Bright 16 Colour Palette by Beauty Bay
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Bright 16 Colour Palette

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blends well

easy to blend and the colors are amazing

- Beautybay User

also they blend beautifully, got so many compliments on my eyes yesterday, i was so thrilled

- Beautybay User


does not have fallout

i love beautybay palettes, soo pigmented and absolutely no fall outs

- Beautybay User

the palette is great with some very pigmented shadows and the shimmers are really creamy and nice to put on with no fallout

- Beautybay User
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beautybay userMarch 22, 2020

Pigmented colors & easy blend

Love the bright pigmented colors and how easy they are to blend. There’s almost no fallout either. And the price is super cheap for a palette this great!

beautybay userJune 13, 2020

It's alright

Some of the pigments are fab, but make sure you use a proper base as due to the powdery-ness of it it actually left my eyelids very dry. The red also stained my eyelids! Although, some of the pigments are super bright and bold such as the blues and purples. Black was a big no no and the yellow didn't stay on my eyes for very long. Although, it's good for what its worth. Some of the pigments left a lot of fall out - but I found using a flat brush to pack the shadow on helped improve this - as well as a stickier base. Use a white eye primer to really make the colours bold and apply them with a wet brush. This a palette you have to play with but actually is quite nice.

beautybay userFebruary 18, 2020


At first I was afraid to wear that bright colors for my eye makeup BUT I tried it and I’m sooo in love! It’s a really nice palette! The pigmentation ist very nice and I love, that you can blend the colors easily! The shimmer eyeshadows aren’t that pigmented, but I don’t mind because I use them for cut creases oder just as normal toppers :) For all of you wondering if the black is okay: yes it definitely is!! And also the two brown shades and the white shade... they’re great! If you’ll ever have problems to blend you can just use these neutral shades :) it is very nice that they’re direct in this palette so you don’t have to use two palettes! Also I love the mirror and also the size of this palette, I think you can take it easily with you when you travel

beautybay userFebruary 26, 2019

Best eyeshadow I've used in a while the pigment is stunning !! It's also long lasting, easy to blend and work with the colours all work well together and very complementary on my skin tone which is fair/medium!!! I would definitely recommend it and it's also affordable at £12. Love this palette

beautybay userMarch 27, 2020

Worth the price

Really nice colours, cute pallet. The colours are buildable and blend nicely. Was expecting a more red than orange but still nice. The yellow is nice and bright, the white it opaque and the tan brown is good for the crease or a base