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Sarah Beth
Combination Skin

what's a good, affordable moisturizer for dry skin? i'd rather something in a big tub than a small bottle because of plastic waste 🤧

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Maddie Beaver
Combination Skin

I’m obsessed with the drench&quench moisturizer by Bliss it’s kinda affordable and the most hydrating product I’ve ever used. I get it at target but I’m sure you could also find it at other stores! Also, it comes in a much bigger container then my picture!

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Annie Miller
Sensitive Skin

My face has been super dry, what are some good hydrations?! And not to expensive!

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Stephanie Lara
Dry Skin

The Ordinary skincare line is really good for my skin, which is also red and dry.

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Combination Skin

i've been trying to lower how much makeup i use so i want to find a concealer that i can just use to hide my dark circles and some redness on my nose so it's more of a natural makeup look. any cheap concealers for combo skin?

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Combination Skin

Good coverage made for dark circles & pretty cheap 😊

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Shannon Stark
Dry Skin

@nora this is the best thing ever

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Erica Carman
Dry Skin

@nora YES!!