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Precisely My Brow Eyebrow Pencil by Benefit

Precisely My Brow Eyebrow Pencil

precise application(474)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: 1

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precise application

i love how precise it was

- Ulta User

the super fine tip makes precision easy and you're able to make hair-like strokes

- Sephora User



this pencil is a blessing for a person who has thin and/ or patchy eye brows as it fills and well defines your brow and gives a perfect natural look

- Beautyboutique User

i definitely recommend for anyone who is looking for a pencil to fill in their naturally thick brows, and i could also see this being useful for people with sparse brows as well

- Sephora User

staying power


lasted all day, easy to apply, and i highly recommend trying this pencil

- Ulta User

i was also able to wear it all night and one day accidentally slept with it on and it still stayed on the next morning

- Ulta User



this is an ultra thin brow shaping and also waterproof pencil

- Sephora User

love how the product doesnt move around and is waterproof its super easy to apply and remove i also really like how there are sooo many color selections i totally recommend

- Ulta User



my brows are almost non-existent, and see through but i absolutely love this

- Sephora User

if you have near perfect brows or if you prefer sheer formulas that you'd want to build up with multiple layers, go for the brow wiz

- Ulta User
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beautyboutique.ca userSeptember 18, 2018

Uneven Sparse Patchy Brows? Best Results EVER!

Getting my brows right has become the most time consuming & difficult task to my makeup routine. I've allowed an additional hour to my schedule just to work on my brows & I'm still late! Sometimes I've messed my face up so badly with brow products that I've had to remove everything & start over! Over plucked, super fine & thin hairs that grow in patches ... vacant spots that don't match so it's impossible to make cousins never mind sisters out of my eyebrows!So along comes this opportunity to "Test Out" Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil ( xoxo Topbox Circle ) ... After 3 weeks of regular use I'm convinced that this product is MADE JUST FOR ME !!!This has everything I personally want that makes application a breeze!The results are the most perfectly matched, NATURAL looking brows that last literally 24 hours ,( I've slept in them & woke up with amazing brows! ).Waterproof, no smudging, no budging.The fine tip & texture allows for precise application ... there's no skipping or patchiness so it's an easy single swipe stroke to outline & define ...Filling in couldn't be easier owing to the fine tip & pigmentation it's possible to replicate the appearance of individual hairs. Intensity is easy to adjust simply by altering the pressure or the proximity of the flicks of "hairs". One pencil for day or night .It's easy to say these are alike but this isn't so! This one is better ... the results exceed any of the many other brands & formulas ... plus it doesn't fall out of the tube ... It seems to last longer than similar brands too & it's less likely to break.Alone or used in combination with other products, this has become my absolute favourite brow product! Less

- beautyboutique.ca
ulta.com userJuly 10, 2018

My Ride or Die Brow Product

I was lucky enough to receive this brow pencil free to test. Despite having tried tons of brow products by brands such as Anastasia, Kat Von D, and Dior, this pencil is my favorite out of the bunch! It is smooth, precise, buildable, and perfectly pigmented. I use the lightest strokes of shade 2 (I have dark blonde hair that is warm in tone) and my brows look shaped but still natural. If I want to amp up the volume, I add more strokes to my arch/tail and my brows come out more dramatic. Best of all, this pencil literally lasts all day, through sweat and even rain (I've tested). Never thought that anything could beat my Brow Wiz, but this pencil is my new holy grail brow product!

- ulta.com
beautyboutique.ca userSeptember 18, 2018

Very disappointed

I really don't know why everyone likes Benefit "Precisely, my brow pencil " I received one in shade 4, which supposed to be dark brown but on the skin it's more dark grey with hint of brown. It is not easy to use. Its not sharp and I could not do thin strokes to make them hair-like. The strokes was very thick and dark. After brushing the brows the strokes smudged completely and my brows looked like I color them with brow shades. What is the point of this pencil? This pencil is not smudge proof at all(it was gone on some parts as I scratched my brow) and definitely not waterproof.With such huge advertising this brow pencil was tested on 23 panelists, it is too little testers to tell big promises.I gave two stars for good ingredients list.I received it free to try and review 

- beautyboutique.ca
Sephora userSeptember 12, 2018

It exceeded my expectations

Like all the Benefit products this pencil exceeded my expectations! It is retractable and very fine, allowing you to easily make precise, hair-like strokes. Also, it is highly pigmented and soft (but not too soft).The color 3.5 was perfect to fill in and define my dark brown brows.The brush is quite practical as well. I use it to buff the excess makeup, blending it and giving my brow a natural lookIt won't transfer and lasts all day. Still, you can remove it with micellar water or a regular make- up remover, without the need to use a waterproof remover.I couldn't find any negative points about this product and I truly recommended it.Disclosure: I got this product complimentary from Topbox in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

- Sephora
beautyboutique.ca userSeptember 3, 2018

More beautiful , fuller looking eyebrows

As I have gotten older my eyebrows have definitely become more fine and sparse . So using an eyebrow pencil is a daily must for me in order to have a finished look . I don't like thick pencils because I find them hard to use and even harder to achieve a natural look . What a difference after trying the BENEFIT Precisely My Brow Pencil , I was shocked . The wand is stylish , easy to grip and even easier to use . The tip is ultra fine and thin which made it so easy to apply feather like strokes , leaving me with a beautiful natural look . The tip twists up so there is no need to worry about needing to keep a sharpener handy .The color is rich and the 3.5 neutral medium brown was such a close match to mine making it flawless to blend . With 8 different color shades there is a shade for everyone . At the other end of the wand is an eyebrow brush making this a convenient add on . I had no problems with smudging and the color lasted all day . You can achieve any look you want whether casual or dramatic with this one pencil. This has helped define and fill in my eyebrows and I love the end result . Finished but still looking natural as if they were all mine . This pencil is also waterproof which is wonderful because this hasn't been the case with other pencils I have tried in the past . This is definitely one of my favorites and one I will continue to use . #gotitfree Less

- beautyboutique.ca


Overall safe Ingredients

Cera albaacneirritant
Hydrogenated Castor Oilacne
CI 77288hazard
CI 77289hazard
Stearic Acidacne
CI 42090hazard

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