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Katelin Byrd
combinationCombination Skin

Okay guys...So I’m trying to find some inexpensive but yet great eyeshadow palettes since I’ve heard a few rumors that Bad Habit Beauty (my holy grail) and Hush has went out of business.😭 Any recommendations?

Cheyanne Koylass
oilyOily Skin
Colourpop has some really nice palettes that go for about 12 dollars each. I got the Uh Huh Honey and the Main Squeeze one sometime in August and I’m honestly in love with them.
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oilyOily Skin

I have really oily skin and also sensitive skin , and i have pretty bad acne and I breakout easily. Anybody have any holy grail skin care or beauty products?

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Allissa Hutchins
sensitiveSensitive Skin

someone help 🥺 my lips are sooo chapped. anyone have a drugstore/walmart holy grail that works quickly? my lips are so sore! they hurt and look bad. 😞

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