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"blending was difficult because the foundation was very thin and greasy so it was easy to just end up wiping it off completely"
- Ulta User
"it was difficult to apply, the sprayer didn't work very well forcing you to spray on concentrated dots and blend out"
- Ulta User

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Grace Chen
dryDry Skin

Does anyone know any good cheap highlighters? Not too blinding but not too sheer. ❤️

Hanna Olsen
dryDry Skin
For a powder highlighter the Covergirl compact highlighters are smooth, non texturized, and give such a beautiful glow. Or the elf metallic flare highlighters! Don’t let the name fool you, they aren’t a blinding bar or white on your face. They’re beautiful, here’s a picture of me wearing them

Metallic Flare Highlighter

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Pia V
combinationCombination Skin

What’s the best lip product (balm, lipstick) that’s natural and hydrating? It doesn’t have to be long lasting, something like a sheer/slight tint to add color to your lips so you don’t look like a ghost! Thank you!

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Jessica Helms
dryDry Skin

Can anyone recommend a good affordable concealer that I can easily sheer out please?

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