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Dandelion Box O' Powder Blush by Benefit

Dandelion Box O' Powder Blush

blends well(138)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: 0.12 oz/ 3.4 g
0.12 oz/ 3.4 gDandelion

Top Reviews

staying power


this product honestly helped me feel more beautiful because it's the first product that helped with covering marks on my face and made my foundation last all day

- Ulta User

all my life, i've always used a liquid foundation and was afraid that jane’s makeup would not last the day, but i will tell you that, for me, i have found that using just a bit of the pore refiner with the base powder, the blush in the compact (not included in the kit), the finishing powder and the pomegranate spritz, by the end of the day, i still look fresh and natural like i am not wearing makeup at all

- Janeiredale User


does not have fallout

love this powdery pink blusher and although i do get seduced into buying the latest award winning product of the year in this category, i always end up returning to this little beauty

- Boots User

it's a soft, powdery formula that applies easily and blends well

- Sephora User


blends well

the brush is excellent for blending blush and the color is perfect for a fast flush that goes with lots of looks

- Sephora User

the other thing i find wonderful about this is how well it blends into my skin

- Sephora User



i love the color, it looks flawless and is so light on my skin that it looks like i have no makeup on at all

- Sephora User

i wouldn't recommend for someone who likes a heavy contoured look because this is extremely natural

- Sephora User



it blends well and gives me just the right amount of color for a healthy glow and makes my skin look flawless, i also have very sensitive skin and this product is lightweight and makes my skin feel very silky, love it, love it, love it

- Ulta User

this glides onto the skin like silk and makes your face feel velvety smooth

- Sephora User



this goes on very sheer, it absolutely doesn't leave any evidence of powder on your face

- Sephora User

it isn't exactly blush--too sheer to go on as a genuine rouge--but the most delicate pink all-over-face powder that brightens, warms the skin tone, and makes you look awake and alive

- Viewpoints User
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sephora.com.au userAugust 8, 2018

Everyone raves about this product so I finally gave it a go. I was a little confused by the compact size when it arrived but that didn’t matter once I tried it, I can see why there is so much hype. A little goes a long way, you can build on it and it doesn’t look chunky or interfere with my foundation underneath. The pigment blends beautifully. I use both with a quick bronzer for day to day and over full make up and it’s amazing every time.It also comes with a cute little brush which is also decent quality. Had a tiny bit off fall out but stays in the box and isn’t an issue. 10/10 and my new staple item.

- sephora.com.auMore
Sephora userOctober 22, 2012

Hmm... Previous review was taken down...

So... I'll just have to post it again. Go me.Oh, girls… I really wanted this to work. I cannot begin to even tell you just how disappointed I am in this product. Let’s take it step by step, shall we?“Velvety complexion balm with a feel-good finish.” My skin did feel pretty smooth after I applied this product. I couldn’t understand how you would use this hard, difficult to pull product over make-up without smearing, so I used it as a primer. Feeling my face, it was certainly smooth like velvet as it claims, but it did not “feel-good” on my face. It felt heavy. Also, I should say that the bulk of the “velvet” feeling complexion is a result of the first ingredient: modified corn starch. Incidentally, this is also the ingredient responsible for the “mattifying” claim. But, more bad news: corn starch is bad for your skin! Especially if you have a problem like acne, which feeds on starches in general.“Mattifies and reduces appearance of fine lines and pores.” I can say that it does mattify upon initial application and it does reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. Technically, this claim is 100% accurate… but do you understand how it does those things? Look at the ingredient list: WAX. Have you ever spackled a room? That’s what’s happening here. Your fine lines and pores are being covered with a product containing wax, which then melts due to your body’s heat, and sinks to the lowest places on your face (pores and lines). Maybe I’m wrong, but filling your pores with wax doesn’t sound like a feel good solution, even if it does mask their appearance. In fact, long term use of Dr. Feelgood could clog your pores. Indeed, I had a larger number of whiteheads, pimples, and blackheads than I normally do in areas where I used this. In regards to the mattifying, please see the above paragraph!“Vitamins C and E.” While putting products with awful ingredients on your face is generally regarded as a bad idea, surely putting Vitamins C and E into a product will only do good, right? Wrong. Turns out, there’s only an infinitesimal of either of these vitamins in Dr. Feelgood—well below the level necessary to actually nourish or create a difference. Not only that, but Dr. Feelgood’s packaging won’t keep what little vitamins there are in a stable state for long-term use. Not that I’d advocate long-term use. … Or short-term use.All in all, I would advise anyone considering this product to weigh the potential gains (a better appearance of skin) against the potential losses (poorer quality of skin). Choose wisely. « less

- SephoraMore
Sephora userMarch 7, 2016

Pleasantly Surprised

I purchased this by mistake. I meant to get the back lit filter primer by Becca. For over a year I have been having a major oil issue. There was not a single long wearing foundation or primer that could challenge the oil on my face. This is unfortunate because I hate matte foundations as they feel too heavy for my taste. I was disappointed that I picked the wrong primer having not liked the way this foundation seemed to have very short "play time". It sets super fast and I imagined having it bunch up and patchy foundations with dry spots around my mouth. Nope! To my surprise none of my fears came true. It does set very quickly but It did not bunch up. I used one of my more moisturizing and dewy foundations as I was afraid of the heaviness the primer would cause , expecting it to have a bad reaction between the two products. I was surprised by how beautifully the foundation applied over the foundation. I used a Beauty blender so not to move the product around. My previously dewy foundation set to the most light and gorgeous matte finish I have ever seen. It does not feel tight in any of my dry places. It dramatically camouflaged my pores. My blush, highlight and bronzer apply like a dream which help bring the appearance of healthy skin with a glow. While wearing this in muggy, Texas humid weather it did not budge, no oil, no separation or transferring. It's as if my skin is made of porcelain without looking chalky or powdery. What amazes me is that it seems this product can transform so many of my winter foundations to use for summer. I'm relieved that I have found a product that I can help keep my makeup perfect for my summer wedding. If I have any advice for anyone who purchased this and is not happy with it, it's to experiment with it. If long wearing foundations do not blend or apply on top, try a more luminous or moisturizing formula. Experiment with the product. It's Fantastic! Less

- SephoraMore
sephora userNovember 25, 2012

Sweet & Subtle

Since I am extremely fair, I am using this more as a blush than a highlighter, but can see how it works as both. It is a very soft, pale ballerina pink with subtle shimmer. It is not heavily pigmented, so it takes a couple of sweeps across my cheeks to give me a soft pink flush. I also use it around my temples, nose, and chin to create a nice glow. On the skin, this leaves just a whisper of baby pink with a slightly luminous finish. You can layer it for more color, but it is always going to be light. It can start leaning a little chalky with a heavy application, so be sure to blend. The formula is a finely-milled powder, but it does not fly everywhere with a swirl of the brush. It does have a flowery scent, but that does not transfer to your skin. I am very sensitive to fragrances and this does not bother me at all. I'm not the biggest fan of the cardboard box as it does not seem luxurious and is a little awkward to open. It is also kind of bulky and takes up more room than I'd like in my cosmetics case. But, you do get lots of product for the money. If you are fair and looking for just a hint of pink, this is a great blush and highlighter. For those with a darker complexion, this is probably a highlighter/brightener only. I am really enjoying this for a sweet and natural look. I love this paired with Dior Addict Urban lipstick which is a sheer, pale pink lipstick with soft shimmer. They look like they were made for each other.

- sephoraMore
benefitcosmetics.com.cn userDecember 3, 2014

Favourite Highlighter

High Beam is everything a highlighter should be; opaque, shimmery, very light, and smooth. It is incredibly easy to use, as most Benefit Cosmetic products are (simplicity is key!). I've used other highlighters by Benefit, like Girl Meets Pearl and Watts Up, but I definitely prefer High Beam, it's easier to apply, prettier on, and not overpowering with pigment but reflective of light. A little bit goes a long way, and I love the bottle, the brush is perfect for swiping or dotting a bit on. I find if I put it over a primer and set it with powder, it will stay all day, which is great, and unlike Watts Up, it isn't sticky nor does it make me feel like my face is being weighed down. You can very easily blend it or leave it on heavily. Honestly, if I'm traveling lightly I bring an eyeshadow trio, BB cream, they're real mascara, and high beam. I got a tiny trial size bottle from a kit, and I've had it for 6 months and with everyday use the bottle still isn't empty! I typically put it on after concealer so that I can seal it with a setting powder. I've learned I like putting a dot on each brow bone, a dot above my upper lip, a stripe down my nose, and triangle under my eyes but above/at my cheekbones, like in the diagram I included. (: « less

- benefitcosmetics.com.cnMore

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