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Backlight Targeted Color Corrector by BECCA

Backlight Targeted Color Corrector


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Sephora user
February 4, 2016

Really great product

So I'm not really sure why these got bad reviews... These are amazing color correctors. I have used the MUFE 5-pan concealer palettes for years but was never truly over the moon excited for them; they were one of the only decent ones available. I also bought the YSL color correcting pens at the same time I bought these, and I have to say... They don't come close to the quality and staying power of these Becca ones. I bought the peach, green and violet colors at my local store. At first, the feel of the product did concern me in the store... They have a tacky, gel like consistency, but this really allows the product to adhere to the skin and not budge. To use it, I just tapped it around my dark circles and places where I have rosacea... And it did not move when I applied foundation and concealer. I also sealed my color corrector with a smooth finishing powder, like Too Faced Primed and Poreless or MUFE HD, which really helped as well. I barely used any product, but it still packed a lot of punch in correcting my complexion. I have been fighting the flu for the past few days and was able to fake rested, healthy skin better than when I'm not sick, so I am excited to see results when I'm feeling better. One thing I would ask is that they make a yellow toned version as my under eye circles are definitely more purple than blue. The peach tone still worked better than anything I've ever used, but I think using a yellow one along with the peach would solve all of my problems. « less

Sephora user
October 18, 2016

I love how saturated this color corrector is! Many other correctors weren't saturated enough to cover my hyperpigmentation, but this works like a dream! Blends beautifully and works well under foundation. The intensity is buildable so be careful to not over do it!

Sephora user
April 11, 2016

Did not work for me.

I got the peach shade to combat my dark circles, and it didn't do anything for me. Once I figured out how not to have it blend with my concealer (watch out, this color corrector does NOT dry down - you will have to powder it before applying concealer on top!), it only made the appearance of my undereye circles worse and looked cakey. This is the first thing I've ever returned. Love becca's highlighters and blushes, but this was a miss. user
March 7, 2017

I've used it everyday since buying it, an instant staple (pistachio)

I have very British skin, fair and dry, with pink cheeks and a tendency to flush. I have tried lots of other green colour correctors and always found them ineffective or chalky. This Becca one is an absolute life changer. If gives the most beautiful dewy base for under your make up and its really buildable. With a light hand used on its own it just tones down my cheeks enough to pop to the shops and disappears into my skin. With more coverage it would look too obviously green but I use a very lightweight foundation over it (MAC waterweight) and it covers beautifully. I did find if I used a stiff bristled foundation brush it moved around a little while I buffed in my foundation but with a beauty blender its completely flawless. I set with Laura Mercier powder and Urban Decay All Nighter and it lasts a 12 hour shift. I was fed up of covering my otherwise good skin in thick foundation just to tone down my cheeks and this is perfect, I can use a lightweight foundation without worrying about blushing. « less

sephora user
April 13, 2016

I didn't want to love this...

I'll be honest...I did not want to love this product. While I am a huge fan of Becca products I hate the pots these products come in. However, the stores near me and online have been out of the Sephora Collection Bright Future Color Corrector in Peach AND Melon forever (AKA 2-3 weeks) and I was desperate. So while in the store I asked a cast member for a recommendation and this was it (in Peach). She made me a sample and the next morning I grudgingly tried it... OMG. I used my Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush (#57), dipped it in and applied in a gentle circular motion under my eyes. The consistency of this product is creamier than the Becca concealer & Under Eye Brightener so it blends very well with no creasing or clumping. I prepped my eye area with Fresh's Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream then applied my primer (Kat Von D's LockIt). I put on the color corrector over my primer and let it set then applied my foundation (Kat Von D's LockIt) and concealer (Sephora Collection's Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer). The red/orange corrector totally disappeared under my foundation as did my huge dark undereye circles!!!! I set it with a "puff" of MUFD HD Powder & Kat Von D The corrector lasted all day and did not crease, disappear or cake. My lower lash line eyeliner & mascara stayed in place very well too. That night I placed an order for the full size product. Once my green tube of Bright Future Color Corrector runs out I am going to consider the green Backlight Targeted Color Corrector as well.

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