Moisturizing Eye Bomb by belif

Moisturizing Eye Bomb

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it really gives elasticity realizing wrinkles under eye area

- Sephora User



helped reduce puffiness and helped with fine lines

- Sephora User

those fine lines are gone

- Sephora User
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sephora userFebruary 04, 2018


I went into Sephora not knowing exactly what kind of eye cream I needed. I had been noticing a lot more fine lines around my eyes, which were becoming very obvious and looked even worse once I applied concealer (I have a few different concealers to play with). Note that i always use moisturizers with SPF and take good care of my skin. Anyways, I asked the person who was helping me for somethinng to reduce fine lines, and she told me that what I needed was a better moisturizer for the eye area, those wrinkles were not due to age, but to dryness. She recommended a few products and I went for this one, and I am so glad I did!!! She was right, it was all dryness. Those fine lines are gone! My skin looks plump and healthy. Well worth the money, plus a very tiny amount of product goes a long way.

sephora userMarch 16, 2018

I have been using this for months and are just getting around to typing a deserved review. I went into my local Sephora one day desperate for relief from itchy, flaking and stinging/burning dry sensitive skin (between lid and brow line) on the top of both eyes. I said i didn't want any anti aging or harsh eye products. Just something that will help the issue at hand. She gave me a sample of this and another to try at home. Upon applying this to my eye area while there i was so happy as there was NO stinging and felt soothing and calm. Got home and used only this and after 3-4 days (morning and night) all was good and back to normal!! This is truly a LOVELY and SIMPLE eye moisturizer!! I will never be without it!! NO skin reactions (no milia)!! I purchased the full size after finishing the sample and it is worth the price!! A little goes a LONG way and so will last a while!! No problems using concealer either.

sephora userMarch 26, 2018

So in love with this cream!!

I am 41 and have dry skin. I also have fine lines around eyes and that no products can seem to help. I tried Lancôme, Clinique, It comestics, Estée Lauder and even La Mer eye cream!!! And none of them seem to help the dry and fine lines around my eyes. I’ve accepted it as part of aging until I received a sample packet of this wonderful item! The very first time I put it on, I could immediately see and feel the change around my eyes!!! It looked sooo hydrated and fine lines has definitely decreased!! It’s like my eyes were living in desert and it finally received the rain it’s been waiting forever!!! I squeezed every last bit of the sample and ordered a full size bottle! This is so much more affordable than the other crazy high end products I’ve tried and I got amazing results! I am a huge fan and would recommend to people who suffer from dry skin like me. I’m beginning to think that my fine lines around my eyes were due to the dryness. And this cream definitely helps to hydrate them!

sephora userApril 24, 2018

Gave me eye creases!

I had high hopes for this eye cream because I also use the moisturizer that goes with it. However, after 2 weeks' use, I noticed deep eye creases that look like wrinkles. Since this product has no retinol, I'm not sure what could have caused it, but I am VERY upset about it. I read a few other reviews that mention this. Now I have more issues to fix, thanks to this cream. I would suggest to avoid, or at least use a very small amount to test it. I am planning on complaining to the company for not warning about this side effect - with other reviews, it should be taken seriously. I never give bad, or any, reviews, but I feel so strongly about this because of the damage it has caused under my eyes.

sephora userApril 17, 2018

Just moisturize please

This is exactly what I was looking for in an eye cream. I know I have wrinkles, dark circles, etc. but I just want a simple moisturizer. When my eyelids (especially from lid to brow) are dry, itchy and getting red, this is all my sensitive skin needs. I couldn’t care less about my aging looks when I don’t feel good, I just want my healthy late forties skin back! Been using this day and night for a couple of months now with no problems. Thanks you Belif for keeping it simple.


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Polysorbate 60hazard
PEG-10 Rapeseed Sterolhazard
Citrus Aurantifolia Oilhazard
Butylene Glycolacne
PEG-100 Stearateacnehazard