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Chisel Cheeks Contour Creams by Barry M
Barry M

Chisel Cheeks Contour Creams


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blends well

absolutely love this product it is so soft on your skin and very blendable it makes the perfect contor would reconnect to anyone xx absolutely love love love great value for your money and very cheep xx

- Very User

never contorted before got this and they are really easy to use, easy to blend, colour is great on the skin very happy to purchase again

- Ebay User
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superdrug.com userDecember 13, 2016

Pleasantly Surprised!

These are really easy to use - don't be put off by how dark the contour is, it blends really easily! I still use a shimmer highlighter on the cheek bones, cupids bow, brow bone and nose as there's no shimmer in this highlighter. Highlighter is a little thick but I made sure I moisturised and primed my face and it seems to look fine doing this! I found it fine to use on my nose as long as I put minimal pressure... still got a very thin line exactly where I wanted. If in doubt, use a thin (possibly angled) brush. 

- superdrug.com
superdrug.com userJune 13, 2017

Keep them forever as they will be a life saver.

Super creamy, easy mixture and such a simple application that even a fool like me has managed to contour perfectly with these sticks. I bought them near on 8 months ago and they still have so much left, with no issues whatsoever. They make life super easy in the mornings, as contour takes no time at all. Beautifully blendable (as long as you remember to wet your beauty blender!) I find it easiest if you add a thin layer of foundation prior to using these. I adore them and couldn't contour without! 

- superdrug.com
littlewoods.com userJune 11, 2017

Nice blend

Im no good at make up but these were easy to use nice blend not to heavy on the skin perfect for beginers

- littlewoods.com
very.co.uk userNovember 19, 2016

Great quality

I love this product.. More the highlight one than the other. I use this under my eyes and forehead and it gives the right amount of shimmer and cleans the under eye right up. Great for hiding those dark patches after a long hard day.. Plus side it stays on all day!

- very.co.uk
very.co.uk userSeptember 13, 2016

Bit disappointed

Bought a month ago but did not get on well with is so have not used it since i first tried it out! I found that the creams were quite sheer in colour so you would have to apply a lot in order to see the benefits and they were not as blendable as i expected. they are also quite oily in texture so make the skin look shiny not suitable if you already ahve oily skin like me. I found that they are too fat to apply with precision. Really disappointed.

- very.co.uk