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Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer - Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30 by bareMinerals

Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer - Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30

blends well(932)
finish: demi-matte coverage: medium coverage
Variation: Bamboo 5.5
bareMineralsBuy ($32)

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but it evens out my skin tone, moisturizes my dry skin without causing breakouts (i always use a gel moisturizer so this is perfect) while giving me a truly radiant look

- Sephora User

this is the perfect pigmentation for a light and sheer coverage, provides spf to protect skin, and gives your skin a little brightness and lively color, especially on sleepless nights where i look drained

- Ulta User


redness relief

pair this cream with baremineral’s ‘ready touch up veil’ powder - when i combined both products i was happy to see all blemishes and shine were once again heavily reduced

- Mecca User

it covers my redness beautifully

- Ulta User



it is very lightweight,nongreasy, and smooth; i mix a pea sized amount with my moisturizer every morning with a makeup brush and it goes on very evenly

- Nordstrom User

i love how this product covers minor imperfections and has a light weight, natural, look and feel on my skin

- Ulta User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

tried the tan yesterday applying with my fingers (i'm r310 medium tan in ready) and while it made my face look a bit orange, i loved its effect on my skin

- Bareminerals User

it stays all day, doesn’t oxidize, and just feels so natural…btw, i have combo skin with large pores and i look flawless with this

- Sephora User

staying power


i love how well this covers and how well it stays on

- Ulta User

it really evens out my skin, gives it a pretty glow - and surprisingly stays on all day ( i do set with an hourglass ambient light powder)

- Sephora User



my skin feels soft, hydrated, and most of all happy - no irritation or breakouts

- Sephora User

but not this -- this foundation looks beautiful and doesn't irritate my skin and it stays looking smooth and hydrated and protected all day

- Qvc User



i have a makeup routine and i use the prime time oil control foundation primer then i put the foundation on with just a pea sized dot on my hand i then take the smoothening face brush (bare minerals) to blend it all in and it doesn't look cakey at all then i use the blemish ready concelor and then the bare skin perfecting veil and then the urban decay de-slick makeup setting spray that's oil control

- Sephora User

i really hate wearing foundation and was looking for something that would even out my skin tone and make my face look smoother and nicer without covering my freckles and feeling like i was wearing foundation

- Sephora User



the shade i am using matches my complexion perfectly, and while it doesn't cover my age spots, i really don't care because it leaves my face looking natural and hydrated

- Sephora User

the shade i am using matches my complexion perfectly, and while it doesn't cover my age spots, i really don't care because it leaves my face looking natural and hydrated

- Sephora User



i was reading the comments on this product wanted to address some of the problems that i seen women complaining of several times first and foremost if we were using these products and have oily skin like i do you first use a mattifying primer also set your foundation with mineral veil you will get oily about 5 hours in to wearing it so you'll need to reapply mineral veil to your t zone if you do this your makeup will look great all day and i mean all day this is the best makeup that you can buy that's healthy for your skin for me personally i have severely sensitive and acne prone skin and can only use proactive and bare minerals and that's it but it's the only line i can honestly where without breaking out and and since my skin is starting to mature it does not settle into wrinkles and accentuate them perfect for me but just thought i would help those with oily skin you can use this during the summer even

- Ulta User

it definitely keeps my face more matte than other foundations i've used (and i used the same mattifying primer and powder with the others), which is amazing

- Sephora User


blends well

no oxidation, no streaks, and doesn't feel like wearing anything at all

- Sephora User

blends best with your fingers

- Ulta User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

no silicones, no talc that clog pores

- Bareminerals User

it looks so natural and hydrating, gives my skin a healthy dewy look and i love how it does not sink into my pores or fine lines

- Sephora User



i am thrilled that i've finally found a good, lightweight sunscreen/foundation that has a semi-matte finish

- Sephora User

i personally like relatively full coverage with a semi-matte finish

- Sephora User


medium coverage

this one is light in texture, blends easily with a brush or fingers, provides a light to medium amount of coverage, and looks natural

- Ulta User

this provides sunscreen protection, light to medium coverage , all day wear

- Sephora User
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Sephora userMay 9, 2016

My HG daily foundation!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

PERFECT for dry-skinned girls! Feels so comforting on. The first time I ever used it, I kept touching my face all day, because it felt so plump & cushioned... springy, even. The moisturizing benefits slowly release all day. I'm super, super dry, and my skin at mid-40s is totally showing signs of aging. This makes me look younger, and nourishes my skin. Also, only settles a tiny bit into my fairly deep lines, and not at all into fine lines (way better performance than most every other foundation I've tried). I feel my skin tone has improved since wearing this daily (since it came out, so a year now). Very pretty finish. Makes you look a bit more put together, yet you still look fresh. I get lots of compliments on my skin when I wear this. It's fairly sheer. Not sure if it's buildable. Excellent sun protection. Not shiny, but not totally matte....just right. No shimmer, but I do not look at all dull in it. Photographs VERY well (though I rarely take flash photos). Does not oxidize at all on me. Does not move or wear off. Lasts a good 8-11 hours. When it does wear slightly, it is a very subtle, even fading, never ever breaking apart, never getting patchy. Looks okay if I sweat some. Does not settle into my pores nor does it emphasize them (but it is not blurring, does not completely hide them). This is a "one & done" product. If you have normal skin you can skip moisturizer, skip sunscreen, just use this. Dry skin might need some moisturizer first. Absolutely no need for primer. I have tried multiple primers under this, just to experiment, and it has never improved the look or wear time ('cause it's already very easily to blend and already lasts a long time). Also, no need for setting powder. Super easy to apply. I use my fingers, and finish with a quick once over with a Sephora brush (I did not buy the one recommended by BareMinerals, but a better one: Sephora #45 Classic Multitasker), though fingers alone application looks really good. I don't even need a mirror. Just rub it on like lotion, and buff quickly with a brush. So easy! Gel Rescue Cream plays nice with other products. I occasionally apply a bit of the BareMinerals Ready Touch Up Veil in Transluscent (I'm fair) over it, to make the pores on my nose invisible and to make my forehead matte. I have also applied Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation over this, either only on chin where I have hyperpigmentation (and it blends out beautifully), or over all of my face, when I want a completely flawless and made up look, and the two work well together. I have used this with a gel/cream hybrid blush, and no streaking; powder blush applied evenly also. Color selection is awesome. I am fair-to-light, and I love how many fair shades there are, including several with warm undertones (though I think there are pink and neutral choices too). It blends into skin color so well. Reminds me of an HG bb-cream, that way. Gel Rescue Cream is PERFECT for: - teenagers first makeup (so natural looking) - foundation-phobes - those who don't like "mask-y" foundation (this breathes) - sensitive skin - those who need sunscreen but don't want "white face" - non-makeup users wanting something for date nights - dry-skin to super dry - aging to very aging skin - mineral makeup powder users who need more moisture - busy moms - careers where you need to look not makeup-y (cops, military, teachers) - "my skin but better" look - makeup applied in the car - any person who only has 1 minute - those not wanting multiple steps - outdoorsy types (the sun protection) - traveling (sturdy squeeze tube; never leaks) - people with okay to pretty good skin already Who it may NOT work for: - people with severe discoloration - anyone wanting very full coverage (this is not) - very oily skin wanting oil control I really encourage you to try this. It is an amazing product. Such a good way to look very pretty and healthy, while getting sun protection. I would die if they stopped making this. If I hear that, I am going to buy like 40 tubes to last me forever. Note: if you tried the first BareMinerals liquid... <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="5167085581949947552-full" data-show="5167085581949947552-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Sephora
Sephora userDecember 1, 2014

Truly Amazing

I am truly impressed with this product. I steered clear of this product for quite a while because I heard bad things about it, like it wouldn't stay on and come off halfway through out the day and that it wasn't good for people with oily skin cause it made them look extra oily. I haven't had any of those problems with this foundation. Sometimes it does get a little flakey looking on dry patches of my face (which has happened with multiple kinds of foundation that I've tried, like Urban Decay's Naked Skin which was really dry) but so long as I put on a good moisturizer on those spots that tend to be a bit dryer this product goes on super smooth.Now I absolutely love Bare Minerals as a brand because they make there products with your skin in mind. They make sure there products aren't going to have a negative affect on your skin and they're made out of pure minerals instead of a bunch of bad chemicals. They're made to moisturize your skin as well as being anti-aging. Wearing the foundation won't clog your pores up like so many foundations do. Which is why I am so happy they came out with a liquid foundation because I can get instant coverage with liquid verses powders and so many liquid foundations are bad for your skin so its nice having a healthy foundation to use.There are a couple things to know about using this product though. For one, since this product is made from natural ingredients and put into liquid form it naturally separates in the bottle so it needs to be shaken. And shake like you mean it. There have been a couple times that I have squeezed out a drop or two and the drops looked weird. It was because the product wasn't completely blended together and I feel like thats why people have had bad experiences with this product is because they have applied it to there skin when it wasn't completely blended together. Second thing is that you have to set this foundation with a finishing powder. Even if you don't use a primer with this foundation it still needs to be set at the end. The Bare Skin perfecting veil works great. Its finely milled so its super soft and blurs lines and pores, but any finishing powder works great too, it just needs to be set with something to help with staying power and I've had it last me a 12 hour intense work day and it stayed on. So when used correctly it works great.This foundation also has more of a sheer coverage to it but it is completely build able coverage. The more drops you use the more coverage you get so its customizable. I love that I can take a single drop to a specific area to create more coverage without the spot looking cakey. I actually use a beauty blender sponge applying this foundation. I just put the drops on the back of my hand and dip the blender into it. Their perfecting face brush does work well to apply this foundation but I feel like the beauty blender does a much better job of blending it into my skin, and I wish I would have know that earlier cause it would have saved me money from having to buy another brush. So if you already have a beauty blender you can definitely apply this foundation with it you don't have to buy the brush. (Just remember to shake well) « less

- Sephora
mira userJanuary 3, 2020

This is the BEST foundation I have ever used for my dry skin! Such a light, glowy, and good coverage cream. The first base I’ve used that doesn’t want to cling to my dry patches - so worth the higher end cost!

- mira
bareminerals.com userApril 15, 2014

May be for you, it wasn't for me!

I was part of the group blessed to be able to try this early. I LOVE MY BE, and wanted to share that before my review of this product.The product is very drying, settles into fine lines and wrinkles, and the side of my nose, a very odd thing. It even made me look like I had wrinkles that I don't have, especially after wearing it for a couple of days, because not only did it appear dry and cakey (more drying of the skin than a cakey finish, so it's a little hard to explain), but, it actually was drying my skin out while it was on, so that every day my skin was drier than the day before. I want to make sure and say, these results were with the best possible skin care, and that, frankly, saved my skin during use, and will help it recover. Even as I write this review, I have pimples forming/showing, and my skin is now overproducing oil to compensate from use of the Bare Skin liquid foundation.It also does not cover well, and I don't have that much to cover. One tiny area that's a little red, just looked more pronounced and that doesn't happen with my Bare Minerals Original Foundation.The good news. This is a truly innovative product and formulation (I do not work for the company, I just analyzed it a lot, because I really wanted to like it).The Bare Minerals Perfecting Face Brush (sold separately) is necessary! It is amazing, synthetic bristles, and shake (shake well), drop and buffing the foundation on, is a dream application. There is nothing else like it in foundation.Shade MatchingIf you're going to order this online, trust me, go by the descriptions of each shade more so than the color photos. I tried two. Bare Cream (05) which is for the most golden light skin, and it is!!! It is VERY golden/yellow!!! The second one I tried was a much better match for me, Bare Linen (03), the "neutral" of the light family. Even the Bare Linen skews a little yellow. It's not your average neutral, at all. So when in doubt with shade matching, if you are a cool tone, don't go for Neutral. I could have easily also probably worn Bare Shell (02) the only "cool" tone in the light category of shades.Another bonus, and a major thumbs up on the formulation is that the SPF 20 (and the product) are truly "weightless." A lot of products say that, but they're not. We've all tried moisturizers and other products with SPF, I have, one that's from a great company that also has an SPF that is also a physical block and natural. I could "feel" that product on my skin, and sometimes, no matter how hard a company tries, any moisturizer with SPF will also have a kind of smell to it as well.Bare Minerals, Bare Skin Liquid Serum Foundation, is truly weightless, fragrance free, even with the SPF you can't "feel" it, but it has to be a good match for your skin. For me, that means not at all even the slightest bit dry, combination or sensitive. But if you have skin like mine, that is great with other products from BE, the only way you'll know if this works for you, is to try it first. I suggest going to a boutique (if you can), I though I haven't had one done, get a "Make Under." That way you can wear the product for a day and see if it works for you.I will continue to use my Bare Mineral Original Foundation, and many other products from BE!Peace and Beauty! « less

- bareminerals.com
Sephora userMay 19, 2014

Ok - first of all, there is a reason this company has many fomulas, from their amazing powder (in original and matte), to now a BB cream/primer, to now this liquid.The reason is this: our faces are different and we may need something different.First, let me say, you MUST learn how to apply this. If you just do a few drops on their brush (which I recommend) or yours, and then try to apply like a regular foundation, you will be dissapointed and end up wasting product.I watched the videos (just as I did for the powder makeup) and this is a lot in the application AND getting matched.With two drops, I had light coverage, an extra drop (half a drop even) I was able to go over my undereye circles and some redness. Perfection.With another layer I had pretty much full coverage.I didn't even have to apply their 'setting' powder, but I guess I finally have a use for their mineral veil!This is meant to buildable, you have to get matched, and you have to learn how to use it - otherwise your 'unlike' of this is likely unfounded. That's not to say you can't not like it, its a matter of preference, but frankly - unless you have the foundation of this foundation down - don't review.Now, for what I wanted to know:1. Used without anything underneath but light moisturizer from this morning. No finishing powder, no setting spray, nothing: It made me look dewy and fresh. It's lasted about 7 hours. Pretty impressive. It iddn't look bad after the 7 hours, but it had wiped off a bit (well, I touch my face....)2. With finishing powder only (this includes a bit of moisturizer beforehand): it reduced some of my 'glow' but I could tell it wasn't going to budge much more. I then applied another layer (the first was their original mineral veil) of their hydrating mineral veil, which has a bit of shimmer to it and I got my glow back ;) It stayed a good 12 hours, as longa s I wasn't rubbing my face a ton (and come on, you rub something off, its gonna come off!)3. THE WHOLE SHEBANG! This was when I was going 'out out' - I used a primer on my whole face, then used Smashbox's face finishing spray in "cool" after the primer (just because this helps when I sweat....) Then I applied this stuff, with two drops for overall and one drop for extra coverage under eyes and redness.I did a LIGHT dusting of hydrating mineral veil over my forehead, nose and chin - the rest of my face was 'set' with my other powder makeup such as bronzer, highlighter...Then, I finished with Urban decay's All Nighter (regular).Wowza, ok, I know, this is one of those, lots of steps but I don't do this very often. I glowed and in a great way, my skin FELT good, I hate HATE liquid foundation and this one didn't make me itch or feel it at all. AND with these steps it stayed allll day, allllll night......and I fell asleep in it. The next morning, I looked FABULOUS. It didn't even look like I had done anything but tone down my eyeshadow. Wow.Bottom line: learn how to apply it, get matched, and this is one of those things I'll use for quick days where I want nothing more than a sheerer tint with mascara, and also it will be used for those days I want a full coverage face. It IS AMAZING.Bonus? After using it for about two weeks? my skin looks better. I've never used tone correcting, didn't think I needed it. But wow, some of my redness is gone and some of my pigmentation issues (which I'm pale, they dotn' show up much) - they are GONE though. Wow. WoW.I wont' give up my mineral foundation from them, I use original - but this? this is great and is going to be part of my regular rotation. « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Potassium chlorideacneirritant
Butylene Glycolacne
Magnesium stearateacne
Potassium Sorbatehazard
Polysorbate 60hazard
Potassium Sorbatehazard
Polysorbate 60hazard
Potassium chlorideacne

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