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Mineral Blush by BECCA

Mineral Blush

staying power(194)
pigmentation: pigmented
Variation: Flowerchild
FlowerchildHyacinthLantanaNightingaleSongbirdWild Honey
nordstromBuy ($32)

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it did blur my pores and make my skin look smooth and matte

- Sephora User

the primer also has an optical blurring effect to it that blurs your pores as you blend it out over your skin and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth

- Ulta User



i love the soft buttery texture and great application and overall look of this blush

- Sephora User

mix this with a smooth primer, cc cream, bb cream, whatever floats your boat as long as it's got a creamy or smooth texture, and eureka baby

- Sephora User

staying power


the formula is everything you would want in a blush, pigmented, super easy to blend and lasts all day

- Sephora User

the pigment of these blushes are everything, how it goes on the skin is everything, the way they look on all skin tones, their long wear

- Sephora User



its so smooth and creamy, but not heavy, and the fragrance is light and smells amazing, plus its gone after a minute, which is important to me because i'm sensitive to smells

- Sephora User

it also does a good job in hiding my pores and feels super light on my skin

- Ulta User


blends well

i love this blush and how it blends in the skin

- Sephora User

i have this in flower child and it’s the best shade of blush iv ever owned, i have medium-tan skin tone and this takes such little time to apply and blends so well, my mum is a huge fan of this brand and colour shade to, iv almost run out but it has lasted me a long time i will be repurchasing

- Spacenk User


does not have fallout

it doesn't look powdery or lay on my skin weirdly at all

- Sephora User

the only downside is you need to make sure you don't drop it cause it is soft (mineral texture) and could break if it falls on a hard surface

- Sephora User



i am obsessed with this blush from becca its super pigmented and just amazing i love it

- Sephora User

this is by far the most pigmented blush i've ever encountered

- Sephora User
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Sephora userMay 14, 2014

A pleassure to apply and wear

I am a blush junkie, but for some reason haven't ever had a Becca blush. For some random reason, thinking on getting the Hourglash blushes, ended up getting a couple of Becca instead. Got Sweetpea and Flowerchild. OMG! What an amazing product. First of all, the packaging. Beautiful, simple, and sturdy. Feels heavy in the hand, crash resistant. Come with a good sized mirror, which is always appreciated. On the pan the colors look beautiful and though you certainly don't see any shimmer, still you can appreciate the glow and sheen to them. When touched with the finger you feel the creamy like texture of the product, and once swatched on your skin, there is perfect transference from the pan to the skin, pigmentation wise. They have a good amount of pigment, but are not over saturated, just enough to make a beautiful application without having yo re load the product on the brush. This makes the application easy and smooth. The color looks natural...or as believable as possible, giving to the skin this gorgeous sheen, that makes the look fresh, youthful and healthy. Sweetpea can be used either as a blush, either as a bronzer, while Flowerchild I personally use it as a pop of color on the apples of the checks, or as an eyeshadow. In this regard, you can combine 2 different blushes, to add dimension to the face, and since the formulation is so beautiful and the powders are so finely milled, they work perfect together, blending just like a dream. I will be getting all the rest of the shades as soon as they get available. One last thought... They work fantastic with the Yachiyo brush by Nars. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora
ulta.com userMay 3, 2019

Hydrating Primer!!

I was really surprised to see a makeup/skincare line with Becca. Usually I shop Becca for their amazing makeup products. However, when I got this, I was super excited as I have extremely dry skins and some primers tend to tug on it. Firstly, let's start with the amazing packaging! This product has such amazing packaging; it's sleek and pretty and very classy looking. I love the ombré effect of the blue and white so hats off for that! Next, there was so clear scent to this which I REALLY appreciated! It glides onto the skin almost like a moisturizer. I really loved how it softened my skin and gave it a glow. It has a cream like texture which I felt was really good! After I applied my foundation on this, my makeup looked so natural and blurred. My pores weren't showing and my foundation didn't crack. I even tested this for a couple more days with my Fenty foundation for which I definitely need a hydrating primer and my face did NOT look cakey or too dry!! Usually with my Fenty Beauty foundation, you can see my dry patches. However, every time I put on this primer, my foundation didn't cling to any single dry patch on my face!! This is honestly my new holy grail. I am really really happy with this 👏🏽👏🏽 Hats off to Becca for creating such an amazing primer that leaves the skin looking flawless and glowy! ❤️ Less

- ulta.com
ulta.com userJanuary 23, 2020

Awful paste face

A friend recommended this to me as I was looking to experiment with full coverage for the sun protection, as SPF and I do not get long. I also avoid mineral makeups and anything silicone-heavy.. I liked that it didn't have a long ingredient list, but the top ingredient is Magnesium Aluminim Silicate, which is a mineral.This stuff goes on like toothpaste and does not blend. I tried it over 3 different primers which made it very rubber mask-like, which rubs off if you try to blend it. I tried it over a few drops of facial oil, which was a nightmare of smearing. I tried sponge blotting it over a light moisturizer, and most of it ended up on the sponge. I tried it dry, which is how my friend applies it and that was the least awful result. It clumps around the finest blondest facial hair and adheres in splotches and creates obvious demarcation lines around the nostrils, all of which setting powder exacerbates.Drink water very carefully and don't cry when you're wearing this because it will run streaks through the cake. I've never experienced this before.Furthermore, I broke out immediately. I'm going back to Tarte and more sheer, affordable foundations. Less

- ulta.com
sephora userAugust 15, 2014

Wild Honey and Damselfly

I am now the proud owner of two of these blushes, Wild Honey and Damselfly. What can I say that hasn't been written on here? At $32 a pop, they better be pigmented, blend well, and last all day. That is exactly the case with both the colors I selected. They provide this beautiful sheen on your face (not shimmer) that just make your cheeks look glowy and beautiful. Wild Honey is my personal favorite, as it gives a bronzey/peachy look that is perfect for the summer, and will look great in the winter time when we all lose our summer color. These powders are very finely milled, so if you've got a heavy hand, you will experience fall out. I had to adjust my way of dipping my blush brush into these because I was picking up excess powder. Not a big deal, though, because these are worth it. Flowerchild is next on my ever-growing list of makeup wants.

- sephora
Sephora userApril 1, 2016

MUST MIX THIS: it transforms other products

If you are oily and you use acne products that make you flaky or peel, you have primer issues. These are my issues, and this primer is a must have for me, so get this primer to at least try it out if you have those same problems. The primer issue is that primer can make your makeup come off faster even though it says it does the opposite, if you have enough oil. And primer can make your oil free foundation look pasty gross thick and cheap if it is chalky or pasty enough to absorb too much of the liquid of the foundation while you apply it or even afterwards. And you want a dry primer if you are oily but you want a smooth primer if you are acne prone and use drying products to control it or if you have acne scarring and texture issues from the acne. However you don't want a pore clogger, so it can't be a primer that says its oil free and has a dry feel but is packed with waxes to achieve the smoothness factor. Issues. Here is where Becca's Ever-matte steps up to the plate. At first try it seems to be no good. It dries quickly, it has a slightly pasty finish, it forms an oil absorbing film and you can't really put makeup over it with any other method than sponging or stippling (think a patting motion and never a swirling or side to side movement-it will cake up.) If you sponge it on top of foundation or powder or both it could remove the makeup unless you are a blotting Ninja or if your foundation doesn't cover your skin tone. So it sounds mediocre so far. But it's brilliant.MIX THIS with a smooth primer, cc cream, bb cream, whatever floats your boat as long as it's got a creamy or smooth texture, and EUREKA BABY. I mix it with Tarte 12 hour primer- BOOM looks like natural skin, stays matte all day. Mix it with Smashbox Photo Finish BOOM a primer that actually absorbs oil and feels like silk, used sparingly under foundation. Mix it with Paula's Choice oil absorber, (yes, another boom) a super thin layer of "powder" that lasts all day but doesn't feel heavy like the Becca primer and doesn't get overwhelmed by the oil like Paula's, and I look bare faced with no pores over my shiny SPF 50 sunblock. Beach ready. It transforms other products that aren't packing enough punch for acne prone people into real useable products. If acne isn't a concern but scarring is, you can mix it with a waxy pigmented product to get a matte paste that will fill in not just pores but box-type scaring. Less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Potassium Sorbatehazard

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