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Keisha Hardy
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What is good drugstore primer and foundation and concealer and makeup in general for oily skin I have visible pores , acne and blemishes, blackheads sometimes acne scaring I’m not sure what to do it’s my first Time with makeup and if there’s anything good makeup brushes or tools let me know

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Alisha Reynolds
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wet and wild brushes are super nice, and at walgreens, walmart, etc. you can get them for super cheap! (cheaper than the $8 listed) ranging from $1 to $3 or $4!

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Candace Rasnake
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What are some of the best options for getting even skin texture? Products, tools, etc...

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LoveAlways R
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Alicia Barrios
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Skincare Help! So I’ve been getting clogged pores and tiny bumps everywhere & I don’t know why! I wash my makeup tools, I exfoliate with a hydrating face scrub 2 a week, I moisturize like crazy! & still I’m getting these bumps and nothing seems to help, someone give me drugstore price skincare items I can try please!

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kika caro
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I have been having the same issue except i was getting a lot of small milia pumps under my eyes and some around my forehead. My makeup was not sitting well so i just started ( going on week 2) of a new routine from the drugstore until i can get my hands in good expensive stuff. I use the L’Oreal daily exfoliating cleanser because it exfoliates but not too harsh where it’s stripping away my natural oils and then i use the L’Oréal collagen day/night moisturizer and then the L’Oréal eye cream with caffeine and I’ve actually been noticing some of the little bumps diminishing a little. I also forgot to mention i use the Mario bodescu face toner with glycolic acid i use that after i cleanse then i do the moisturizers.

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Alicia Barrios
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Thank you!