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The Top Beauty Products For Natural, Everyday Makeup

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Jan 4, 2021
The Top Beauty Products For Natural, Everyday Makeup

Look naturally radiant with these everyday beauty products

Let’s be real here, the “no makeup” makeup look is just as timeless as winged eyeliner and a fierce contour. A nude lipstick here, a few coats of mascara there, and a little help from your trusted tarte Shape Tape… and voilà. You have the most flawless beauty look that enhances your best features, as opposed to transforming them, and could totally fool people into thinking you’re not wearing any makeup at all. Such a neat makeup magic trick, right? Minimal makeup looks are one of the biggest makeup trends of 2021, as most of us have been doing the technique on Zoom calls all through 2020, and the Soft Glam is about to get real. Literally, because your favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette of the same name is involved. Take it down a notch in the best way with these everyday makeup products for a naturally beautiful look.

Cloud Paint by Glossier, $18

Cloud Paint by Glossier, $18
Source: Glossier

When you hear the words “minimal makeup,” there’s a very good chance that a specific brand comes to mind: Glossier. The beauty powerhouse is all about enhancing your features with clean, natural-looking products, like Cloud Paint! We could talk for hours about the benefits of cream blush (and trust us, we have,) and this is one of the top everyday makeup products for a natural flush of color. Just dab on and gently blend out to watch your rosy cheeks come out to play, without the risk of streaking or fallout like you’d get with powder blush. Available in 8 shades to flatter all skin tones, this cream blush is the ideal way to emulate that “just got a facial” or “back from the gym” look. You know the one we mean… natural, radiant, and simply glowing. Glossier’s mantra is “skin first, makeup second,” and as it turns out, you’ve found yourself a product that can do both with Cloud Paint. 95% of MIRA guests say that this blush is very blendable and creamy, while 97% agree that it’s lightweight and long-lasting.

Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills, $21

Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Source: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Eyebrows are the most important feature on your face, and essential to your everyday makeup. A flawless set of arches will frame your eyes in a gorgeous way, and help you look instantly put-together. How do you achieve these golden brows? Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. You see, Dipbrow isn’t just one of the best eyebrow products in the beauty community, it’s the brow pomade. It’s been described as a “holy grail” or “cult product” by dozens of celebrity makeup artists, and the list of beauty influencers who don’t use it is much shorter than the ones that do. Why is Dipbrow so beloved? This waterproof, smudge-proof, and ultra-creamy pomade glides effortlessly across your skin and brow hairs - letting you do the most amazing things with your arches. Just a few short, hair-like strokes are game-changing with this pigmented formula, and it appeals to both minimal and glam makeup lovers. You can definitely recreate the mega-voluminous brows you see on ABH’s Instagram feed, but Dipbrow always has your back (or rather, your brows) if you’re in the mood for natural, everyday makeup. Use a few simple strokes to give your brows a boost before Zoom class. You’ll still get those Carli Bybel arches.

Eyes To Mesmerise Long-Lasting Easy Cream Eye Shadow by Charlotte Tilbury, $32

Eyes To Mesmerise Long-Lasting Easy Cream Eye Shadow by Charlotte Tilbury
Source: Charlotte Tilbury

Here at MIRA, we believe that cream is the dream for everyday makeup looks. Cream blush for every skin tone, cream bronzer, and especially cream eyeshadow. This texture is easy to apply and looks more natural on your skin, and minimal makeup meets luxury with the Eyes To Mesmerise Long-Lasting Easy Cream Eye Shadow by Charlotte Tilbury. This cream shadow creates maximum impact with minimal effort, as you can easily blend out with your finger or an eye brush for Charlotte Tilbury levels of glam. With shades like Champagne Pink, Amber Gold, and Chocolate Bronze - each product is designed not for bold eyeshadow looks, but a simple touch of color that’s not too far off from your skin tone. And it doesn’t hurt that each formula is enriched with Vitamin E that soothes and protects your delicate eyelid skin. A simple touch of Rose Gold makeup to look sweet before your Zoom first date? Sounds like an everyday makeup dream to us.

Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced, $26

Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced
Source: Too Faced

Ah, Better than Sex - the #1 best-selling prestige mascara with the cheeky name and talent to take your lashes from zero to bombshell in no time. There’s no denying the power of this volumizing, lengthening, and curling formula that conditions your lashes with peptides while bringing the beauty. Just like there’s also no denying that mascara is tied with brow pomade for the most important everyday makeup product, ever. A luxurious pair of lashes is fun, flirty, and feminine - what Too Faced is all about - and a coat of Better Than Sex is a great way to bring a little drama to your natural makeup. Even if you just rolled out of bed about five minutes before your virtual history class (major 2020 mood), this cult favorite plays serious tricks on your lashes and takes your minimal makeup to great lengths. Wink wink. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you can always try the best MIRA dupes for the Better Than Sex mascara!

Lip Glowy Balm by Laneige, $17

Lip Glowy Balm by Laneige
Source: Laneige

“Glowy” is a wonderful word to sum up the year 2020, when we swapped out the eyeliner and false lashes for illuminating serums and sparkling lip balms. You know, like the Lip Glowy Balm by Laneige! This K-Beauty brand has been hydrating and glowing up your complexions for over two decades, and this balm is one of the best products for your delicate lip skin. It’s formulated with Murumuru and Shea Butters that provide powerful hydration and lock in moisture, and the sweet flavors make lip balm that much more fun. Berry, Pear, Grapefruit, Peach, Gummy Bear… each one delivers a unique tint of color and moisturizing benefits that take your lips to the next level. We know you love the best nude lipsticks for minimal makeup looks (more on that later,) but you can’t go wrong with a luxe lip balm! 97% of MIRA guests say that Lip Glowy Balm is hydrating, lightweight, and long-lasting!

Shape Tape Concealer by tarte, $27

Shape Tape Concealer by tarte
Source: tarte

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five, ten, or twenty years… you may have heard about this cult favorite concealer. Shape Tape isn’t just one of the best tarte beauty products, it’s a holy grail in the makeup world that’s become just as famous as the celebrities who wear it. Shay Mitchell, Carli Bybel, and Jaclyn Hill all love Shape Tape for their natural, everyday makeup looks… and you should too! Why is it such a cult product? Maybe it’s the full-coverage formula that flawlessly covers dark circles, blemishes, and imperfections for up to 16 hours - with a lack of creasing or caking that’s rare in even the best concealers. Or the infusion of Shea and Mango butters that moisturize and condition the skin while Licorice Root color corrects and brightens. But it’s definitely all the times it completed your minimal makeup looks by hiding last night’s dark circles or adding a simple highlight to the nose. Because again... tarte Shape Tape. One MIRA review says, “this is the best concealer I have ever tried. No matter which concealer I try (and I've tried many) I always come back to Shape Tape.” The other reviews are just as complimentary, with 90% of the community saying that this concealer is color correcting and buildable.

Ignite Liquified Light Face & Body Highlighter by BECCA, $38

Ignite Liquified Light Face & Body Highlighter by BECCA
Source: BECCA

Between Hunter Schafer’s sparkly eye makeup and Zendaya’s best makeup looks, there’s no shortage of shimmer while watching Euphoria. So is it really any surprise that Barbie Ferreira collaborated with BECCA to create the best liquid highlighter, ever? Ignite is here to add a little sparkle to your everyday makeup looks, because if the Euphoria teenagers can wear glitter lips at school… you can definitely do it in your Zoom math class. This crystal-gel formula with micro-pearls creates a multidimensional highlight that’s incredibly eye catching, yet is simple enough to still look natural. You can do a subtle strobing effect on your cheekbones that beautifully catches the light on your laptop camera, or simply mix a bit of this highlighter into your foundation for a new type of dewy glow. Ignite can even help you knock off not one, but two 2021 makeup trends. Glitter speaks for itself, while you can also practice “skinimalism” and achieving a healthy complexion with this formula - thanks to the nourishing Sunflower Oil and Vitamin C. Ignite isn’t just beloved by our MIRA BEAUTY community and tons of Euphoria fans, it even won an Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2020!

Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 by NARS, $45

Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 by NARS
Source: NARS

Need proof that your minimal makeup looks can be just as glamorous as your “going out” beauty effects? Just remember that NARS exists. The makeup brand has long blurred the lines between subtle and striking, lightweight and luxurious, barely-there and ultra-bright. And you can have your tinted moisturizer and wear it too with the Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30. This makeup-skincare hybrid provides your complexion with just the right amount of color that looks completely natural, all while infusing the skin with vitamins and minerals. Kopara hydrates and encourages cell turnover for a smooth and striking look, Mineral Rich Sea Water revives your natural radiance, and Vitamin C fades dark spots in just a few short weeks. And of course you can’t forget the SPF, which is always a must-have to prevent signs of skin aging and protect against environmental stress. This tinted moisturizer is the ideal minimal makeup product for everything from a virtual happy hour to a FaceTime first date, and the MIRA community can’t get enough. 99% say that Pure Radiant is ultra-brightening, 95% call it lightweight, and 90% agree that it’s hydrating and long-lasting.

Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury, $34

Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury
Source: Charlotte Tilbury

Everybody needs the right nude lipstick in their beauty collection, especially minimal makeup enthusiasts. Why is it such a staple? This product can take you from soft and sweet to sultry and sexy in no time, and looks completely natural on your lips while enhancing your features like a dream. There are a million gorgeous nude lipsticks out there, but if we had to choose only one… it would be the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury. This is a sweet, sensual shade that suits all skin tones - a creamy, soft pink hue that works effortlessly when doing the “no makeup” makeup look, or makes a great companion for your smokey eye look on your first night out after quarantine. No matter your age, skin type, or skin tone, a swipe of Pillow Talk delivers a boost of confidence and ultra-pigmented color.

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