Mineral Veil Finishing Powder by BareMinerals

Mineral Veil Finishing Powder


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blends well
finish: natural
coverage: medium coverage
Contains Acne-Provoking Ingredients
cruelty-free, luxury, vegan
Selected ShadeHydrating Mineral Veil

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What the reviews are saying

Good for oily skin

"...it's light weight, and keeps my oily skin shine free for around 5-6hrs..."

- Sephora User

"...has been the best thing i have ever used for my very oily skin..."

- Ulta User
"i love how mineral veil smooths out my skin tone"
- Sephora User
"i have reasonably clear and smooth skin, and thought the foundation by itself did wonders, but the mineral veil goes the extra step and makes your skin look radiant"
- Sephora User
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blendabilityblends well
"my gosh it is absolutely amazing just a little swirled on my braasch my paws disappear my eyeshadow is blended perfectly it never dries my face it's always exactly what i need and stays right where i put it"
- Sephora User
"also never screams "highlighter" instead truly blends-out to a wonderful natural plush skin finish with just the right amount of glow -- like you're trying to suppress a passionate memory lol"
- Nordstrom User
staying powerlonglasting
"another great feature i love about bareminerals mineral veil is that it stays on and looks great all day long--even through sweat and heat"
- Viewpoints User
"this product really keeps the shine down and makeup stays on all day"
- Ulta User
"i love how this illuminates my skin"
- Ulta User
"provides illumination and freshness to face - love it"
- Ulta User
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Viewpoints.com User
Not pore minimizing, heavy, not good for sensitive skin
Yeah for minerals I said! Yeah for a product that isnt a greasy heavy cream or stick, or thick gloopy mess! It wont clot my pores, wont upset my delicate and allergic skin, will wash off easily, wont be messy...I had a thousand reasons I wanted this product! Wow, how I wanted this product. I paid (the full price when it first came out I might ad) and anxiously awaited for the set to arrive. I paid the extra monies to have the (then) optional DVD of how to apply and use the product with it as well because frankly I have never been much of a makeup wearer. I am allergic to most things, especially anything in cream form, or anything with an oil/petrolium base, so my selection of this product was done very carefully and after speaking with a representative. Now, mind you, I am no spring chicken, but I dont have definate wrinkles either, just the precurser of lines to the forehead, I dont even have laugh or smile lines. But boy did this product just set me up to look old. I watched the video all the way through once just for general interest, the next time I watched, I sat with the products and tried them all out with the video directions. I wasnt real happy with how it applied to my face, settling into every nook and cranny and into anything that was even hinting at being a wrinkle in the next millenium! I tried a different application, same, I tried more, same. I tried different brushes, different techniques, even talked to the company about what I was doing wrong. Guess what? Nothing. There is just a small percentage of us that this make up wont work for. Light and thin skinned people or heavily haired persons she said. Lovely. Seems like they should have put that on the ad to begin with. So ladies, if you are light, thin or hairy skinned, dont bother. This product is not for you. And if you have allergies that focus themselves mostly on your eyes, dont bother either, I had a horrible eye reaction to the eye shadows. They may be natural minerals, but they are still minerals and cause the same bad allergy affects.
Sephora User
Blends well, natural, lightweight
I started using this foundation at the height of its popularity and it was my daily foundation for YEARS. I used to be obsessed with flawless coverage, despite my skin being relatively clear other than a handful light acne marks, one or two darker acne marks, and maybe one pimple. I wore medium-heavy full coverage foundation daily to completely hid it all. And usually no other makeup. The medium-heavy foundation and my obsessive powdering of my oily skin was almost definitely clogging my pores and leading to the acne.Switching to BareMinerals lessened the number of products I was using on my skin, hid what I wanted to hid, looked way more natural, was fun to put on, and provided great SPF as well. I loved that after "buffing" the foundation powder on, I could use the powder powder as concealer as well on any darker spots and it blended perfectly and way more easily than the stick concealer I had been using. And the "concealer" coverage lasted much longer. BareMinerals doesn't sell the same concealer burst as I have anymore but I'm sure their new one works as well. Mine is like a double sized eyeshadow brush, with bristles stiffer than an eyeshadow brush and less thick than a usual concealer brush. (Well actually I have two! I used to carry one in my bag for touch ups.)Also, my skin definitely improved.I got older and started a PhD program and stopped caring as much about coverage (and the acne lessened a bit) so moved on to just a tinted moisturizer and a quick brush of translucent powder for daily use. What I miss most how well the BareMinerals powder blended as a concealer when I was using this as foundation. « less
Sephora User
Blends well, glowy, good for dry skin
I have been using Bare Minerals illuminating mineral veil for years now and absolutely love it. I am into trying new products and normally don't stick to one product for too long since I'm always switching it up, but this is one thing that has never changed in my makeup routine for years now. When you look in the jar it can be quite shocking because there appears to be a lot of shimmer in this product, it is illuminating afterall, but once you apply this to your face it gives a beautiful soft glow that lasts all day. I have dry skin, but I think that if you have oily skin you will probably not like this product at all because it is so illuminating and may make you look too shiny. I dust this all over my face after I'm done with all of my makeup before I spray my setting spray, it's also nice to use to help tone down a blush if you happened to apply too much. I am fair toned and this is quite white, so if you have a deeper darker skin tone, I don't know how well this will work on you. Another thing I like about this, is that it doesn't settle into any dry patches that I may have, which a lot of powders tend to do on my dry skin and this jar last quite awhile since you do not need much of it at all. I really can't say enough good things about this product and will continue to purchase this as long as it's made.


Compared to other face powders, the ingredients in this product contain a larger number of acne producing chemicals.
27 ingredients

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