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Defined & Refined Brows Kit by Benefit

Defined & Refined Brows Kit


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ulta user
October 10, 2018

Great for brow beginners

While I won't need to buy the full set again I really like everything that came in it. There's a primer for your brows which not only makes the pencil go on smoothly but also stimulates brow growth! This is great if you have naturally sparse brows. I've only used it a week and I definitely have a bit more brow to work with. I'm so happy! It also comes with a measuring stick tool and instructions to help shape your brows evenly. So if you're new to makeup or just struggle to keep them looking even it will help tremendously. There is a cover pencil in the set as well to help sharpen, shape, and even the lines under your brows which is great! I have found it also works well to cover blemishes elsewhere. The brow pencil itself is well pigmented and goes on smoothly and blends great! The case everything comes in is a cute tin which you can of course reuse. I will certainly be repurchasing the primer and brow pencil when I run out.

Sephora user
September 6, 2016

Amazing Value and Quality!

This set is amazing and when I realized I get 4 full sized products for the price of one I knew I had to buy. Benefit kills it as far as brow products are concerned. I would reccomend this particular set for girls with already thick eyebrows. The pencil is very light and goes on very sparingly. Perfect for those of us with bold brows who don't want to overdo it. The highlight is GORGEOUS. beautiful pigment and goes on so nicely. The primer is great. I've never applied a primer before doing my brows but it really works for taming unruly hairs before filling it. ANY of these sets are worth it. Take advantage before they are gone!

Sephora user
January 17, 2017

I love this I have dark brown hair and the color cool darkest color matches perfectly I have sparse brows towards the front for whatever reason but this pencil makes them look the same as the rest of my eyebrows and the primer helps it stay on for longer and the highlight tool makes them look so clean even when I haven't had my brows done in a while. I find the tool useless but if you want all of the products that are in this kit buying it this way is the way to to go so much cheaper and the case is adorable and can be used for other things too user
November 2, 2017

I used the prime I swear it’s make my brow grow faster thicker like a magic and the defender gives you nice natural look stay on the brow and I find the kit is very cheap depending on one product price and the highlight have pinky colour much all skin colour user
April 25, 2017

Only got to use it twice

I bought this and was excited to use it. I really liked all the products - the gel did not come out for awhile... I had to shake it up and twist it many, many times before it appeared. The pencil was the perfect color and perfect amount of pigment - dark enough to do the job, but not so dark that it looked too severe. The problem came the third time I tried to use it. I turned the pencil to get more of the tip out, and it wouldn't turn. I set it down on the table, and the pencil "lead" fell out in tiny pieces, like it had been ground up. So disappointing.

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Community Posts

Profile picture of dakota irwin
dakota irwin
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

i have very thin eyebrows and they’re both different shapes and when i draw them on they’re always uneven and look bad🥺 any tips? edit: i can do my brows and i can fill them in just fine i just need help with the shape and how thin they are

Community Post Like Button1 Likes
Profile picture of Dashi Rizmani
Dashi Rizmani
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Love benefit brows!!!