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Brow Styler Multitasking Pencil & Powder For Brows by Benefit

Brow Styler Multitasking Pencil & Powder For Brows

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Benefit's Brow Styler Eyebrow Pencil & Powder Duo is a 2-in-1 wax-pencil & powder duo. This multitasking pencil & powder is all you need to create 3 essential eyebrow looks!

Key Benefits:

  • Precise Application
  • Volumizing
  • Longlasting

Ratings & Reviews

4.590% of 482reviewers recommend this product

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ulta user
October 31, 2019

Difficult to use

I thought I'd love this product, but, unfortunately after using it for a couple weeks, I don't. I do love the precision of the wax pencil but the powder comes out too quickly, makes a mess and the excess falls underneath your actual brow. It's best if you tap the powder wand on a tissue first to remove the excess but why should you have to do that? Plus, it is a waste of product. I love the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil with the spoolie so I'll stay with it. Would love to have the wax pencil combined with a spoolie...

sephora user
October 28, 2019

I usually hate doing my brows as it always takes a good chunk of my time in the morning and they never turn out right. Benefit has made me fall in love with my brows again! The precise, angled end allows you to shape your brown with ease without depositing too much product. The powder end helps fill in sparse areas giving a full eyebrow effect. It takes me 3 minutes to do my brows. The best part is they look natural! I am definitely switching to this product forever.

sephora user
October 17, 2019


Ok, this is my new favorite for FAST brows. As in, I don't have time to pull out an angled brush and be super duper precise - I just need them filled in ever so slightly so that they have a more defined shape. You will, however, probably still need a brow spoolie. The powder applies cleanly to the hairs and gives them a very nice defined, yet soft look around the edges - very natural compared to the look you get from a creme/gel/pomade. It's perfect for everyday errands or work, and if you have more sparse areas or want to fill in the margins more precisely, the waxy pencil is perfect. The pencil isn't too soft, and has just the right amount of dryness to it that allows pigment to adhere to your skin. The powder can adhere unevenly to certain areas when first applied, so I use a spoolie to comb my brow through and it settles in beautifully. If only this product had some way of incorporating a spoolie into it, then it'd be truly all I need for an everyday brow! My previous go-to for fast brows was the gimme brow, but this just looks 5x better and is just as fast. I wouldn't recommend this if you're looking for perfectly carved brows, as I'd still reach for a creme/gel/pomade for that... but I love how handy and convenient this is for daily use. The color 3.5 matches perfectly with my beige-blonde balayaged hair. My hair is shadow rooted to blend in with my naturally black hair, and it looks very agreeable and natural. I received this product complimentary for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own.

sephora user
October 25, 2019

eyebrows to to turn heads

Obsessed. I have lusted after good eyebrows since I was a teenager and I think this product is finally going to give me the eyebrows of my dreams. Benefit truly knows their brows! Love how this 2in1 thickens and shapes my eyebrows like no other. I thought I needed gel to get this look but this product really gives gel a run for its money and I feel like it’s better for my eyebrows. I’ve been skeptical I lose more hair with the gels. The color is almost exact to my dark brownblack hair. I have Indian skin tone and it looks great on me. Lasts all day! I will definitely be purchasing soon!! Maybe my favorite new makeup product! I would add one addition if they try to improve this and give it a styling brush!

sephora user
October 30, 2019


Love love love this brow 2 in one. Fastest brow I’ve ever done. The color is perfect for me and finding a dark neutral brown is not that easy! Great pigmentation, goes on super smooth and thin. The powder and precise applicator are perfect for filling in any holes with an airy feel, not heavy or waxy. Powder is also ideal for the sparse inner brow corners, mine are uneven and this fixes that. Brows looking thick and healthy but not too dark or overdone. Super happy with this, wearing it daily

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