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Final Seal Matte Sealer by Ben Nye
Ben Nye

Final Seal Matte Sealer




Key Benefits:

  • Longlasting

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4.586% of 279reviewers recommend this product

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November 5, 2016

Best finishing spray

I have VERY oil skin, so after about an hour I usually look like I've bobbed for apples in a tub filled with olive oil and my make up has slid right off my face. This keeps me matte but doesn't take away the "dewy look" of my highlighter. My make up stays on all day long without me having to reapply a dozen times. I highly recommend this product! user
November 11, 2017

Hands Down The Best Setting Spray

I have very oily skin and most setting sprays do not help my makeup last. However, Ben Nye's Final Seal is a godsend. If I am going to a professional or formal event, this is my go-to setting spray because I know my makeup will last all day or night. I also like that CRC guarantees that we are getting genuine products and not fake products from other vendors. Also, the price is really great compared to other vendors! user
June 5, 2017


I was very excited about getting this Ben Nye final seal to set my make up. It's starting to get humid and hot. My makeup is just melting off. The first time I used it, I was standing at the bus stop on a humid morning an I was sweating. I took out a little compact mirror and handkerchief an wiped a little sweat off my cheek and my makeup just peeled off like dry skin. I had a huge white patch on my face where there was no make up. I looked ridiculous. I was waiting for the bus to go to work an now I looked like an idiot. I had to wipe the rest of my make up off. Some of it was so hard to get off an other parts peeled off in gummy little balls like an egg white mask. It was hideous. I thought maybe I had done something wrong so, I decided to give it another try a few days later. Same thing happened. I had read great things about this product an was conflicted about spending $20 on it, but decided it would be worth it to have my make up stay put all day like I had read that it should do. TOTAL CRAP,,, I'm really disappointed that I wasted 20 bucks. I should've stuck with the elf makeup setter for 4 bucks. It's not great but atleast it doesn't peel off and make me look like a clown. If I had bought this for my wedding day, which was one of the advertising suggestions, I'd be super mad. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. If I could leave negative stars I would. « less user
September 14, 2017

Love this product !

I have super oily skin and this sealer keeps my makeup from sliding off my face . It's great for everyday or special events where you really need your makeup to stay looking amazing all day . Even when doing something where you sweat it really seals the makeup on . user
April 26, 2018

Makeup Stays Put!

When you need makeup to stay put - this stuff is for you. It can be drying so proper skin prep is a must when working with dry skin.

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