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Profile picture of Stephanie Felt
Stephanie Felt
DryDry Skin
ISO RECOMMENDATIONS for a good not black eyeliner for drawing a fox eye, like the Bella Hadid type trend where it goes into and past the inner corner. I’ve tried my black liquid liner but it smudges so fast and I’m very pale so I think I want something not so intense and maybe something with more staying power a crayon or gel formula? I’m Not sure, very open to tips! Thank you 🥰 #eyeliner #recommendations #foxeye #trend #help #makeup #seekingadvice #sos #beautytips #discussion
Profile picture of Channy Monahan
Channy Monahan
DryDry Skin
This stuff is amazing because it lasts all day long and the consistency is amazing aswell
Profile picture of Kellyn Montgomery
Kellyn Montgomery
DryDry Skin
Right now I’m using Bella full coverage foundation... I have used born this way and it before looking for something new! #dry #fullcoverage
Profile picture of Grace
DryDry Skin
Hey girlie I personally loooove the nars radiant long wear. I remember I died when I first tried it. I am now too poor to buy it again bc I am a broke college student LOL but my skin PEAKED when I had that stuff.