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Profile picture of Anastasia Peters
Anastasia Peters
DryDry Skin
What should be in a makeup kit? Like the essentials, I’m getting into makeup and want to learn the basics first #beginner
Profile picture of Jenny Bach
Jenny Bach
DryDry Skin
Foundation, concealer, primer,mascara, eye shadow palette, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, highlighter, and lipstick/gloss. If you’re super new and only want the basics all together in a kit then grab a makeup set from ulta. That’s what I started with. Good luck!
Profile picture of Siena Morley
Siena Morley
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Affordable makeup brush sets?? Just the basics
Profile picture of Jon Bligh
Jon Bligh
DryDry Skin
This bh cosmetics brush set!! Actually anything bh they are a very affordable brand for STUNNING prices.
Profile picture of Tessa Coudriet
Tessa Coudriet
DryDry Skin
Relatively new to skincare. Not entirely positive on my skin type. Looking for tips and the basics. I’m currently using a lemon cleanser. Olay moisturizer and an eye cream. I just started using the Mario badescu rose face spray.
Profile picture of Sevenatenine
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Honestly I recommend going and getting a facial and asking the person who does it for a little advice however if you can not afford that I would recommend not doing anything to your face for a full day just to see what it’s like without washing it / in it’s raw state if you have oily skin your skin with feel slightly slick and if your skin is dry your skin with feel tight and possibly tender. And keep in mind every skin care routine should include cleansing, toner, moisturiser, and you can decide what to add to that from there I’m also going to sent you over to this YouTube channel called beauty within for information and stuff
Profile picture of Melissa Lennox
Melissa Lennox
OilyOily Skin
Just a fresh day time look that i did for my state board practical exam today! We were told to look professional and presentable so this is the look I came up with! I used mostly warm tones to compliment my skin tone and eye color. I used the shade “universal nude” in the Covergirl Outlast liquid lipstick formula. And for my brows I used the shade “faint” from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I hope you guys enjoy this look! I sure did!