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Erase Case Boi-ing Concealer Kit by Benefit

Erase Case Boi-ing Concealer Kit

under eye(48)
Variation: LIGHT

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am happy with products, especially the brightening concealer

- Ulta User

my full size brightening concealer (

- Sephora User



i am obsessed with the hydrating concealer for under my eyes, and the airbrush concealer blends in super smooth over my foundation to cover up any blemishes

- Ulta User

i love using the airbrush concealer to clean up my eyebrows and the hydrating one under my eyes

- Sephora User

under eye

good for under eye

this set is great to be able to try all the different concealers - i find the boing one a bit creamier this time and much easier to use, airbrush is amazing and gives really great coverage, and the moisturizing one works great under your eyes if you only have slight dark circles

- Sephora User

the under eye brightener really works

- Sephora User


not creasing

it doesn't flake, or crease, or settle

- Sephora User

no creasing, no slipping, and it lasted

- Sephora User



good coverage and not cakey but creases badly even when set, you get a lot for what you pay for though and it’s a great way to figure out which concealer is better

- Sephora User

i have always just bought cheap concealer from walmart and it's usually way too orange and heavy, and doesn't do it's job

- Sephora User



blend very well but not that covered

- Sephora User

they didn’t blend or cover

- Sephora User
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ulta.com userAugust 23, 2017

This "Eraser" is no joke.... Would Buy Again!

I've had acne for several years and I am always looking for a concealer that covers, lasts all day, and doesn't dry out my skin. With this product, I am able to try several of the Benefit "Boi-ing" concealer products to see which ones I liked.... and I liked them all. Each is perfect for different situations and for when my skin is in different stages of breakout. The brightening is great under the eye. The moisturizing one is perfect for light coverage. The industrial strength concealer is perfect for when I need maximum coverage. The airbrush concealer is perfect for my every day use. 

- ulta.com
Sephora userDecember 1, 2017

Cute Packaging

The packaging is very cute and this is a good way to try out all of their products in benefit's line of concealers. Sadly, I have incredibly dry skin so I thought that trying this out would hydrate my under eyes. It actually accentuated my fine lines under my eyes and did not mix well on top of any liquid foundation I had on underneath. When I tried to spot conceal it clung onto my dry patches and made my flaws stand out even more. All of these products do hydrate and conceal, but they don't mix well with my skin or look good on top of any of my foundations.

- Sephora
sephora userApril 13, 2018


I am blown away!!! Now that i am in my very late 30’s I have had to change my entire makeup and skin care regime! Battling fine lines, uneven skin, acne scarring from when i was younger, and dark circles under my eyes! I have tried so many concealers from Clinique no crease which creased right away, Nars creamy under eye concealer which was so thick and cakey that it accentuated my wrinkles, as well as many others. So on a whim i got this cute little bag to try out the much talked about boing concealers. I tried every single one of them and could not believe how great my eyes looked! No creases, glides on so smooth, doesn’t look cakey and matter of fact it looks like i have no makeup under my eyes! Dark circles gone, fine lines look smooth- and they all work together.. very buildable! You get a good amount of product in this little bag as well so it will last me quite awhile! The space between my eyes is always red and dry- i gave up trying to cover it because it would just look flakey. The industrial covered it right up and now it looks moisturized!! Best concealer out there hands down!!!

- sephora
ulta.com userAugust 18, 2017

Tried all the formulas

I received a free sample of the airbrushed concealer in shade 02 a while back. It was too dark for my fair skin, but I liked the formula enough to try shade 01. I decided on this kit first so that I could try out the different formulas. I was surprised that I LOVE the brightening concealer for undereyes, as it has a slightly peachy tone that color corrects dark circles. No additional color corrector or concealer needed. I use the industrial concealer when I have acne, but the airbrush concealer is enough for most days. The hydrating one doesn't have enough coverage for me, but 3 out of 4 is great for a kit like this! I use my finger to apply, or the ELF concealer brush (the smaller one). I plan to repurchase full sizes of the brightening and airbrush formulas once I use these up.Because the case opens on one end (instead of down the length of the bag), you have to dump everything out to find anything. It's cute and gimmicky but useless. That's ok, I didn't buy it for that anyways.I agree with another reviewer that it is a shame they reduced their number of shades when they reformulated this product (used to be Erase Paste). They used to have another darker shade. Less

- ulta.com
Sephora userMay 6, 2018

A bag filled with MVP when traveling.

I was in a time crunch and searching for a good concealer but could not justify after so many failed attempts to buy them full price. I tried the brightening concealer in my undereye area after a long day and not sleeping well for 3 days I saw that it did the job but was wondering if it could windstand the power effect of time. It was a cold call to say the least. After doing the math and seeing that I had the discount for the most recent VIP sale I decided well it is worth the try if I divide the cost among these products I will be paying far less than drugstore prices. I am glad that I did get the set! I took the industrial strenght to my recent trip to Europe. I am a person that likes multi-tasker when traveling, I can not justify carrying a bag filled with things that are not MVP. That concealer was the MVP in terms of coverage. It lasted me all day and had to do a minor re-touch before going out at night with my hostel roommates. After I came back I have found myself using the hydrating one and it by far the best stick undereye concealer that I have ever tried, why? It does not settle in my undereye lines and wrinkles.! Try it and use the pencil bag for brushes of for other things! You will not regret it. Less

- Sephora

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