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Reilly Jones
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#seekingadvice I need help finding a product/concealer to cover dark under eye circles. I’ve been using a night cream by Mario B for a few months but I haven’t found it to be making a difference other than moisturizing

Alana Roberts
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Or shape tape works wonders! I also have large dark circles

Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

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ThaoNghi Pham
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Tip: if you have a member ship with Sephora, you can get a birthday gift!!! (Even if it’s not your b-day!)

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Ashley Rhodes
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Foundation help! So I was using a few drugstore foundations and I noticed that almost all of them would a) just create a sheer film on my face despite them being full coverage or b) go on with pretty good coverage but as soon as I go to contour with a brush or use any kind of brush on my face, the bronzer or whatever I’m using would go on, but the coverage of the foundation would go away. Like I could see my dark spots or scars underneath. I tried resolving this with a primer, but it still does it. I’ve tried using my beauty blender wet, dry, and just spritzing it with rose water spray. I even went back to my it! your skin but better cc cream bc I used to love the coverage and finish with it but it it still does it and I know it didn’t when I loved it 1 year ago. Sorry for the novel but I just can’t figure out how to fix it

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