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leslie galvez
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Who knows of a good base for hooded/ oily eyelids?! By the time I get home after an 7hour shift my eyeshadow from the crease is like gone of how oily my lids are :( #oily #hoodedeyes #base

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Haley Castro
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Try this eye primer! It’s really good for oily eye lids!

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vaanishka kapoor
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i don’t use foundation since luckily my skin isn’t that bad ( i do use concealer because it ain’t perfect ) but i feel like i need a base ,so can anyone please recommend a medium coverage foundation ?

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if you feel like you don’t need anything heavy, maybe try a BB cream? i like this one because i do struggle with acne but i’ve heard that the regular one is just as great if you don’t need that salicylic acid!

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Lil Nena
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@jen im literally wearing it right now, its the best 💯

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im super pale and going on vacation soon, is it worse for my skin to get a base in a tanning bed? or to just get sunburnt?

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Francela Gonzalez
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You should try these! They make you look like you have a natural tan glow. I put them on every morning and mix them with my primer for an easier application.