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Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara


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staying powerlonglasting
"stays on lashes"
- Ulta User
"i tried this mascara and was so thrilled that it actually lifted, curled, and gave me amazing height with no clumps- and thin lashes- no thick lashes here- and lasts all day"
- Ulta User
"lengthens lash beautifully"
- Ulta User
"i love how it lengthens and separates lashes"
- Ulta User
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"it curled, lengthened and volumized each lash, i swear i felt like i was wearing false lashes"
- Sephora User
"they're real is fantastic for wispy natural length, badgal bang is great for volume and tons of length (dont wiggle the wand though or it'll clump, hold at the root and bring up as you blink), and roller lash (my favorite) gives a wispy, long, natural, and curled lash"
- Ulta User
clumpingnot clumping
"i love how it applied and never clumps"
- Ulta User
"no clumps"
- Sephora User
"i love how it naturally curls my lashes"
- Ulta User
"i love how it instantly curls my lashes"
- Ulta User
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Eireann Kolden
combinationCombination Skin
Dramatic, volumizing, longlasting
I use this product in conjunction with Essence lash primer and at first the curl looks amazing. My lashes fall flat after an hour and it really makes me lashes look almost too dramatic. The curl won’t hold no matter what I do and I’ve tried EVERYTHING. It’s not very buildable, it gets very clumpy. By the end of the day my lashes are flat and clumpy. It is long lasting and volumizing but when your lashes are flat the volume looks silly!!
Sephora User
Not lengthening, clumping, not curling
I just got home from returning this embarrassment of a mascara. I am so disappointed as I love the Benefit Brand and as somebody who has straight eyelashes that refuse to hold a curl, I got so excited when I heard the claims of this product. Now because of my stubborn lashes, I have to have tried over 50 different mascaras... Drugstore, High end, you name it. There's definitely been a few winners but The Benefit Roller Lash is not one of them... In fact, I'd go as far as saying it was the worst one I have ever tried.At first it goes on light - too light. The lash has no length and no volume and barely any curl and although supposedly a black mascara it had no intensity whatsoever... So you add another coat. And then immediately your lashes clump up and fall so there's absolutely no curl whatsoever... I used a heated eyelash curler before I put on any mascara, but even that age old trick couldn't rectify this mascaras formula... I have a rule where I try the mascara for three days before I determine whether or not it works, and all of my results were equally terrible. I even looked up a demo on how to apply it and that proved to be of little help.Not to mention, it sticks like glue to your lashes so it's a nightmare to take off!I wanted so desperately to find a new mascara to love but this one certainly isn't it. I don't normally write product reviews, but I strongly recommend to skip this one! « less
Sephora User
Lengthening, not clumping, dramatic
I usually stick to my Holy Grail mascara Chanel Inimitable Intense but I now have a new favourite. This does everything my Chanel mascara does but the only difference is it actually takes my lash curled lashes and adds even more curl. To start I'll just give my opinion on whom I think would love this mascara and benefit from it's great properties.1. Those of you like myself who have very little mobile lid space or "hooded eyes".2. Those of you that prefer a small brush, making it easier to get right to the root of your lashes and catch those small inner corner lashes without getting mascara all over your eyes.3. Those of you that like the rubber bristle wands with shorter bristles, this one is small and very easy to maneuver.4. Those of you that like a very lightweight feeling on your lashes with very little to no clumping.5. Those of you, like me, that fight really hard to get a great curl with your lash curler and just hope the mascara will hold it ! This one doesn't just hold it, it actually adds more curl after application.6. Those of you that love a very black formula that isn't at all wet neither is it dry, you barely notice any product on the wand yet it lays down a perfect coat every time.7. Those of you that like to layer your mascara and never have a clump in sight.8. Those of you that like a very easy removal, I'm talking just soap and water.Now, my personal experience:I had great expectations for this mascara, there are some review videos on Youtube and I've watched them all. I had the feeling this would be a good mascara for my needs.I have very light brown lashes that are medium to long in length but they stick straight out. I use my trusty Revlon lash curler to get my lashes nicely curled and then apply the first coat. I just wait for a minute to see if there will be any lash dropping but the opposite happens, as my lashes are drying they actually start turning upwards adding more curl and length. The short bristle brush seems to hook my lashes at the base and really pull them up high. There isn't a clump in sight after the first coat, each lash perfectly defined and jet black with perfect volume. The second coat goes on just the same, no clumps but the length is amazing now, the bristles just grab my lashes and add more length to the first coat I applied. The volume is also fantastic for a non volumizing mascara.I thought to my myself, I'm going for a third coat and it was perfection, my lashes looked extremely long, very curled, extremely defined and amazing volume. I never thought I would find anything better than my Chanel mascara but there is only one difference between this one and the Chanel, Roller Lash adds more curl while it's drying.I didn't know what to expect when it came to removal but nowhere does it say it's waterproof. I just washed it off with my Dove soap and water in the shower and it came off with no problem at all.This is the most perfect mascara I have ever used and I can't wait to buy a full size tube, believe me, I'll be buying more than one just in case it disappears from the shelves without me knowing ! « less


Compared to other mascaras, the ingredients in this product contain a larger number of acne producing chemicals.
61 ingredients

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