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24 Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel by Benefit

24 Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel



An invisible brow gel that shapes, sets, and locks in brow color for 24 hours.

Key Benefits:

  • Volumizing
  • Longlasting
  • Precise Application

Ratings & Reviews

4.486% of 866 reviewers recommend this product

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sephora user
January 11, 2018

Love it!

I love this stuff. I apply brow powder or gel or even pencil depending on my mood and this goes over all of it very well. Eyebrows are waterproof and last all day. Even through sweating at the gym. I really can’t live without it. I have sparse brows and must have them filled in at all times. If I happen to not wash them off before bed I have a bit of flakiness in the morning but that’s the only time it flakes.

ulta user
October 10, 2018

A game-changer!

My 42 year old brows have suddenly decided to do this swoop up on the outer ends, not unlike Grandpa Munster. I tried a brow wax pencil to help them lay flat (I use Anastasia brow pomade in Ebony, but needed something to help tame) and the wax wasn't strong enough. This, though... THIS is incredible. It applies neatly, you have a lot of control and precision over the brush. It sets quickly and my wacky brows stay in place ALL day. It was more than I typically spend on any cosmetic item, but it is worth it.

Sephora user
October 7, 2018

White flakes looks like dandruff

I wanted to LOVE this product sooo much and at first I was obsessed. It's clear, goes on smooth, the brush is fantastic, and it gives an excellent hold. BUTTT, about 4 hours later, you look like you came out of an ice age. There's crusty white flakes on my eyebrows and it looks like super thick dandruff. It feels and looks exactly like the effect hair gel or hair spray would have on hair. I was walking around school looking absolutely ridiculous until a class mate had to actually point it out while sitting next to me in class. Now I can't even use it anymore :( user
July 13, 2016

Stays Put!

I purchased this on recommendation from my best friend and I have fallen in love with it! After filling my brows in as usual, I use the longer bristles to set the thicker part of my brows (the inner half) and the shorter bristles to set the tail end of my brows as they are quite sparse. This stays put all day and doesn't budge even when I run my finger over them. My brows feel uniform and do not feel stiff (I have an intense RBF so this is great for a frowner like myself). It does have a strong alcohol scent out of the tube, but you can't smell it once it's on. This is the perfect brow-tamer, but be aware that it is a clear gel, so if your eyebrows need filling in then you must do that before applying. 

Sephora user
December 12, 2019


This is the BEST eyebrow gel I've ever used in my entire life! I had the Milk fiber gel and it would just make my eyebrows move around and not make my hairs stay put. I also have the Colourpop brow boss and it also can't take my eyebrows. But this one...oh my, this eyebrow gel is 100% the best!! I have thick and really curled hairs specially at the tail of the brow and this eyebrow gel is able to tame the hairs, keeps them in place all day, even until the next day. I woke up from falling asleep the night before and my eyebrows are intact! How is that even possible!? Also, I was checking to see if I would get the flakes people were talking about and I didn't. I use it with and without an eyebrow pencil and didn't saw any white flakes so it's perfect. I also put the product on my bf eyebrows since he has a lot and I wanted to fluff them a little bit and he was wow by it. In conclusion this is the best eyebrow gel out there, if you're looking to control and tame the hairs, long lasting and maybe a bit of fluffiness, the Benefit brow setter shaping & setting gel has you 100% covered. Less

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Community Posts

Profile picture of Kelley Jacobs
Kelley Jacobs
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

What are y’all’s recommendations for brow gel? I currently use the clear brow gel by elf, but there’s not a lot of product and I feel wasteful not using the clear mascara at the other end. I want something that’s going to hold my brow hairs in place (I like natural, bushy brows) but I don’t need a lot of extra product because my brows are already pretty full and dark (hence why I was using a clear gel). I would prefer other recommendations besides Glossier Boy Brow because I don’t want to place an order with them for just one product. So preferably something I could pick up at Ulta, Sephora, or the drugstore. Thanks!! #brows #browgel

Profile picture of Hunter Ansorge
Hunter Ansorge
Sensitive Skin IconSensitive Skin

I use a tinted brow gel from Benefit, which I love, but they do have clear as well!

Profile picture of Logan Marusak
Logan Marusak
Sensitive Skin IconSensitive Skin

#seekingadvice I need a brow gel that will last all day. I use the Great Lash Clear Mascara but it doesn’t keep the shape of my brow. Any recommendations on a long lasting brow gel?

Profile picture of Taylor Holland
Taylor Holland
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

This works great for keeping your brow shape.

Profile picture of Practically Tabitha
Practically Tabitha
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Does anyone have any eyebrow tips to make your brows stay in tact all day? :))

Community Post Like Button2 Likes
Profile picture of Renee White
Renee White
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Benefit brow gel! My absolute favorite.