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Gen Nude Powder Blush by bareMinerals

Gen Nude Powder Blush

staying power(64)
pigmentation: pigmented
bareMineralsBuy ($24)

Top Reviews

staying power


the best part is--it stays on all day

- Zulily User

pigmented and lasts all day, super easy to blend

- Ulta User


blends well

it blends like butter

- Ulta User

it blends beautifully and stays in place all day

- Ulta User



pros: blends great, can build more color to personal desire, light weight, very natural, great pigmentation, a little goes a long way

- Bareminerals User

it makes your skin feel smooth and light

- Overstock User


has fallout

this one seems more powdery, lots of loose product when i open it up

- Bareminerals User

also it was powdery, didn't blend into my skin/makeup as i had hoped

- Bareminerals User



very pigmented

- Sephora User

very pigmented

- Sephora User
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bareminerals.com userMay 7, 2019

Beautiful, long lasting colour

I finally got the chance to try out this product and am extremely impressed! I purchased "Call My Blush". It is a beautiful colour on my fair skin (I always use the lightest foundation shades). You don't need a lot of product because it's surprisingly very pigmented, blends beautifully, and lasts all day. 

- bareminerals.com
ulta.com userJuly 27, 2018

Love at First Blush

I bought this mineral blush in shade : pink me up . I have mid light to medium skin and green eyes .I wear Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue in : Shade " 05 Natural ". ( for reference ) . I love Pink me up . It looks beautiful on my skin . It is more on the matte side of blush . It does not have heavy shimmer or sparkle so if you are looking for a shimmery finish to your blush this is not it . It is a powder but the finish almost feels " creamy " . I take my small domed highlighter brush swirl , tap off excess and blend over my cheekbones and under my cheekbones in a upside down " C'" motion . It sculps my cheeks beautifully and although more on the matte side once you apply it it is a beautiful radiant lit- from within finish . As we get older adding light to the high points of the face is the best thing we can do to look younger , aside from wearing sunscreen every day and taking care of our skin. This blush is amazing not only because of the Matte yet Radiant finish but also because it is buildable .You can control the coverage if you simply want a " soft flush " or like me if you truly want a sculpted cheekbone with a radiant finish " Do not let that scare you . unlike most blushes you can really build this one up without looking like a clown it never looks like that . it is a dream to work with this blush. The shade ranges in this blush line are beautiful from pinks, to peaches to merlots and beigies there is a shade for everyone . I love pink blushes for my look and pink me up is a beautiful nude pink with a pearl finish. One more thing about the finish . It is not dry and chalky like most powder blushes . like I said although a pressed powder blush on the skin well at least on mine anyway it feels almost creamy . It blends beautifully and stays in place all day . I cannot say enough amazing things about this Bare Minerals Gen Nude Blush! Find your shade and play with it . You will not be disappointed ! XO « less

- ulta.com
sephora userJune 20, 2019

Cheap cheap cheap!

This blush looks and feels SO cheap. I honestly can’t believe they would sell this product at this price point. First of all, the packaging is terrible. The compact is made of the cheapest plastic possible. It’s hard to open and when you shut it it makes a loud SNAP where the plastic tab catches onto the lower one (because of the cheap plastic). I would expect this kind of packaging on an E.L.F. or Wet N Wild blush (which would be reasonable for the price you’re paying), but not on a $24 blush. I was so disappointed at the cheap, ugly packaging that I didn’t want to try the product, but I finally did. In a nutshell, the blush seems just as cheap as the packaging. Too much product gets picked up by the brush, it applies unevenly, I had to blend it out a ton to get it looking okay, the color is just meh, and there is nothing “radiant” about the finish. I’m not sure why they call it radiant because it’s truly just a monochrome matte blush, so you’ll have to layer something over it if you want a bit of glowiness. The smell was also terrible, and I don’t like to use something if I’m not a fan of the scent. I can only describe the smell of this blush as “old lady vanilla musk” and that is not something I enjoy smelling throughout the day. Yuck. I hated everything about this product and would never recommend.

- sephora
sephora userMarch 10, 2019

Can Fool Anyone That Blush Is Natural!

All of the colors (not just That Peach Tho) are great blushes! I think they have a blush color for all skin types here. It’s so hard to find a blush now days that is not full of glitter/shimmer and still have a good amount of product and are good quality. This blush blends out so easily and it’s easy to pick up color. The texture is great and it last a long time. There is zero fallout in this blush and the packaging is very reliable (I would highly recommend to travelers if they want to feel safe carrying their blushes). It has a loud click you can really tell it’s secure. I have never had a blush I loved so much that I used it to the end and this was the first one to ever do that (note: I have used too faced, tarte, hourglass, nars, urban decay, and benefit blushes). The price you pay for the amount and quality is just perfect! It’s such a fantastic deal! The “That Peach Tho” is good for all year round and I love the Berry and Chocolate blushes for winter! They are drop dead gorgeous then! Seriously give these blushes a try, especially if you have been looking for non shimmery ones! They aren’t so matte that it looks cakey like some matte blushes can look (because they aren’t considered matte). Also, because they aren’t shimmery, they blend extremely well and look like your real, natural blush. If you were to do a no-makeup makeup look, these blushes would really fool others into believing these colors are your true cheek colors.

- sephora
bareminerals.com userDecember 24, 2018


Got this full size in “You got me at merlot” in my surprise Clean Box in Sept 2018.Dec 2018 reviewThis is the best compact foundation I have ever used and own! I would highly recommend!At first I was intimidated by the color (color: You got me at merlot) because I have fair skin but it goes on looking natural and blends great into the cheeks like a dream!Pros: blends great, can build more color to personal desire, light weight, very natural, great pigmentation, a little goes a long way.Cons: none 

- bareminerals.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Red 7 Lakeacne

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