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Flour Setting Powder by Beauty Bakerie
Beauty Bakerie

Flour Setting Powder

good for under eye(222)
no flashback(188)
coverage: high coverage best use: blending
Variation: Almond (chestnut)
Almond (chestnut)BrownPlantain (caramel)Rice (white)TranslucentYellow
beauty bakerieBuy ($24)

Top Reviews

under eye

good for under eye

my favorite undereye setting powder

- Beautybakerie User

its so soft on the skin and gives an amazing gradient when you need it (under eyes) or a great clean cut (contour) depending on how you want it (different tools/techniques)

- Beautybakerie User


no flashback

no flash back

- Beautybay User

no flash back

- Beautybakerie User



i loved how it set my makeup & how my skin looked just so amazingly smooth

- Beautybakerie User

i get so many compliments about how flawless and smooth my skin and my makeup looks

- Beautybakerie User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

blurred pores

- Beautybakerie User

an airbrush finish and leaves no pores behind

- Beautybakerie User

staying power


my gf and i have been searching for that go-to, long lasting, and efficient setting powder, and this has been the best by far

- Ulta User

make up stayed on all night

- Beautybay User



the finish is great and it really helps brighten the face

- Beautybakerie User

i pair this with my nars radiant longwear in macao and it looks super flawless

- Beautybakerie User



i have spent to much $$ on all the top name brand setting powders and yet still did not find one that worked for my completion and lasted throughout my work day, i came across this setting powder watching a youtuber and figured id give it a try, what could it hurt and it was a great price i have been using it daily for the last 9 days and i continue to reach for it leaving all other in the drawer :) it is smooth, light, not heavy at all and goes on beautifully at the end of my work day my completion still looks fabulous oil free and smooth :)

- Beautybakerie User

it's lightweight and doesn't make my makeup cakey

- Beautybakerie User


blends well

it was simple to put on and blended in with my skin very well

- Beautybakerie User

however, i have worn this several times and it blends perfectly

- Beautybakerie User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

it feels nice and buttery and has just the right amount of color that doesn't change your foundation and keeps you from looking casket ready

- Beautybakerie User

i stay matte all day and the pink flour is so subtle it doesn't make me look pinky or change the color of my foundation at all

- Beautybakerie User


high coverage

i found it works amazing with medium to full coverage foundations/concealers

- Ulta User

my foundation is already full coverage (urban decay stay naked), and some days i want to be glam goddess and some days i just want to be glam

- Ulta User

best use


no flash back, it blends really nicely, and it melts into my skin

- Beautybakerie User

i love the way this did not settle in my creases, it is smooth, it isn’t overwhelmingly powedery, i love love love that it doesn’t dry out my already dry skin like a lot of other powders

- Beautybakerie User
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ulta userDecember 06, 2018

Best Powder for my Oily Skin!

I use the powder to set and sometimes bake under my eyes. The powder is lite weight and easy to apply. The packaging has a slide to close off the powder from spilling everywhere. Powder in general can be messy but I have minimal problems with this powder being messy since it comes out in small increments. The powder is yellow but not Sacha Buttercup yellow where you will literally look yellow lol. It has a hint of yellow that truly brightens your under eyes. It does not leave me with a white cast and I even use it to sharpen my contour. The powder price is great in my opinion but I use a combination of high end and drug store. This powder is truly my favorite powder. I've used Dermablend, Laura Mercir, Sacha Buttercup, Cody Airsprun, and the list continues. This powder does not dry out my under eye and when my oils starts coming through it does not budge.

- ulta
Cult Beauty userApril 13, 2017

Turned my undereyes orange

Used this twice. Both times when using the 'translucent' version of this powder it turned my under eye concealer orange after I spent ages blending it out. Definitely don't waste your money on this it's awful.

- Cult Beauty
beautybakerie.com userJune 13, 2017


Where has this powder been my entire life?! I've never used yellow powders before, but my sister swears by them. I saw this powder in a review on Youtube and it looked incredibly natural on the beauty guru, so I was instantly intrigued. I was a bit worried because I thought the powder would be too dark or too yellow for me; I have fair olive skin that sometimes already looks too yellow on its own. But this powder isn't bright yellow, but a pale buttery yellow. It's incredibly silky and leaves a beautiful smooth finish on the skin. I have combo-oily skin and I use it all over the face because I love it so much. It brightens under the eyes wonderfully, but leaves my face matte but not powdery looking. It's seriously so amazing! I will definitely be repurchasing this as long as it's around! Less

- beautybakerie.com
beautybakerie.com userAugust 10, 2018

New fave product!

I recently purchased this after seeing it around online and I’m obsessed. I keep reaching for this setting powder over all my others and I don’t know how I lived without it! First of all, the packaging is the most adorable thing and made me so happy. It was such a treat to receive in the mail. Most importantly, it’s seriously everything a setting powder should be. It’s creamy, finely milled, silky and easy to blend. I love the way it makes my foundation look, blurs my pores, and smooths the appearance of my skin, especially under my eyes where my makeup usually creases and on my cheeks, where my pores are larger. It’s matte without looking dry and even though it’s translucent, I feel incomplete without it! Definitely a new staple in my beauty routine and I can’t wait to try more from this beautiful brand! Less

- beautybakerie.com
beautybakerie.com userMay 15, 2018

This powder brought spring to my state.

Ok. Ok. Maybe it wasn't the powder. But it sure didn't happen before the powder graced my skin. 🤣😂😂. Seriously, I love this flour setting powder. It has raised the bar on my expectations for any and all setting powders. 1. It is a fine milled powder that lightly and quickly sinks into the skin. I use it the translucent powder after my primer and the yellow powder after my foundation. This allows me to address any oiliness that may try to break through. (I took that from Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie.) 2.) I can bake with this without it exaggerating my pores or under eye smile lines. 3.) It sets my makeup in place all day! I don't fight with oiliness or slippage throughout my day (or night) and I'm constantly going, constantly sweating on my face. 4.) It blends down well and does not give flash back. The amount of selfies in my phone is ridiculous. Flash or no flash, I'm not worried. Wherever you want to place that light, I'm good. You have a professional camera? Which side or angle do you need. This powder is the business. The only drawback, which (for me) isn't a big deal, is that it can be a tad messy. But, no worries, it dusts right off. The only time this powder breaks my heart is when it's sold out. Less

- beautybakerie.com

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OilyOily Skin
Beauty Bakerie’s setting powder is my holy grail and Ulta sells it!
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Beauty Bakerie. The originality of using sweet themed makeup products as well as the inclusivity of her shades will always get a vote from me. As soon as you enter her website you have options of what to explore as well as what goes with your tone and undertone. Her brand is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and smudge proof! My favorite product from her would definitely have to be the setting powder! I’m always switching up setting powders but when asking for full wear of your makeup and no flashback hers is the best hands down!
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The CEO of Beauty Bakerie, Cashmere Nicole, is a influence to us women and especially women of color. Her brand has a very cute, playful, theme and style; while her products work like absolute magic. Ms. Nicole was and still is an inspiration to black-owned companies, and her products cater to ALL skin tones!
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whats the best affordable setting/baking powder for dry skin? i always have a problem with mattifying my face because the powder tends to break on my skin and look grainy. also sinks into my smile line and crease under my eyes.
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DryDry Skin
I promise you this is the best!!! No flashbacks and is amazing and affordable!
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SensitiveSensitive Skin
I’m going to Ulta tomorrow, need some good products recommendations!
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I’ve heard this is amazing setting powder! I have a couple of friends who use it bur I haven’t been able to buy it yet.
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Anyone know if colourpop’s setting powder is good? Especially for darker skin👀👀
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Girl it’s so trash lol but beauty bakerie is a great company for our darker complexions and their setting power is amazing
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The best therapy!
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Best foundation and primer combo for oily skin! Mines slicks half way through the day 😭 I use currently estee lauder double wear with Becca ever matte primer #help !
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I recommend using smashbox’s photofinish primer paired with NARS all day luminous foundation. It wears really nicely for about 6 ish hours, and I usually use this powder foundation to blot/ set my face as well! Don’t forget that setting powder. It is truly a Godsend. My favorite is beauty bakerie’s.