Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream by belif

Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream

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i am pretty young still so my concern is more about preventing wrinkles rather than improving their appearance, and this feels like a great cream for this purpose

- Sephora User

it does hydrate skin very well that in my case even helped to smooth some fine wrinkles

- Ulta User



most importantly - you get what this product is advertised as - an ultra gentle moisturizing eye bomb that is perfect for plumping up fine lines by filling in those areas with ultra moisturizing

- Sephora User

it hydrated my under eyes beautifully it took away my fine lines from looking so plump

- Sephora User
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Finally found my favorite

I have extremely sensitive eyes, not the skin around eyes but eyeballs! EVERYTHING I try under my eyes irritates and makes them burn...except Belif moisturizing eye bomb! One of the awesome sales people gave me a sample , enough for a week so I could test it. I love this stuff, it goes on and soaks in very easily, no greasy shine, soothes and feels great on the eye area. It really does last all day, under eye skin looks better, less dry, helps to plump up wrinkles. A little goes a long way so even though it's a little pricey it will last you a long time! userMay 28, 2020

Love it!

This is my favorite eye cream! I'm in my mid 20"s and had never really used an eye cream before, just regular moisturizer. This helps plump the skin under my eyes when is starting to get some fine lines. It's extremely moisturizing which I need because I have dry skin. I'm very happy with this product, I also have sensitive skin and have never had a problem with this product. 

Sephora userJune 15, 2020

excellent moisturizer!

This product was a pleasure to receive/review. It’s very lightweight and absorbs into the skin easily. It’s not oily. And yet, you can definitely tell your skin has better hydration after wearing it. My makeup sits better on my skin and my eyes crease slightly less since the skin is more full of moisture. NOT removing wrinkles, but definitely making them less visible. I had a minor reaction to one of the ingredients; I was using a other eye product before this one that also gave me a reaction, so I need to compare the two to see what the cause is. It’s definitely nothing major, and probably is only happening thanks to seasonal allergies causing general irritation. Just wanted to make sure I was 100% honest, but I believe the issue here is my skin and not the product itself. userMay 27, 2020

A really smooth and effective eye cream

I honestly never thought of using eye cream until I receive this product. I figured since don't have noticeably dry skin around my eyes that it wasn't something that I needed in my skincare routine. Well, I got the trial size and let's just say that after trying this I am glad that did-now I know you don't need to have dry skin on your eyes to see the benefits of using a moisturizing eye cream. The texture of this is smooth and easy to apply, and it doesn't irritate my eyes (I have very sensitive eyes). I put it on at night and in the morning I notice that those little fine lines are reduced and it also seems to give me a better result when I apply my eye makeup. I would definitely recommend this. userJune 8, 2020

Irritating to my Skin

I do love belif products, so I almost feel bad leaving a negative review. The product appears it would be hydrating and found it is also a great product to leave in a makeup fridge. I have tried this product on several occasions as it is highly recommended. For some reason, this eye cream irritates my skin. I've tried to determine what causes it, but am still unsure. If you have used Ole Henrikson banana eye cream and had an issue with that, you will likely have the same problem with this eye cream. The irritation begins as a burning feeling shortly after application and overnight the skin becomes red, puffy, and irritated. It was so drying that it actually creates wrinkles and peeling! As mentioned, I attempted to use this on several occasions to determine if it was an issue with it being used in combination with other products, or just an issue for me and this particular product. I've determined my dry skin just doesn't get along with this product. I wish I had pictures to share but refuse to try to put this on my eyes again! Less


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or Cetyl Alcohol 鯨蠟醇, 棕櫚醇, 十六醇, 16醇, ...acneirritant
Butylene Glycol 丁二醇, 1, 3-丁二醇acne
Citronellol 香茅醇hazard
Limonene 檸檬油精, 柑橘皮粹取, 苧烯hazard
PEG-40 Stearate PEG-40 硬脂酸酯hazard
Cetearyl Alcohol 棕櫚醇, 鯨蠟硬脂醇acneirritant
Hydrogenated vegetable oil 氫化植物油acneirritant

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