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Cheekathon Blush Kit by Benefit

Cheekathon Blush Kit


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4.382% of 661reviewers recommend this product

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Sephora user
April 7, 2016

great blush palette at a great value

I love Benefit's box o powders but could never justify buying them separately because I tend to use so multiple powders on my face and buying them separately just wasn't cost effective. So when they released their holiday palette. I jumped at the chance and I loved having multiple powders but found the packaging bulky and not good for travel or carrying in my purse, which kind of bummed me out. When doing a full face I use most of the powders - coralista on the top of my cheeks as a combo highlighter blush blending into rockitude on my apples and blending it with hoola on the lower part of cheeks to so that the bottom of my cheeks are slightly darker thus making them look lifted (I've also used dandelion on the tops of my cheeks and rockitude below if I'm feeling in a more pink mood then coralista on my apples or as a peachy highlight) and hoola is my go to contour (I have naturally tan skin and rarely have need for bronzer but find this just a couple shades darker than my natural color, making it a perfect contour). I might swirl some sugarbomb over it all to blend. That being said the 3 I really loved and would consider buying on their own if I ran out were hoola ,rockitude, and coralista and I wished I had a deeper slightly pink-bronze to put on the undersides of my cheeks. This palette basically fixes all the problems in that holiday palette - it makes way better use of space by holding full size powders in a sleeker and more user friendly package and it adds Dallas - the exact pinkish bronze i could pair use on the underside of my cheeks and to blend into hoola for contour and drops sugar bomb, which is nice, but I'd gotten a full size of as a gift and didn't really need to use w/ all the other powders (usually when I use sugarbomb I use it on its own) and it has a mirror and brush and all full sizes! It's perfect! My only complaint is that it didn't come out sooner. I've already depotted my holiday palette into a baby z palette to make it more useful and travel friendly (unfortunately cracking some of the powder in the process and causing fallout), so I think I ought to use that up before buying this one, but I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a great blush palette and only wish I waited for this to come out. I hope they don't discontinue it before I can buy it . I should also mention that all the colors also make for a great eye look - I especially like coralista on the lids and hoola in the crease for bronze eye contour or for a rosier look, pair dandelion on the lids with rockitude for some sparkle and dallas in the crease then use Watts Up if you have it (I have it from my holiday palette) under the brow and in the inner corners. Less

Sephora user
April 8, 2016


This pallet is fantastic. I love how everything is full size, pigmented, and blends out super beautifully. For the price you honestly can't beat it. I was confused about the shade Dallas, but it seems that it's a blush as well. Rockatuer is a very retry blush topper, or could be used as a sheer highlight. user
June 17, 2016

Not good quality

When this palette came out at such a great value, I jumped on the bandwagon and bought it ASAP. I could immediately tell that some of the powders felt/looked different that the originals.. I have fair skin and noticed that the Coralista blush in this palette wasn't pigmented at all... it looked like a very shimmery highlight on my fair skin but no color payoff. When I swatched Coralista in store and had it applied during a makeover, it looked totally different. Differences in the other products were less noticeable but I was most excited about Coralista so that was enough to make me return it. The Hoola bronzer seemed the same as original, Dandelion was slightly more pigmented in the palette, Rockateur didn't look good on my skin tone but seemed good quality once you get past the glitter overspray, and Dallas was patchy on me but I can't compare to original. The packaging is ADORABLE and scent is nice, but that just wasn't enough to make me want to keep it. « less

Sephora user
April 11, 2016

I had been wanting to try the Hoola Bronzer for contouring for some time now. It was next in line to try out once I finished my Nars Casino Bronzer (also love). When I seen this FULL SIZE palette just released, I figured why not go all the way in, I have been wanting to add to my blush collection as well. I have used all of the powders in this palette, and they all work very well with each other. They blend very beautifully. The only one I am struggling with finding a use for is Dandelion, because it is such a light pinky color, and my face is a little tanner. I will figure out how to use to make it work with a look. Also, I ended up LOVING Hoola! It goes on so smooth, has really great pigments--perfecting for contouring. I was worried initially it would be too Light, but it is the perfect warm shade. I use it with Dallas, and put Coralista on my apples. I sweep Rockateur all over my cheeks as a finish and it adds just the amount of Sparkle. Fantastic purchase!! I will be purchasing Hoola again by itself, as I have a feeling I will run out soon. « less

Sephora user
January 26, 2017

Great Product and Great Deal

I had never tried the popular Hoola bronzer and this was only a little more, and I got so many more products so I thought I'd try them all out! I love this so much! It has everything you need to bring life back into your face!Hoola adds warmth around your face without looking crazy orange toned. I use it as a contour sometimes.Dallas is my favorite color that I normally wouldn't have tried on its own. It adds a sweet flush of natural color that I love. Sometimes I forgo bronzer and use this instead with a touch of Dandelion on the apples of my cheeks.Dandelion is a sweet pink and Coralista is a sweet coral. They can be mixed to create a new color or you can use Coralista towards the back of your cheek with a pop of dandelion on the apples! So sweet!My only "issue" was with Rockateur, because it had a layer of sparklers on top that made it difficult to get product on your brush. Once you scratch that layer off it is a lot better, but it does have a lot of fine pink glitter in it which isn't my favorite but I still use it on occasion.The 3 blushes are all slightly shimmery, but nothing crazy. Hoola is matte. Rockateur is very shimmery and pigmented.The smell is a delicate floral, and I personally like it. If you don't love the smell, don't worry it doesn't linger like some makeup.The brush is soft yet coarse. It definitely kicks up a lot of product, but it works decent enough. At first I didn't like it for blush, but using it in circular motions actually worked really well. You can also use it for contour; however, I prefer to lay the product down with this brush and then use a densely packed fluffy brushes to blend it upwards.Takes up a decent amount of room, but I like it for travel because it has everything in the one place. « less

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