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ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color by Benefit

ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color

pigmentation: pigmented
Variation: 1

Top Reviews

staying power


i love the fact that it lasts all day-even while working out in the gym

- Ulta User

i took very natural, stay in place all day, easy to apply

- Sephora User


precise application

the precision you get with the brush is amazing- i draw a strong angular line below and above the brows and then with the product left on the cute little brush work into the gaps with soft strokes

- Cult Beauty User

the gel is smooth and looks more natural and the brush is excellent for precision

- Sephora User



i have all the benefit collection and anastasia and sephora but this one is by far my top favorite last all day goes on smooth cute packaging and really is water proof

- Sephora User

it's very easy to apply, it's easy to remove, and best of all its waterproof

- Ulta User



pros:-travel friendly-comes with small concealed brush-easy to use-looks like natural bold brows-buildable for those who like thicker eyebrowsi would definitely recommend this product to anyone who hasn't found their go-to brow gel yet

- Beautyboutique User

this works well to fill in some patches your natural brow is missing & assentuate the shape without feeling like you're going full glam on natural days, but is buildable so you can still achieve that look

- Sephora User



so pigmented, love it so much

- Sephora User

it's great good pigmentation, easy to use, practical and perfect to travel with

- Ulta User
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ulta.com userJuly 29, 2017

My new eyebrow routine!

Ok, I'm new to the eyebrow game, so I've gone from using an eyebrow brush with various eyeshadows, Anastasia Brow powder, Clinique pencils, It Universal eyebrow pencil, Benefit's pencil, and now THIS! :) As a newbie with sparse eyebrows that never grew back after the 90's/2000's plucking craze, I recently decided I wanted fuller looking brows since that's the "thing" but had no idea where to start and how to apply. What I've learned: eyebrow pencils are a no no if you're super oily like me because they melt right off, and who wants to lose half an eyebrow unknowingly while teaching a group of high school students? Not me! :) Powders worked okay, but they lacked the defined look I was after. Finally I found this gel, which is a tad thick and "dry," but I quickly learned that's what I want, as it will stay put better than the rest. It still does a small amount of fading throughout the day, but I carry it in my makeup bag so I can touch up when I need to. I usually only need one touch up midway through the day, on the part of the eyebrow not there, i.e. on my bare skin, where I lengthen them just a bit. It adheres to the hair part very well. It's really easy to do, UNLIKE with pencils, which leaves me adding to one and then looking lopsided and adding to the other and taking forever, only to end up with two mismatched caterpillars above my eyes. :) This is super easy to apply with precision. The top of the brush comes off and snaps into the cap and you drag, I say drag because the pot isn't a soft consistency where you'd "dip," so you drag the brush across, and then glide it across your brows where you need. The more you use, the darker, more dramatic look you can achieve. I find it so easy now that I can do my brows in a few minutes, whereas before it was a process. I follow up with Gimme Brow for a defined look and to keep the hairs in place and then I use Highbrow above and below the arch and blend with an eyebrow brush. Voila! Perfect brows! :) « less

- ulta.comMore
mira userJune 27, 2019

I love this product I use it every single day it last for a long time it also gives u that natural look people don’t notice I have makeup on which is great I really recommend it!!! But sadly it isn’t water proof but it does last for a while

- miraMore
ulta.com userAugust 22, 2016

Returned it to the store!

I had been hearing about Benefit's eyebrow line for a long time and was actually pretty excited to try some of their products. I purchased the ka-Brow cream gel eyebrow color in the store and returned it the very next day. The brush that comes with the product isn't high quality and it doesn't spread the gel well. The cream gel color is actually very difficult to blend and look natural with any brush. I wore it though an entire 12 hour shift at work and by the end of the day (even with primer) it looked patchy and smudged. Talk about embarrassing!

- ulta.comMore
beautyboutique.ca userMarch 22, 2017

Best brow product I have found

I have tried lots of different brow products at different price points and this is by far the best. It stays on while at the gym (Stila is awful for that despite being advertised as waterproof and sweat proof). The colour match is great for me and it comes in 6 shades so there is something for everyone. It is great for beginners and it looks very natural whether you are filling in sparse spots or adding length. The brush is very thin and precise. A little goes a long way so I hope that the product does not dry out before I can use it all (I almost wish it was half the size and half the price, for that reason). I have darker brows and use #4 which is perhaps a shade lighter than my actual brows but I don't like super bold looking brows so I find it makes them a little natural, without being too much on the red side. « less

- beautyboutique.caMore
mira userMay 12, 2019

I’ve been using this for years. It works great and I’m always able to get precise and heavily pigmented brows

- miraMore

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