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oilyOily Skin

Hi! So I’m trying to find products to better help my foundation stay on and stay matte. I have very oily skin and have tried so many different foundations and have tried mattifying primers too. They either make me breakout or they just flat out don’t work. I’ve even tried the IL Makiage ‘find your perfect shade’ foundation, it’s better for summer and when I’m more tan, but it most definitely didn’t live up to its promise of staying even after using a mattifying primer. I’m also trying to look for products that aren’t crazy expensive.

Amira Stephens
oilyOily Skin
I LOVE this primer! ALSO if you want to go the extra mile use Milk of Magnesia before it; works like a charm!

Stay Matte Primer

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Stephanie Garcia
oilyOily Skin

has anyone tried the il makiage foundation? if so, what are your thoughts? if you’re closer to my skin tone pls tell me what shade you’re in too bc i’ve taken the quiz a couple times to see if its accurate and it gives me a different foundation each time.

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Jessie Boyd
dryDry Skin

Has anyone tried the Il Makiage foundation? How did it work for you? (Esp. If you have dry skin)

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