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Cheek Stars Reunion Tour Palette by Benefit

Cheek Stars Reunion Tour Palette

pigmentation: pigmented
Variation: Dallas, Sugarbomb, Cookie, Georgia, Hoola
Dallas, Sugarbomb, Cookie, Georgia, HoolaHoola, Sugarbomb, Georgia

Top Reviews


blends well

it blends great and the highlighter is definitely my new favorite

- Ulta User

the colors on this palette blend so nicely and you can do a light contour or deep contour

- Ulta User



i usually been buying the brow products and was always hesitant to buy the rest but i'm really happy about how pigment it is, how the buildup is great, and the tiny brush really help create the look i'm going for

- Ulta User

the pigments are so beautiful and very bendable

- Ulta User
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ulta userMarch 16, 2020

All star palette!!!

So this product stunts! I wasn't sold on Georgia until I realized you can use it as a highlighter, not a bronzer. I just transformed into a sultry summer glow with a beautiful cheek bone of blush & shimmer. These bronzers are the best because they don't turn you orange. I used the base of cc+ cream from it with translucent it powder to set & this on top.... I look hot! I went into ulta looking for the pallets & tried it on in store after getting all my proper brushes -nailed it! It's important to use brushes that are for foundation, powder, blush/bronzer to get the look you want without being caked or heavy.

- ulta
ulta userMarch 23, 2020

My First Bronzer, Blush, Highlighter from Benefit!

I'm in the hunt for a good contour palette and a new blush and this was just so perfect! The highlighter was just a plus! Worth the money! (Getting 5 for the price of two!). I usually been buying the brow products and was always hesitant to buy the rest but I'm really happy about how pigment it is, how the buildup is great, and the tiny brush really help create the look I'm going for! I used the morphy setting spray to help set it and looks so wonderful! I recommend it! You can easily achieve a nice daytime to nighttime look with this set ❤️

- ulta
ulta userMarch 16, 2020

Multitasking Palette

This is actually one of my favorite palettes Benedit has done so far. It is so versatile and doesn't just have to be a blush and bronzer palette. Dallas could be used as a bronzer, sugarbomb can be used as an eyeshadow quad(even though it also makes for a great blush), cookie of course is a great highlighter and can be used as a shadow as well to give a little light to eyes, Georgia is a beautiful peach blush and then Hoola caramel is a beautiful contour. For those who think the shades are terrible , maybe its not for you but the palette is very well thought out and the shades do have great pigmentation. I use this in my every day makeup routine and I have one for my pro kit. Definitely reccomend

- ulta
sephora userMarch 03, 2020

Disappointed, yet not surprised..

I already know certain people are gonna view this as "not helpful" but i don't care. I'm writing this review on behalf of everyone who was left out of this launch. It took Benefit YEARS to expand their bronzer shades only to not put them in ANY of the face palettes. That's why this is one star. If you're darker than a brown paper bag, save your coin and check out a brand that was inclusive BEFORE it was a trend. Even the brown skin woman on the packaging can't use this face palette LOL. This is a complete joke.

- sephora
ulta userMarch 23, 2020


Best thing EVER 😍 all perfectly pigmented to where its buildable, blend-able, and not too intense (unless you want it to be). I use sugar bomb as not only blush, but also a really beautiful natural eyeshadow look. Works on any skin tone too, so I love it as MUA for my kit. So perfect, good job Benefit!

- ulta

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