of flush (you can make it darker but I don't). Highbeam is great. It's pretty sheer with a hint of pink, but it does a great job at highlighting the places it's put. It's pretty much the beautiful look you see on models but without being super noticeable. It just looks naturally gorgeous. Sugarbomb is a lovely blush. Pretty pigmented and when placed over a light application of Benetint it gives you a very neutral (professional) look. I wear this kit to work a lot and it really simplified my morning routine. The lip gloss is very plush feeling. It's not too slippery or too tacky feeling. It gives a beautiful sheen to your lips without looking like you've put on tons of lip product. I really enjoy this kit and I think it will last me a while with the small amount of product I need to use to achieve the look I am going for. I like that I can try a lot of products for not a lot of money, especially since it's rare for me to completely finish a product before I'm tempted to buy something else. « less

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