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Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation by Benefit

Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation

pore minimizing(67)
coverage: medium coverage
Variation: 1

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anyways when i tried it i was so amazed by how lightweight it was and how well it covered my redness and acne scars

- Sephora User

love this lightweight foundation

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

this helped blurr my pores

- Ulta User

finally a foundation that blurs imperfections, hides pores, evens skin tone and doesn't leave you looking like you used a powdered pouf all over your face

- Ulta User



it has great, buildable coverage

- Sephora User

great coverage, buildable for those days you need to hide a little blemish

- Lookfantastic User


blends well

this foundation did an amazing job covering my redness and blends beautifully

- Ulta User

i bought the sample and was so shocked how it blended so well with my skin

- Ulta User

staying power


stay on well for an 8 hour work day

- Ulta User

i absolutely love this product, it’s so lightweight gives a great coverage and lasts all day

- Debenhams User



so glad i bought this and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a beautiful, radiant medium coverage

- Ulta User

it’s a good summer stand-in for hg status ga luminous silk

- Sephora User



there is no weight to this foundation and my skin felt silky smooth when i ran my fingers over it

- Debenhams User

i’m a combination skin, i really like its light, smooth,non-sticky texture

- Sephora User



it blurred all my imperfections, covered my redness, evened out my skin tone and didn't emphasize my dry patches

- Sephora User

this product is almost like a moisturiser to apply in that it is creamy and makes your skin feel super hydrated

- Debenhams User



i have -very- oily skin and use this with the benefit mattifying gel base (which i also love) and ud de-slick

- Ulta User

even with all of this mattifying stuff, my skin looks natural and doesn't feel greasy

- Ulta User


not creasing

it lays smooth and doesn't crack or crease

- Benefitcosmetics User

doesn't crack or crease

- Ulta User


poor quality

you can find better quality at the drug store than this

- Sephora User

i was very disappointed in this product and could have gotten better quality in a dollar tree foundation

- Sephora User

color accuracy


it was way too dark from oxidizing and has a very pink/red undertone

- Sephora User

i have since then stolen her shade (6) because i have to mix it with my foundation (shade 4) to match my skin because this product oxidizes a lot and turns either pink and/or orange easily, depending on the shade

- Sephora User


medium coverage

details: light to medium coverage, breathable, does not pill or flake, lasts at last 8 hours and blends like a dream

- Sephora User

i've been looking for a good light-medium coverage foundation for summer

- Sephora User
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Debenhams userJuly 24, 2018

Long lasting, lightweight and so easy to apply

This is unlike any Benefit foundation I've tried before. Previous foundations from them have been too shiny, without ample coverage or too thick with no staying power. Hello Happy is a totally different ballgame.I was skeptical about there only being 12 shades, so chose one which was close to, but not absolutely identical to, my skintone. The nozzle applicator is a dream to use, and ensures precise control of the amount used. I used a sponge applicator to apply it to my face and it went on evenly and easily giving a lovely medium coverage to my skin. It allowed my freckles to show through to give a natural non-cakey finish. Strangely though, and it is strange, it evened out my skintone. After applying it my skin really did look flawless and in fact looked like my own skin, but better. There is no weight to this foundation and my skin felt silky smooth when I ran my fingers over it.The wear of this foundation is AMAZING too. I applied it at 9am with my usual translucent powder to set it and it still looked flawless when I was removing it at 10.30pm. Now that's longlasting.This is definitely the best Benefit foundation I've ever tried, if not one of the best light to medium coverage foundations I've ever tried. It applies like a dream, evens skintone, feels silky smooth and lasts all day long without reapplying or touching up. What's not to love? Definitely highly recommended. « less

- Debenhams
ulta.com userJune 29, 2018

Light-Medium Holy Grail

I picked this up (Shade 2) recently while on the hunt for a lighter foundation to get me through the summer. I usually use Estee Lauder Double Wear (shade Ecru), and it's my full coverage holy grail. This Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur? It's my light coverage holy grail, for real. Perfect for the heat-it's lightweight, unscented, skin blurring, long lasting, and buildable. One application is light coverage, two is medium, and I didn't go for a third application..bc then I may as well use my Estee. It kept going strong all throughout 12 hours during 90+ degree, hot, humid, sticky weather; granted I was working indoors, but it's a restaurant and it gets hot from all the hustling and bustling I do. The price is just right too, it's the same amount of foundation in other prestige brands bottles. I have combo/oily skin, and I did have to powder some shine.. But I always have to do that. This foundation looks like your skin, but better; I'm aware that is so cliche to say, but I can't think of how else to describe it. I apply it with my Artis palm brush (I've tried it with several primers and it worked with all of them) and the rest of my makeup layers beautifully over it. I'm really digging this foundation and I hope Benefit does not discontinue it or change it or anything.Last but not least- how cute is that bottle?!?! « less

- ulta.com
ulta.com userMarch 14, 2019

I had no idea that this was exactly what I needed!

I really like this foundation. I am extremely fair and I was lucky enough to have shade 1 match winter skin. I originally went in looking for something super high coverage and long-lasting to help with covering up cystic acne scarring. I thought the fuller coverage the better! But you guys, I was honestly kind of blown away by Hello Happy. My Ulta Beauty guru suggested that I give this a try instead, and I kind of thought it would be an epic fail but I find myself going back to it again and again! It evens out my skin tone, blurs away pores, and really dulls any breakouts and/or scarring - but my skin still looks like skin! A very natural finish, which is something I find hard to find! I highly recommend using over a primer and setting with your fave setting powder as it is very hydrating and if you tend to get shiny during the day, you'll want to make sure you have some powder on. I'm really hoping they come out with a concealer that pairs perfectly with this foundation! (Haven't had the best luck with other Benefit concealers, sadly.) It'd also be nice if they'd add some more colors and undertones as it's pretty limited as of right now. But overall - give it a try! I think you'll be surprised! :) Less

- ulta.com
Sephora userJuly 2, 2018

Gets everywhere!

Every time Benefit comes out with a new foundation, I get excited about the idea that they are going to redeem themselves for taking away the fantastic product that was Playsticks. And every time I'm disappointed. The Hello Happy continues the disappointment streak. This formula feels exactly the same as the Porefessional Foundation, which is extremely "watery". The product begins to separate within a single days time, so you better shake it before each use. The color match is okay, but still too yellow for my olive complexion. The coverage is light coverage, and not buildable. It didn't blur any imperfections and actually caked onto dry areas. It also creased at fine lines, making them so much more noticeable. The worse part is that the product doesn't stay on your face! It rubs off with the lightest touch. Expect everything you own to be covered in this makeup. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userJuly 13, 2018

Obsessed with this. Background: I’m super super oily and have always stuck with my fuller coverage, matte foundations just because of the fact I’m so oily all over. I don’t have too much to cover, just a couple of pimples here and there and a lot of unevenness in my skin tone.Result: this is AMAZING for a light to medium coverage, just as it says. I apply my porefessional primer and let it sit for a minute before applying a few drops of this all over the face with my fingers. A brush tends to leave streaks in my case because the foundation is so thin/slightly watery. A beauty blender soaks up a lot of the product so you’re barely getting any of the effects it’s meant to have, but with your fingers it is literally 100% the most natural finish ever. It seriously is my skin but a million times more even, softer, and smoother. Blends like a dream, i apply it like i would a moisturizer by rubbing or pressing into the skin and i start more towards the center and blend out. I set this with my too faced peach perfect setting powder and although it doesn’t stay on or stay matte for me for more than a few hours, it fades so gently and evenly and still looks pretty good after about 6 hours which is about the max time I wear makeup anyways. Touching up with a little bit of tinted powder makes it look super fresh again! Perfect for summer, and a new holy grail for me after finally being so tired of a full coverage mask 24/7!!! A full 5 stars because I find that all of its claims are perfectly accurate, even though I am super oily I knew what to expect when using this because the claims are so true to the product! Highly recommend especially for anyone with combo/more normal skin!! « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Potassium Sorbatehazard
Dimethicone/PEG-10/15 Crosspolymerhazard
Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamatehazard
Alcohol Denatirritanthazard

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