Original Loose Powder Foundation SPF 15 by BareMinerals

Original Loose Powder Foundation SPF 15


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good quality
finish: natural
coverage: medium coverage
Contains Acne-Provoking Ingredients
luxury, vegan
Selected ShadebareMinerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15

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Okay for combination skin

"...i've got combination skin, and i like the 'barely there' look, so this is perfect..."

- Bareescentuals User

"...this is a combination skinned girl's dream..."

- Sephora User
qualitygood quality
"with the right technique, this make-up gives an airbrushed quality that softens all imperfections and gives an even complexion"
- Beauty User
"it's beautiful and gives my face an air-brushed quality"
- Sephora User
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"i love how buildable this is"
- Sephora User
"i love how fast, easy and buildable the minerals are and it give you a beautiful look with a little bit of glow"
- Sephora User
"it feels so lightweight and it provides such a beautiful, even, luminous coverage"
- Ulta User
"makes my skin look smooth and radiant"
- Ulta User
"since using i have noticed my skin is clearer, healthier and i finally have skin that looks so smooth"
- Lookfantastic User
"but i was wrong it goes on my skin soooo smooth the only problem is that if you want a full coverage you have to build on it but if you want a natural finish this is perfect for you"
- Sephora User
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Bareescentuals.co.uk User
Blends well, lightweight, brightening
I have been looking for the perfect foundation for my shade and skin tone forever. I use to use Prescriptives Custom Blend (bespoke makeup) which is made for you for many years until they went out of business. I tried just about everything and settled on Mac. I have problematic skin, the texture is rough and uneven and I have a great many blemishes and dark pigmentation which is something black people can suffer with. I wear foundation every day and it would take me 20 minutes every morning just applying concealer and foundation to cover up all the discolouration. WELL now it takes me only around 3 minutes to apply foundation and highlighter. I can't believe how this foundation (I use Original SPF in warm dark has totally changed my life. My face looks so smooth and bright and it covers every single blemish with me just using a tiny amount. I have never found a foundation that matches my skin tone so closely not even the prescriptives. I used to dream about having the skin that I now have and cried when I first put it on and my sister told me that my skin looked flawless and how perfect the shade was as she knows how depressed and demoralised I felt because of my skin. It is just so easy to apply I bought the full size kabuki brush and so apply it with that. It goes on like an absolute dream with such little effort and apart from a couple of touch-ups during the day, (necessary as I have long loose hair and it tends to wipe my make up off# pretty much stays intact for the working day. I never go dry or looked caked. I originally bought the matte version and hated it as found it too dry for me and flat and it lacked luminosity which the original version has .I ended up buying it from Selfridges as they were the only ones happy to give samples for you to take away and try. Samples were hard to come by as to me you really need to see how it wears all day/what it looks like at different times of the day/what happens when it oxidizes with your natural face oils etc. I went to Debenhams and John Lewis and was told both times that they don't do samples so I ended up buying the golden dark as it was applied in store and thought it looked good until the next morning when I put it on at home and looked as if I had been tangoed, way too orange for my skin shade. So a costly mistake as I then went back two days later #Selfridges this time) and purchased the correct shade after using samples for 2 days, which they happily supplied. True some people are just looking for a bit of free supply and have no intention of buying but you should be able to work out who is genuine and if not to err on the side of giving samples. If the product is amazing and BM certainly is that, you should give samples and let people go home and try for themselves, away from the store lights and persuasive sale techniques. Apart from the sample issue this makeup is truly amazing and I will never ever go back to liquid foundation. Plus my skin seems to be clearing up and has never looked better. I'm blown away by all the pros of this makeup. I really can't find one downside to the actual product. Everyone should give it a try but as have read on here getting the correct brush is key. I don't use the primetime and it still works amazingly well for me as always find primers too dry for my skin, but that's just me. I also don't use the tinted veil powder and use my Ben Nye powders which are really fine and works well with the BM. « less
Justine Zapata
oilyOily Skin
Not buildable, glowy, not good for sensitive skin
Not great. I wanted to like it so much because of how glowy and angelic it looked on my hand. After trying it in many ways I couldn’t make it work. My skin is oily and sensitive, the foundation irritated my skin and made it feel sunburned. It didn’t last on my skin and separated from my oils. It also showed my pores really prominently. If you have acne or scarring, don’t try this one, if you build it up the color will darken and because it has that pretty glow, it will look super obvious where you built up the product. I would only recommend this for normal skin with minimal coverage needs.
Sephora User
Good for sensitive skin, low coverage, smooth
Product: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Foundation in Light (25.00 for 0.28 ounces) Shade: Sheer light golden cream >> This product speaks for itself. It's made from pure, crushed minerals straight from our planet. It feels like a cream because it's so finely milled, applied like a powder - but never looks caky, and makes the skin like you've layered silk on it. It's the makeup that feels and looks like no makeup - but your face will be perfected. It's made without Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances/Dyes, Petro-Chemicals, Phthalates. Parabens are said to lead to cancer in woman, while synthetic items are not healthy for the skin. It won't irritate the skin or cause breakouts, which is a relief to all ladies~! According to the statistics on Sephora 98% of woman said their skin looked softer, smoother, and younger. 90% saw IMPROVEMENT in their SKIN with continuous use - a foundation that makes you not need to use foundation. 93% noticed that their skin looked more radiant! >> So, what's my true opinion? I have 2 containers of this foundation, both mini sized. (10 Day Full Face Samples from Sephora.) They have lasted me for a year of light usage from day to day. (Not everyday of course, maybe 2-3 weeks of full face usage if you add it up.) What I'm trying to get at is this stuff lasts. The samples - that were free - lasted a good time for being a sample. I don't have the full size product, I want to get it, but I can bet you that it will last just as long. Obviously longer because it's bigger! Another nice thing is that it comes in so many different shades. I always feel annoyed when I look at a foundation and think, wow. There's 5 shades, and they're all for pale skinned girls. Really, leaving people out in makeup! Not cool! Being light skinned, I don't have a lot of problems, but some of my best friends have olive and darker skin. It's not fair that they can't use my favorite foundation, especially if we have the same skin type. This foundation comes in 20 shades, so any girl can find their perfect fit. >> Besides that this foundation is certified organic it feels just plain good on the skin. I like to buff this on with a Kabuki Brush (small, dense, face brush.) for perfect application. The key to awesome looking skin is to begin by getting a chunk of product on the brush. Now swirl the brush in the cap to get a thin layer of powder on each bristle. Then, tap on the side of the cap so the excess falls in, and voila! You have a brush with the perfect amount of powder evened out. It has light to medium coverage, depending how much you layer it. It works good on girls who have redness, light blemishes, light acne scars, un-even skin tone, etc. If you have bad acne, and dark acne scars this might not be the best for you. But don't feel down! Apply your favorite foundation on first, and then apply this on top. It leaves anything powdery and fake with a soft natural glow. Of course, no sparkle. >> The packaging on this is simple and sleek. The bottom is clear so you can see how much foundation you have, the and the top is matte black. To finish, this foundation has sunscreen, something every girl needs. Obviously you want to apply a sunscreen prior to foundation (apply a separate one for more protection of course!) but this adds a little more strength. Effectiveness: 10/10 Value: 10/10 Packaging: 8/10 Ease Of Use: 10/10 Overall: 10/10 Grade: A+ Love this product all around - it's a great buy!


Compared to other foundations, the ingredients in this product contain a larger number of acne producing chemicals.
5 ingredients

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