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Glitter Glue by Ben Nye
Ben Nye

Glitter Glue


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i had expected a better result from ben nyeã¢â‚¬â¦ the sealer dries hard and burns on sensitive skin and did not do a good job sealing anything and especially glitterã¢â‚¬â¦waste of money

- Camerareadycosmetics User

i had expected a better result from ben nye… the sealer dries hard and burns on sensitive skin and did not do a good job sealing anything and especially glitter…waste of money

- Camerareadycosmetics User
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ebay.com userMarch 31, 2018

made skin on my arm red/ "NOT for use in immediate EYE area"

after buying a glitter tattoo kit with dried up glue, i ordered a bottle of ben nye glitter glue. i have purchased many of their stage make up products for photographic purposes and been happy with the result. i didn't have luck with this product though. the glitter tattoos that i tried on my forearm looked terrible. the detail for the tattoos was not great (some parts didn't hold much glitter at all...looked blotchy and weird) and it actually made the skin around where i had applied the glue red and itchy. i ended up taking off the tattoos shortly after with make up remover. i doubt this glue would do the job of other glues (i have had glitter tattoos stay on for a week before) and i won't be using it on my skin due to the allergic reaction that i had. i do not recommend this product, especially if you are going to use it on your face. i had read numerous reviews about people using this product on their eyelids and having it burn their eyes...yikes! it says on the bottle: "NOT FOR USE IN IMMEDIATE EYE AREA". be careful! Less

- ebay.com
camerareadycosmetics.com userApril 19, 2017

Glitter glue

Lasted all night, flaked a little towards the end but it was understandable since I was dancing and smiling a good amount throughout the night. Exceeded expectations and dried reasonably fast so layering and packing on glitter was aw some. Waited about 45 minutes for a second layer and it held as good as the first 

- camerareadycosmetics.com
camerareadycosmetics.com userJune 28, 2018


I received my Glue today and immediately put it to work! Love it!!! Like I’ve tried so many others & this one completely exceeded my expectations! I’ll forever use this one!!!! It dries quickly so work fast, but I’m very pleased! 

- camerareadycosmetics.com
camerareadycosmetics.com userDecember 8, 2013

Highly recommend

Used this glue with Ben Nye sparkler for a performance. The glue was very easy to apply, just dipped a makeup brush in it and then dipped it into the glitter to apply on face. Very easy to work with and once dried, did not budge through 5 hours of wear. 

- camerareadycosmetics.com
camerareadycosmetics.com userAugust 24, 2016

Love it!!!!!!

I haven't officially used it on a client yet but I did swatch some glitter with it and it is AMAZING!!! it feels just like water and is not sticky at all, the glitters stayed on my hand for a while and I am very satisfied with this product. Would buy again 

- camerareadycosmetics.com

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