Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation by beautyblender

Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation

finish: demi-mattecoverage: high coverage

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this oxidized on my face after maybe 30 minutes and creased horribly in my smile lines, giving the appearance of wrinkles that aren't there

- Sephora User

it made me look crazy dry and patchy in various places around my face, and i found that it sad in "wrinkles" on my forehead and near my mouth and i'm only 30

- Sephora User



this with the coverfx mattifying primer and laura mercier setting powder has been great

- Sephora User

my tip is to use a mattifying primer and also a poreless primer to achieve perfection

- Sephora User



it was lightweight and the coverage was amazing

- Sephora User

it’s also so lightweight that i completely forgot i was wearing it all day and trust me it lasted the whole day

- Sephora User



it is very is to build to a full coverage and still have a matte velvet like finish

- Sephora User

a good sorta-matte buildable to full coverage foundation

- Sephora User


blends well

the beauty blender bounce liquid long wear foundation works beautifully, i never tried beauty the blenders bounce foundation before receiving this product complimentary free, i absolutely loved how this product doesn't leave streaks marks it works best when blending with the original beauty blender, that's what i used and i believe it give u the best results, it blends in so well with the bounce foundation, and the foundation feels so light and air-y , like i said leave a clean nice look to it , not cakey at all

- Sephora User

but i liked how it blended

- Sephora User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

perfect level of coverage without being cake-y and doesn't oxidize—the undertones fit my skin color perfectly

- Sephora User

if your skin oxidizes foundation easily and you like a lighter everyday foundation you need to try this

- Sephora User

staying power


i usually wear huda which is another fav and i normally crease throughout the day when wearing huda but with beauty blender i have went so much as 12 hours with zero creasing

- Sephora User

it’s an absolutely beautiful finish and it stays all day

- Sephora User



so lightweight, comfortable on the skin , doesn't feel or look heavy, last a long time , the coverage is amazing and i'm really impressed that this works for dry skin

- Sephora User

its a perfect match to my skin tone and it keeps my skin hydrated

- Sephora User


not creasing

this foundation doesn’t crease and looks amazing on me

- Sephora User

doesn’t settle into my fine lines or pores

- Sephora User



the product went on the skin smoothly and gave me the full coverage look i love

- Sephora User

it makes my skin look so smooth and flawless

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

covers my huge pores yet skims over the rest of my face without being heavy

- Sephora User

really great coverage, pore filling, and lasts on the skin all day

- Sephora User


good quality

i love love love their blenders and the foundation is of the same quality

- Sephora User

very high-quality foundation with heavy, nice packaging

- Sephora User



it feels great all day and leaves my skin with a luminous matte finish

- Sephora User

i love trying out new foundations but i always have my favorite, which is the nars natural radiant longwear foundation

- Sephora User



it looks like skin, it’s a nice semi matte finish so i’ve been finding it amazing during the cold winter months as i suffer from mostly oily skin but get quite dehydrated in winter

- Sephora User

it wears the same as estee but it does have a less demi matte finish more matte

- Sephora User


high coverage

this is my new favorite full coverage foundation

- Sephora User

this foundation is full coverage without feeling full coverage

- Sephora User
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Cult Beauty userSeptember 14, 2018

Wish I could give it a 0

I had such high hopes for this because the beauty blender is revolutionary and this live is created by a well known, talented MUA.I bought it immeaditly.The finish when you put it on is beautiful but as it dries down it looks SO CAKEY.I don’t need coverage because I have flawless skin thanks to intense skincare regimes so I barely use any and it looks so cakey and visible on the skin.. it sits in lines badly and it just doesn’t look good. It looks like you’ve worn it all day and sweat or something.I have normal skin. I tried both with the beauty blender and a brush.. brushes don’t like this one. My beauty blender just couldn’t melt it into the skin.It’s thick like a paste and sits on the skin all day long. It looks horrible and is going back tomorrow first thing.I am shocked by how bad it is and it’s a shame because the match was great for me. For reference I’m the lightest shade here 1.10 and I’m alabaster in hourglass, R230 or 220 in mufe, or 15 in matte velvet, the fairest pink toned shade in every launch. This matched true to tone but it just sadly looks horrible as soon as it dries down.I tried using more, using less. Powdering. Not powdering.. nothing helps. Setting spray, fix plus, tatcha Dewey skin, nothing helps. It just looks bad as soon as it dries down like the formula isn’t meant to do it and they forced it to. It would look amazing if they hadn’t tried to make it have a matte finish.I tried this on oily skin on my sister and it was even worse and separated instantly.I don’t think anyone can fix or use this.I looked 40.I am a professional, schooled and trained MUA, worked at Sephora for 6 years and know makeup.I don’t understand why they choose to put this finish out.I can’t think of any skin it’ll suit.Sad pass.Looks very heavy and cakey no matter what you do. Look 40 when you are 20. Separates on all skin and enlarged pores. « less

Sephora userApril 22, 2019

Best foundation so far for my oily skin.

Overall, this foundation has me shocked. I have been using it in conjunction with the Caudalie pore minimizing serum and oil control moisturizer for a few weeks now. This is the first foundation that I have used that doesn't cake or on oxidize on me, while staying for the most part matte and shine free for most of the day. Normally, my skin eats makeup and i get oily within an hour after applying my foundation, but not with this foundation. I can no go several hours before having to blot or apply powder to get rid of any shine.Overall, this foundation has me shocked. This is the first foundation that I have used that doesn't cake or on oxidize on me while staying for the most part matte and shine free for most of the day. Normally, my skin eats makeup and I get extremely oily within an hour after applying my foundation, but not with this foundation. I can now go several hours before having to blot or apply powder to get rid of any shine. Honestly, I do not really have to blot or put powder on now if we are being fair, I do it just out of habit. Even after the foundation has been on for a while and there is some shine it looks like a natural glow rather than an oily mess.As great as this foundation is, I will say you have to watch what primer you use with it. If it is a more drying mattifying primer the foundation does not lay as nicely on the skin as it does with one that is a bit more of a tacky. Also, I've been using this product in conjunction with a skincare meant for my skin type, so if you're not using the right skincare products I will say I doubt this foundation or any foundation will lay nicely. I also set it with a setting powder and setting spray specifically for oily skin, I use several different ones interchangeably and they have all worked well so far with this foundation.Overall I highly recommend this product, especially if you are using a skincare routine that works for your skin. Less

Sephora userAugust 13, 2018

The goal was met.

Rea was quoted, "I wanted a product that was long-wear but not thick and mask-y. I wanted something that'd be buildable and had potential for looking natural." When I tried the foundation this was my favorite thing about it. I found it to be long wear, and was very natural, while being buildable. It did NOT LOOK LIKE A MASK, and did not crease anywhere! The shade actually matched my skin tone. Which brings me to the next point. When beautyblender released a statement they said, "We have THE MOST shades in what we call our “medium plus” range. This was created specifically for people of multicultural backgrounds as they have the hardest time finding the right shade to match their undertone." -This has been the hardest shade for me to find, WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY TWO COLORS AND MIX THEM. I don't think beautyblender should be scrutinized for focusing on a shade range that has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. The closest I have found in my shade is KAT VON D, but even still I had to mix it with a bobbi brown, that was too dark because the undertone was never true to my skin shade in any brand I bought from. It is nearing the end of summer 2018 and just now companies are focusing on the medium undertones for us who have always had to mix colors. To me the goal was met that was stated by beautyblender. I am confident they will release more shades, but I think that Rea choosing to release mostly medium plus shades is her prerogative, especially with being a person of mixed colors. If a companies founder was of a darker complexion and decided they wanted to focus on darker complexion formulas, I would not be mad one bit, as it would be a great idea. Far too long have industries focused on cool/pink toned make-up. Another thing I would add is that I have EXTREMELY ACNE prone skin. This was not an issue for me with this foundation. I am surprised this happend to others. Also, I specially only buy vegan products. Out of all the vegan formulas, this one is my favorite formula thus far. « less

Sephora userJuly 28, 2018

HG Formula and Custom-Level Color Match!

Despite the massively disapponting shade range, I was curious about the dispenser and the formula. The line did offer quite a variety of colors for the light/med range, so instead of throwing out the baby out with the bathwater, I thought why not give it a shot.I am NC20, and tried out 2.2 and ended up being my perfect color match. It is so well matched that I feel like I got a custom color match mixed only for me! Ive never had an exact color match in foundation so I am just blown away. Also, the color looks same whether Im outside or inside. I literally cannot see any difference in color between my face and my neck, this is a first for me! Funny to say when my skin color is considered widely catered to.The formula was truly longwear for me, holding up in 90 degree weather. No creasing or breaking up in the usual areas. Also, this foundation has a beautiful skin-like finish. This formula is HG status for me.I have sensitive, redness-prone, combo skin. I found this to be full coverage for me without the cakey feeling, which is my favorite kind of formula.I love the idea of the palette on the bottle. I dont see myself using this daily, but I do see it coming in handy in the future. I like having this option. I also travel often, so I find this option extra appealing to me. Also, that lock for the pump is genius in my opinion. No more leaking bottles!I am all for inclusion in color, and I totally understand how frustrating it is to see a range like this in 2018. I myself wrote off the line when I first saw it online. Ironically, this foundation felt truly inclusive for me because it is the first product that actually got my tone and shade exactly right! I really hope that Beautyblender expands this line and brings its laser detailed focus to every shade of the spectrum - if they could do for everyone what they did for my skin tone, then we have the beginning of a game changing line here. Fingers crossed they continue their work with the line. « less

Sephora userJanuary 23, 2019

It's Special for Me!

I never had a "regular" foundation, other than powder minerals, or very sheer tints. I have finally learned what MUAs mean when they say foundation "disappears" into skin. I always thought that meant it absorbed or something...Or that you could blend in demarcation lines enough so that they weren't noticeable. It means that the liquid matches your skin so exactly, you can't see it on your face! Over the years I've been "matched" to MAC NC35, MAC NC30, MAC C4, NARS Barcelona, NARS Stromboli, Face Atelier Tan, etc. I assumed those all "matched" my skin, because I could wear those shades without my skin having a glaringly obvious different color from the rest of me.I received a sample of this foundation in the shade 3.25, which is "light tan with neutral undertones". When tested it, I experienced the "disappearing" into my skin. I decided this foundation is something new and different, for real. When it was on my entire face, it looked incredible, but was it perfect? Before I knew better, I would have called this a miraculous match, but I decided I would see how other shades in this range looked. Though not a huge difference can been seen when looking at the bottles, 3.30 looks even more like my natural skin. The subtle changes in undertone make a huge difference on skin. This foundation is truly, completely invisible on my skin, and it makes my skin look INCREDIBLE. It covers melasma, pores, uneven tone, redness...and it stays put. It does not transfer, even onto my phone! I wear it over sunscreen and Cover FX Water Cloud Primer, set with Beautyblender Re-Dew Spray (another outstanding product).I didn't go out of my way to try this foundation because I got sucked in to the negativity surrounding the shade range that was initially launched. I can't stress enough how glad I am that I got a sample of this! Obviously, I totally understand the complaints about the exclusively "olive/medium" shade range. BUT - The range is miraculous for my seemingly impossible-to-ma « less


Overall safe Ingredients

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Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethiconehazard
Potassium Sorbatehazard

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mia lucero
Combination Skin

hey everyone, ur girl needs some help :) i’ve been in search for a good foundation that won’t look cakey, won’t add excess oil to my skin, and won’t lead to break outs. i want something medium-high coverage, but i also want it to look kinda natural, almost as if it’s my own skin?? (which i feel might be too much to ask for haha). i’m currently using the Maybelline SuperStay Foundation (a cheap drugstore foundation) and have tried high end foundations as well, such as the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, but neither have seemed to give me the look i’m going for...any suggestions?? thank you so much! ❤️

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Combination Skin

I personally love the bounce foundation!

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Taylor Sexton
Combination Skin

Okay send help. I have to be outside for work and I sweat which isn’t the worst, but I also have combo/dry skin. I tried the Marc Jacobs foundation tonight and hated it. It immediately flakes and patched. I moisturized before, and used my Mac prep and set, which is normally bomb. I used setting powder too. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m pretty sure it was just the foundation, but who knows. I’m trying the fenty foundation next. Any help would be appreciated!

Profile picture of Katie Castles
Katie Castles
Combination Skin

Create for combo skin because it has a velvet finish so it won’t dry u out but u also won’t get to oily lots of shade range

Profile picture of Clarissa Gutierrez
Clarissa Gutierrez
Combination Skin

I have oily dry skin.... I like to have a matte finish..... medium to full coverage... What’s a good foundation?

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Alexis Rea
Dry Skin

This one is really good