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Under Eye Brightening Corrector by BECCA

Under Eye Brightening Corrector

under eye(934)
coverage: low coverage
Variation: Light to Medium
Light to MediumMedium to Deep

Top Reviews

under eye

good for under eye

i've used several correcting colors to try to eliminate the discoloration under my eyes, and this is the first corrector i've used that truly neutralizes

- Sephora User

this is definitely my hg undereye product

- Sephora User



i'm 36 and this is hydrating

- Sephora User

best of all, it is non-drying

- Sephora User



all i use on my face is the bareminerals complexion rescue and then dab a teeny tiny amount of the becca brightener in the corner of my eye along the circles and wow

- Sephora User

this under eye brightening corrector fits very well into my low-maintenance, light coverage beauty routine, making me look awake and alert after a night crammed with homework

- Sephora User



it feels like a silky light cream and glides to your skin to reveal that awakened vibrant look

- Sephora User

it feels like a silky light cream and glides to your skin to reveal that awakened vibrant look

- Sephora User

staying power


it goes on smoothly, looks natural, stays on all day, and even survives my trips to the gym and horse back riding

- Ulta User

it has major staying power, like all day and then a trip to the gym staying power

- Sephora User


blends well

with a natural shade, this concealer blends flawlessly with your skin tone

- Sephora User

blends right in and you cant tell i am wearing anything at all

- Ulta User

color correction

color correcting

i've tried numerous under eye color correctors, and this is the best

- Sephora User

this product is amazing and really makes a huge difference in color correcting dark circles under the eye

- Sephora User


not creasing

no creasing at all

- Ulta User

it doesn't crease, stays put and feels really nice

- Sephora User



i have genetic dark circles around my eyes and my skin is thinning due to ageing and this product is the best to brighten up my eyes without settling in the fine lines and without looking cakey, yet providing a natural and radiant effect

- Cult Beauty User

it is light weight and melts into my skin

- Ulta User



set with a tiny bit of powder (i found that the hourglass ambient lighting powder is a beautiful combo), and you're good to keep a natural glow or build on & go crazy

- Sephora User

it is buildable and very brightening but never unnatural (regardless of lighting)

- Sephora User


low coverage

i use it several ways, 1) i wear it alone, over a light lotion, very lightly applied to touch up the dark circles, any redness or age spots, 2) i first apply my day makeup, a cc cream w/light coverage or laura gellar's cc powder & top it off w/becca's corrector along w/some eyeliner, mascara & lip gloss; it works well w/the light makeup to eliminate my dark circles & touch up the dark hollows around my eyes as well as as creating a simple day routine i can manage that's quick & ez, leaving me looking like one of the livin

- Ulta User

it makes even my more sheer concealers look full coverage

- Sephora User
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Sephora userNovember 28, 2018

Caked my concealer

Unfortunately this was a no for me. I thought the light peach color was a good match for the slightly blueish inner corner dark circles on my pale complexion, and when first put on, I could see a slight cancellation/brightening effect. However, it was dreadful under my concealer (Bobby Brown.) It caked and flaked, and could barely be fixed with a damp blender. It made my undereyes look dry when they are definitely not. It might've been the combination of formulas that just didn't mesh well, but even wearing it alone I got these issues. And wearing it alone isn't even a possibility because it is not opaque or full coverage enough to stand strong on its own. Would maybe be a nice addition for people who just want subtle brightening effects, but at this price point, you could use a million other products to do that for you. Less

- Sephora
mira userJanuary 5, 2020

The OG product!!! For anyone who has dark circles and loves a bright under eye look, you need this stuff. It works along with concealer to add an extra “pop” to your eyes. I even wear it on days when I don’t wear full out makeup. 100% will be a repurchase

- mira
Sephora userNovember 1, 2019

AMAZING if you apply it correctly

This product is amazing. Start by circling your finger in the pot to warm up the product. Then tap the color right along the line between the dark circle and your regular skin tone of your cheek. This will diffuse the harshness of your dark circles and blur the lines that define them. I just keep tapping and blending until the product is very even and melting into my skin. DO NOT apply the product all the way to your bottom lash line. It is tempting, but don’t do it. All it will do is crease on you and feel heavy on your eyes and skin, plus it will make your under eye area look puffy. Even though dark circles can go all the way to the lower lash line area, you don’t need to apply the corrector there. JUST use it to diffuse the line between the dark circle itself and where it meets your usual skin color. I let it sit for a minute or two and apply my makeup as usual. I’d recommend using a concealer that isn’t a heavy cream in a pot like this product, just because it would be hard to apply it since this corrector is already pretty thick. I stick to products like shape tape, the tarte aquacealer, or the Josie maran concealer. I apply/blend both my concealer and foundation with a brush and I always use a stippling motion. I set it with some Laura mercier translucent powder or the pur 4-in-1 powder. Any setting powder will work if you want to use some. I’d test it out with different techniques and products to really give it a fair shot. It’s the best corrector I’ve used and the formula and pigment balance is really just perfect. This product is amazing and really makes a huge difference in color correcting dark circles under the eye. I have fair skin and I have a lot of health issues that make my eye area VERY dark. Having a color corrector that is this effective helps me to get back a bit of what illness has taken from me. When I can look more like myself, I feel more like myself. Less

- Sephora
ulta.com userApril 26, 2019

Just an Amazing Product, 1 of Kind

I bought this randomly on sale needing an concealor with an orange tint & bc w/me hitting 40 , I'm sadly losing that youthful radiance & thought it might help. I was blown away by how effective it is is & how well it works to brings life to your skin. I have chronic dark circles & they're only enhanced by chronic illnesses I have. This product really makes a difference & is one of my must haves now,even more, it makes me look healthy. I use it several ways, 1) I wear it alone, over a light lotion, very lightly applied to touch up the dark circles, any redness or age spots, 2) I first apply my day makeup, a CC cream w/light coverage or Laura Gellar's CC Powder & top it off w/Becca's corrector along w/some eyeliner, mascara & lip gloss; It works well w/the light makeup to eliminate my dark circles & touch up the dark hollows around my eyes as well as as creating a simple day routine I can manage that's quick & ez, leaving me looking like one of the livin. Third, for full makeup nights & "fancy" nights, I 1st apply a dress light lotion w/SPF, a facial primer, I use several different ones, then I use an eye concealer like Tarte's Shape Tape as a base product more as a pre-eye primer, (this was a suggestion I got from a makeup artist during an event & it truly helps) then continue by applying my foundation. Last, I top it off w/Becca's Brightening Corrector. Sometimes I wait to apply it post eye makeup if I'm going to be applying very heavy shadow, liner & mascara,the corrector still functions as a concealer & helps to clean up any mishaps from my eye applications. This product is amazingly versatile as I've described & in all capacities improves my overall appearance & skin making one appear luminous. The shade specifically of the product brings life to your skin so that it glows & it lasts throughout the day. I've been very pleased with all of Becca's products & can't wait to try out more of them. Less

- ulta.com
Sephora userFebruary 6, 2018

So good!!

I bought this because I have hereditary dark circles and the skin around my eyes is “hollow”, making my dark circles look worse than they already are. I usually use concealer every day but I never liked the thick, cakey feel of concealer and how unnatural it looked if I didn’t wear any foundation with it. I have normal skin and I am completely fine with my complexion. The only reason I wear makeup on my skin is to conceal my dark circles. I wish I could leave the house makeup-free, but my dark eye circles were always too bad. When I came across this product while scrolling through Sephora, I thought I might as well try it. When I put it on, it INSTANTLY lit up my dark circles and looked so natural. There was a very obvious difference between my under eyes with and without this product. It just looked so good and I had to show all my friends what I looked like before and after applying it. My dark circles were gone! The best part was that it looked way more natural than concealers do sitting on the skin. It has a very creamy texture and you only need a dab of the product under each eye. Just press the product over your dark circles and blend it out, and they will literally disappear! It is such a unique product and looks completely natural on the skin. I have also used this as a base to my concealer if I am wearing a full face of makeup and it serves very good to this purpose as well. I was experimenting with it, and it can even naturally conceal pimples and dark spots! My only complaint is that when used alone, it looks very greasy under the eyes. However, there is a simple fix; just press setting powder under your eyes to set it and minimize the “shiny” look. I personally use the Laura Mercier loose setting powder, but any setting powder should work just as well. I totally recommend this to anyone who wants a very natural-looking solution to those pesky dark circles. I’m so happy I came across it and will be using it every day from now on! Less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Hexylene Glycolacneirritant
CI 77891hazard
Zinc chloridehazard
Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oilacne
Ascorbyl Palmitateacne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Ascorbyl Palmitateacne

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Profile picture of Becky Smith
Becky Smith
CombinationCombination Skin
Under Eye Concealer I have dark under eye bags and Tarte Shap Tape sort of helps, I also like a NARS one too, but I find that they settle into the fine lines around my eyes and make them more visible. Does anyone else notice this? I use setting powder but that doesn’t seem to do anything for the fine lines, anyone have any tips?
Profile picture of Tiara Byrd
Tiara Byrd
SensitiveSensitive Skin
This product has changed my life! I use to work night shift and go to school during the day. I would only put this product on and I looked 100% refreshed!
Profile picture of Bus Only
Bus Only
DryDry Skin
I don’t understand how women do their makeup and come out so flawless.. what’s the best full coverage foundation and baking powder for dry skin?? That wont make me look cakey😩🥺 also do we really need face primers?
Profile picture of adriana Sanchez
adriana Sanchez
DryDry Skin
Any recommendations for color correcting or concealing pot creams ? I want to use it for my under eyes so I hope it wouldnt dry it out heavily. Imma attach the Becca one as a reference to what I’m looking for. Please recommend any dupes or drugstore options.
Profile picture of Sarah Medlin
Sarah Medlin
DryDry Skin
Does anyone have suggestions for dark under eye circles?!?! SOS! I’m need of serious help. It’s from genetics (thank you dad) and also from allergies. No matter how much I try to cover them they are always visible. I’ve tried tarte concealer and it dries me out. Any suggestions to help with them would be amazing!
Profile picture of Bethany Morgan
Bethany Morgan
DryDry Skin
A small amount of peachy color corrector tapped on the dark circles should conceal them better than a regular concealer. Creams tend to work better than liquid. I also like the peach cream in the hard candy fair to light color corrector wheel. It works well and is cheap enough to test.
Profile picture of Airel Kasandra Miller
Airel Kasandra Miller
DryDry Skin
Best products for dark under eyes? Hey everyone, so I have really dark under eyes, it’s just genetic and there’s no amount of sleep or water that will fix it. I have super dry skin and find every time I put on concealer it flakes or just looks bad. (and yes I moisturize like a fiend) What products work best for you/ what can you recommend?
Profile picture of Abbey Howard
Abbey Howard
DryDry Skin
BECCA has an under eye corrector/brightened that works wonders. It comes in a potted cream formula, but isn’t heavy and has a tint of peach. @Under Eye Brightening Corrector
Profile picture of Jazmin McFadyen
Jazmin McFadyen
DryDry Skin
I’m trying to find a way to make it so I don’t have creasing under my eyes. I’ve tried setting powder, finishing powder, powder foundation, you name it I’ve tried it. I’ve also tried using other foundations and concealers but nothing works :( #seekingadvice
Profile picture of Lindsey C
Lindsey C
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Becca has a GREAT under eye brightening “corrector” it is a great product to put on before you put on your concealer, very thick and goes on well!
Profile picture of Sam
CombinationCombination Skin
#beginner #natural what is the best everyday under eye concealer that works for natural/simple looks? I prefer really light coverage. 🤠 if ya feel me
Profile picture of Robin Leigh Tucker
Robin Leigh Tucker
CombinationCombination Skin
I love this stuff for my no makeup days!!
Profile picture of Idkwhati’mdoing 13
Idkwhati’mdoing 13
OilyOily Skin
I have oily skin and my dark circles are atrocious does anyone know a good concealer to hide them without making my skin even more oily.
Profile picture of Crystal Portillo
Crystal Portillo
CombinationCombination Skin
A little goes a long way with this cream product it helps cancel out gm the dark tones as well as brighten under eyes.
Profile picture of Cindy Alexakos
Cindy Alexakos
DryDry Skin
Any suggestions on something to cover spider veins on my face? Nothing stays on them! They are on each cheek. I’m tired of caking on foundation!!
Profile picture of Aliza Belmontez
Aliza Belmontez
DryDry Skin
This is what I love using for any discoloration on my own face and my clients faces. I have hyperpigmentation around my mouth which is covered up so nicely with this without having to use a lot. I just apply before foundation !
Profile picture of Jessy Negrin
Jessy Negrin
CombinationCombination Skin
Does anyone know a cream that helps with dark circles? I don’t have them too dark but it’s bugging me & I want to prevent darker circles.
Profile picture of Tiara Byrd
Tiara Byrd
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Saved my life when I was working over nights full time and school full time.