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Cheek Parade Bronzer & Blush Palette by Benefit

Cheek Parade Bronzer & Blush Palette

limited edition
pigmentation: sheer
benefit cosmeticsBuy ($58)

Top Reviews


blends well

everything is beautiful, blends like a dream

- Birchbox User

love love love this product , besides it being so affordable for all the full size hoola products they're so cute and super easy to blend

- Sephora User



it's perfectly pigmented for my skin type as a sheer blush formula or blush topper

- Sephora User

rockateur is sheer with a slight sheen so i use it more so as a highlight on my brow bone, inner corner of my eyes and above my cheekbone

- Sephora User
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sephora userDecember 27, 2017

My go-to blushes and bronzers

I absolutely love this and it has become a staple in my morning routine. HOOLA: Beautiful color, however it tends to be too dark for me to use as a bronzer. However, when I do an easy sun-kissed look, I'll use it on my eyelids in lieu of eyeshadow to add some extra dimension to the look and it really does add to the look. Blends well, color is nicely pigmented. HOOLA LITE: My ultimate HG bronzer, I thought it would be too light but it came out perfect for me! Blends well, nicely pigmented, has a nice golden-but-not-orange glow to it. GALIFORNIA: Beautiful summery blush, though I use it all year round. I do have to be a bit careful as it is very pigmented and bright for my face, but a light brush of it onto my cheeks gives a really pretty color. DANDELION: My HG blush and the reason I bought this pallete. It's a very lovely natural pink that on me, mimics the natural pinkness of my cheeks, chin, and tip of my nose that my foundation covers. Every natural makeup look I do incorporate this as well as summery looks where I use Galifornia, as I generally use it on more than my cheeks to create a more natural placement of color. ROCKATEUR: This one doesn't come off onto the brush as easily and so sometimes it does take a bit more work. It's a pretty color and if you want a metallic blush it would be perfect. I use it as a highlighter for some of my more full-makeup bronzed looks and it's quite pretty, but it doesnt really fit into my usual color pallets so it ultimately doesn't get much use. BRUSH: Don't buy this for the brush. You could use the brush for Rockateur to use as a highlight if you really needed to, but the brush is like many other brushes in otherwise wonderful sets and is not the ideal tool. No matter; you buy it for the colors!

- sephora
sephora userMay 15, 2017

Awesome new blush palette

If you are new to benefit then perhaps that's where the negative reviews are coming from. Ditch the brush that comes with it, just do it cause it sucks and benenfit is married to that brush. It shows up in any blush/bronzer product. Also know that it isn't super pigmented, which is why I love it. Beautiful blendable, buildable colors for the face. Layer galifornia or rockatwur over your dandelion. Hoola light is a great alternative for all us pale gals who have to use the slightest of hand for hoola. Absolutely no regrets of purchasing, and strongly recommended it to many other people. The mirror and lack of plastic protection mean zilch to me as I don't ever use a mirror in a compact, I use a full face mirror. Minor issues that don't need criticized or complained about. Y'all fussing over a mirror must have nothing else going on in your life.

- sephora
sephora userMay 20, 2017

Impulse buy but good decision!

I had a lot of opinions of this palette before I even bought it. One was for some reason $60 seemed like a lot of money on this particular product. Second, the only Benefit product I had ever tried was a sample size of Hoola and hated it! It was soooo pigmented that I could never get it blended out enough on my pale skin so I looked ridiculous. And third, I really didn't believe I was getting all full sized pans. I finally decided 6 items for $60 was a good deal and if I really hated it, I could return it. A deal is an understatement! You really are getting 5 full size products in one palette, essentially getting 3 for free plus a brush! I didn't think I would like the brush but I use it more than my regular bronzing brush. HOOLA LITE IS LIFE!!! I use it everyday! Much more color on my face than my initial impression of it in the pan. Maybe when I am tan in the summer, regular HOOLA will work for me but I am still afraid to use it again. GALifornia is also extremely pigmented! Like, seriously be careful when applying. Dandelion works really well on my skin tone, very natural with a slight highlight to it. Rockstar has NO PIGMENTATION. I've swatched it on my arm, back of hand, eyelid, cheek... Nothing. I kind of use it as a highlighter but I still have to use the coverFX illuminating setting spray to even make it show up as a highlighter. I still give it a 5 star rating. Overall, this was my favorite purchase so far in 2017! I use it everyday. Small enough to be able to travel with it, but it is all full size! Very happy with Benefit! I am light, neutral skin tone with all over redness. I wear UD Naked Skin 3.25 and MUFE Y245.

- sephora
benefitcosmetics.com userApril 7, 2017


Absolutely amazing palette, everything a pale lady needs and more! I took a bit of a gamble with this product as I didn't swatch before purchase, but my its paid off. Fantastic value for money, I think it'll last forever too. I mainly purchased it to try Hoola Lite and Galifornia, I'd also meant to try Dandelion for a while too- there isn't a single product that I don't love in this palette. Pigmentation is fantastic, blends like a buttery, sweet scented dream and staying power is so on point I can definitely fake it till I make it through a 13 hour shift! So much love, I adore this palette- thank you Benefit!Now to find a neutral lip product to complement all looks that can be achieved... 

- benefitcosmetics.com
ulta userOctober 10, 2018

Disappointing quality

I was very disappointed by this product. First off, both of the bronzers in this palette are great and I have no complaints about them except that Hoola original is too dark for my pale skin. The blushes are what make this palette so disappointing. All three blushes swatch beautifully but when you try to apply them with a brush, there is no pigment. I have very pale skin so the fact that no pigment shows up from these blushes is astonishing. I also got a palette that has a sticker on the front covering a misprinted name. It looks so tacky and not what I would expect from a palette this price. Maybe I got an old palette which would explain the bad quality, but I do not care to exchange for a different one. I would recommend that you pass on this palette as it is not worth it just for the two bronzers.

- ulta

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