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BarePRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation SPF 20 by bareMinerals

BarePRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation SPF 20

staying power(846)
finish: demi-matte coverage: medium coverage
Variation: Almond 22
bareMineralsBuy ($34)

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it is full coverage (so it doesn't meld into skin like bareminerals complexion rescue, but that doesn't have this staying power or mattifying ability) and has a matte finish, but feels lightweight

- Ulta User

it is mattifying and definitely needs a good moisturiser before applying

- Mecca User

staying power


i love how long it stays on

- Sephora User

i love this foundation and it last all day

- Nordstrom User



i use this product with a beauty blender it looks so flawless it is very lightweight my skin is very sensitive but this product didn't break me out which i love

- Ulta User

this foundation is so good, it has everything i need in a foundation: good coverage, lightweight feeling, matte finish, doesn't cause me breakouts and spf

- Sephora User



i get compliments all the time on how smooth my skin looks and how youthful it makes me look

- Ulta User

this foundation covered my scars and smoothed out my skin

- Sephora User



i highly recommend this for anyone searching for a lightweight, buildable, natural looking foundation that controls oil, lasts all day, and has your boyfriend wowing 24/7

- Ulta User

it’s lightweight and has buildable coverage and the range of shades are beautiful

- Sephora User

water resistance

water resistant

holy waterproof foundation

- Sephora User

waterproof, sweat proof, 24 hour wear, natural matte finish

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

no pores and no fine lines

- Sephora User

this foundation gives me great coverage, without clogging my pores

- Sephora User


good quality

really wanted a good quality foundation and this has become my favorite

- Ulta User

i love this product, it improved the quality of my skin and has nice coverage

- Sephora User


not creasing

doesn't settle into lines, look maskey or cakey

- Ebay User

it looks smooth doesn't settle into fine lines or emphasize pores

- Ulta User



i love this foundation i have very oily skin and this foundation last all day and makes you're skin look bright and beautiful

- Ulta User

this barepro really brightens up my skin, makes it look smooth and almost flawless (my skin is not perfect) and looks really clean

- Bareminerals User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

it was great on my skin and oxidized to my natural color and felt like nothing was on my face

- Sephora User

this stuff is the only thing you need-- it stays on (with primer) all day, it doesn't oxidize noticeably on my face, and it's super smooth and easy to apply

- Ulta User



i have acne scars, blemishes, uneven skin tone, small breakouts, fair to light skin (when i'm not spray tanned) not dry nor oily so normal skin and let me tell you bare pro goes on so easily, so easy to apply, it does not rub off which i love because i have a small child whom i am always holding, it is lightweight enough where you don't feel like your wearing makeup but it is pretty much full coverage and covers great

- Ulta User

best foundation ive ever tried really last all day does not cake or dry up i will never use a different foundation max coverage covers my red and dark spots leaves skin looking flawless and fresh

- Sephora User

color correction

color correcting

i like using this with the makeup forever color correcting primer and urban decay all nighter spray, and works like a charm

- Ulta User

by using a green color correcting fluid on the red areas then applying the foundation, the rosacea is camouflaged without the heaviness of a thicker foundation

- Ulta User


blends well

no cracking, not patchiness and definitely no shine

- Mecca User

i love this foundation it covers all my flaws and blends beautifully

- Sephora User



the finish is extremely smooth & natural on my skin, demi-matte - it just melts in

- Ulta User

it's just a good solid demi-matte foundation

- Sephora User


medium coverage

you need very little product for medium coverage and it's very easily full coverage

- Bareminerals User

this is a natural beautiful matte finish that stays put and medium to full coverage (buildable)

- Sephora User
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bareminerals.com userJuly 28, 2017

Best formula yet - 5 stars to BM on this one!

I've been a long-time BM customer and have tried all their foundations. I like them all, but I absolutely fell in love with their liquid foundations. I have dry skin and am extremely fair, and I was recently diagnosed with melasma (too much pigmentation in areas on my face). Other than the hyperpigmentation areas, my skin is pretty even, so I tend to prefer lighter foundations, but because of it, I've recently had to start wearing ones with more coverage to hide the uneven skin tone. I can not stand a heavy-feeling foundation on my face, and since the powder BarePro has been a long-time favorite, I ordered this liquid one the day BM sent me the email about it.I've always loved their BareSkin formula, too, but they really kicked it up a notch with this one. It's perfect if you like a lighter coverage, but need a fuller one. It is a deceptively thin, but creamy formula and a little goes a very long way. It initially goes on with a medium coverage, but is quite easily buildable to a fuller one. The feel is amazing on the skin and it gives a beautiful matte finish without being drying to the skin at all. You can feel that your skin can actually breathe, but the finish holds up to heat and humidity well, which is something I desperately need down here in the Florida heat. I would recommend wearing a primer with this to bring out its wearability even more. The bottle is even fantastic because it has a cap and not just a pump, but a locking pump so you don't have leaks when traveling or just laying the bottle down. (Thank you, BM!)I did not purchase the brush for this one, though I've heard really good things about it. This foundation can be used with beauty sponges or many other brushes if price is an issue for you. My philosophy has always been that good skin care and what you put down first on your actual skin are where you should focus spending money. Paying for a really good foundation that actually has skin care ingredients in it - like this one - is never a bad idea. There are many high-end foundations that are MUCH more expensive that couldn't begin to touch this one. Of all their foundations, I think this one is a really wise investment for your skin's sake. My only disappointment (like with every other one of their foundations) is that their only really fair shade is cool-toned. If they made this with a very fair neutral shade, it would be absolutely perfect. Bravo, BM!And BTW, my age range is 35-44, not 25-34. My range was missing when I wrote the review. ?? Less

- bareminerals.com
ulta userOctober 10, 2018

I can not believe how bad this foundation is...

I've never had a foundation apply so poorly in my life. I tried to apply this foundation in multiple different ways, and each way resulted in a problem. I tried with a beauty blender (both dry and wet), with 2 different foundation brushes, my fingers, sheered out with a drop of facial oil, and with primer set with powder before application. It. Does. Not. Blend. When you try to blend it with a beauty blender, it will glide on smoothly for about 3 seconds until you try to bounce the product in. No matter how much you bounce it in, the product will not blend properly. It likes to bunch if you try to blend too much. It also settles in fine lines, and settled on my laugh lines even when I securely set it with powder. With a professional brush, it applies a little bit better, but not nearly as good as it should. If you over-blend you get the same problem, it starts to bunch and no matter how lightly i spread it around the face, I always experience this problem. The foundation also creases with this method of application. I sheered it out with facial oil, thinking that maybe it's just because the foundation formula does not mesh well with my skin. This is probably the best way I would advise people to put this on if they have dry skin, as this was the only wearable method for me. The oil I used caused the foundation to oxidize, but that is probably due to the pigment in the oil. The foundation spread more evenly when I sheered it out, and did not settle on the skin as quickly which gave me more time to work with it. It also reduced the visibility of creases. But here is where the issues are, we should not have to aggressively work with a foundation like this. If a product is marketed as a foundation, it should blend without issue, cover without issue (It's not even close to a full coverage product, just fyi), and it shouldn't have to be sheered out to be used properly. I'm returning this product to ULTA as soon as I can.

- ulta
bareminerals.com userNovember 11, 2017

My go-to foundation, once I found my shade!

I'd always wanted to use Bare Minerals products because they are toxin-free and good for skin, but the powder foundation just didn't work for me-- I have very fair skin but very red cheeks-- a strange combination which means that I need a light color of foundation but lots of coverage. The powder foundation just didn't give much coverage. That said, I don't like to look "made up." Natural, please! So BarePro ended up being perfect for me. For me, it's not really a heavy, "full-coverage" makeup, but it provides enough coverage to tone down my bright red cheeks to a natural look without making me look like I'm wearing heavy foundation. The luxe performance brush didn't work for me; my skin is too sensitive and really responds better to a damp beauty blender. (Also, the luxe performance brush is very difficult to clean!) My only issue with the BarePro liquid foundation was the difficulty of finding a shade match. My undertones are cool-- the skin on my wrists is basically translucent white, and my veins are blue. My skin is either porcelain or pinkish red, and I only freckle or burn-- I've never tanned in my life. In every drugstore foundation I've used all my life, I've always bought and used the lightest shade, and in another popular prestige brand, the lightest shade was too dark. So I just assumed I'd be the lightest shade in Bare Minerals BarePro. But no! The lightest shade (Fair, 1) is actually too light for me-- makes me look ghostlike. So I bought the shade Aspen (4, which is supposed to have neutral undertones) to mix with Fair for a better match. This works okay, but it turns out that Aspen, though not very dark, looks very yellow on my skin-- more warm than neutral, in my opinion. Fortunately, another site offered a sample of BarePro in Dawn (shade 2, which claims to be "neutral to warm"). Dawn is my shade! I'm wearing it right now and I love it-- it's a perfect match. I had stayed away from it before because of the "warm" in the description, but I think it is very neutral, and works beautifully with my cool undertones. It's neither too light or too dark for my skin and looks natural. So now I have three bottles of Bare Minerals BarePro in my makeup drawer, proving how much I like this foundation. ;) I'll mix and match as needed through the seasons, but Dawn is the shade I'd re-buy. Persevere and find your shade! (I wish that it was easier to find free samples of every shade.) This is my favorite foundation and I hope it's around for a long time. Less

- bareminerals.com
ulta.com userJanuary 6, 2018

New HG After Almost a Decade W/Lancome!

First off, finding a rep who knows how to match my tricky skin tone is challenging. I'm mixed Asian & White w/warm to neutral undertones (there's olive in my coloring hence the neutral lean). For reference, I'm 250 Bisque W in Lancome Teint Idole Ultra, & NC20 in Mac. 1st rep matched me to Warm Natural 12, which was too dark & muddy. 2nd rep matched me to Natural 11, which was also too dark & the wrong undertone! 3rd times the charm! The 3rd rep immediately identified my sneaky olive tones & matched me to Golden Ivory 08. Perfect match! With that being said, I fell in love with this foundation while accidentally wearing the wrong shade for 2 months (ha! I was too out of it during the holidays to realize the color was off w/Warm Natural). I have combo to oily skin w/old hyperpigmentation & acne scars. I noticed that I only need a light, all over stippling with a 2nd spot layer over dark spots to pretty much achieve full coverage, & needed much less product than with Lancome Teint Idole Ultra, which I've been using for 9 yrs. I found myself reaching for BarePro more frequently. The finish is extremely smooth & natural on my skin, demi-matte - it just melts in! I actually love the "runny" texture because it's very quick to apply & easy to blend, perfect for me since I'm always running late in the morning! It's definitely not as runny as Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation though. I apply my makeup around 5:00 AM & usually don't take it off until 9-10:00PM (long workday & commute). I need my foundation to hide my flaws all day, & this one performs wonderfully! I don't have time to touch up during the day either, so by the time I get home this foundation still looks surprisingly impressive w/very minimal fading, if any! I've worn it in humid heat & dry cold, & it wore/lasted outstandingly in both! I prime with a light dusting of BarePro powder, set with another dusting of powder on my t-zone after application & mist w/a setting spray. Perfection all day long! Less

- ulta.com
Sephora userJuly 28, 2017

BE Original Golden Medium - Perfect Match

I'm a fan of the original BE foundation. It was hard to think of using liquid after years of using powder foundations. I saw this and because I'm a huge fan of BE, I had to try it.First, some facts about me:1. Oily Skin Type (dry patches from Retin-A)2. Acne prone (liquid foundations like NARS Sheer Glow and Estée Lauder double wear break me out)3. I don't like the feeling of liquid foundation4. EXTREMELY YELLOW TONED. One of the things that attracted me to BE in the first place was the fact that Golden Medium matches my skin tone PERFECTLY. I am extremely yellow toned with a slight green tinge to my skin. I am not completely olive, I'm not orange, there's not a trace of pink in my complexion, I am straight yellow with slight olive. Camel - 17 is a perfect match. Perfect. I could accidentally not blend it down my neck and you wouldn't know.5. I won't buy something that won't last a whole 10 hr teacher work day that involves being in the sun (spf) during recess and a lot of movement. This lasts FOREVER. BE Original doesn't last a whole work day without using their SPF primer (that stuff is bomb) but this didn't need that to last.Facts about this foundation.1. Doesn't break me out2. Wore this to Disney World and it friggin lasted. LASTED. I live on the surface of the sun (aka Florida)3. Shade match is perfection4. Dries to a matte powder finish5. Needs to be used with a paddle brush, their brush or your fingers. Beauty blender wasn't terrible application but I prefer my fingers and then using the BB to avoid streaks.6. It's just plain awesome.Shade reference:MAC NC 30 (closest MAC match but still too peachy)NARS Stromboli (almost perfect match, but slightly too dark)Bare Minerals Golden Medium (best match ever)Cover FX G 40 (olive yellow toned powder)Estée Lauder Rattan 2W2 (slightly too peachy orange)Urban Decay All Nighter 4.0 (too light when first applied but oxidizes to a REALLY close match on me)Hope that helps! « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylene Glycolacne
PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard
Stearic Acidacne

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