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Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 by Aveeno

Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

Variation: Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15
Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

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i really love this product aveeno active naturals my favorite one is the body wash the smell is amazing and the feeling of my skin after use leaves me feeling extra soft and i have sentitive skin and this just worked wonderful i reccoment even using for a young child or baby its that gentle and the fact that it is a dermatologist recommended brand makes me that more confident in using so you should too

- Aveeno User

the aveeno moisturizing lotion is my favorite because i have eczema and my skin would always stay dry, scaly and very irritated until i started using aveeno, and now my skin stay soft and moisturized everyday, i thank god for your company helping me and others keep our skin moisturized and healthy

- Ulta User



i love the whole line- the aveeno positively radiant scrub and moisturizers are wonderfully complimentary products, and i love the positively radiant cleansing pads for when i go on vacation

- Viewpoints User

i love absolutely everything about this aveeno positively radiant max glow serum +primer ,from how amazing it smells to how easy it is to apply and how great it makes my skin look and feel

- Aveeno User



not heavy or greasy and doesn't cause outbreaks

- Ulta User

wow aveeno you are great i absolutely love this product this moisturizer does not feel heavy and it reduced my pimple size on the first day by the second day my pimples are gone i am not joking especially where i live in manhattan this is great for my skin this moisturizer makes my skin matte and also makes my face just glow i love this product

- Walmart User



i love how my skin is instantly rehydrated and so silky-smooth and velvety soft is after i use the aveeno active naturals daily moisturizing yogurt body wash

- Aveeno User

after applying the lotion straight from the shower i was happy to see how quickly it absorbed into my skin and it stayed hydrated all day long

- Aveeno User



my fine lines and wrinkles actually looked softer, this was before i washed my face in the morning and put on their daily moisturizer

- Aveeno User

hello i am a member of the crowdtap aveeno rewards program and aveeno sent me a sample of it's aveeno absolutely ageless intensive renewal serum to review , and i have to say that i think this is a great product for anyone who wants to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines , it really leaves your face feeling smooth and vibrant and they really do use the best of ingredients, so i give this product 2 thumbs up

- Walmart User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

my skin is acne prone and it doesn't need much moisturizing but this product left my skin feeling smooth and i began to noitce it evened out my skin tone

- Ulta User

i really saw a difference in my face using the aveeno® positively radiant targeted cream dark spot corrector, my face felt so soft and radiant, also it made my skin look healthy and fresh looking

- Aveeno User


good for acne

gentle on skin no oiliness and no break outs

- Ulta User

best acne product ever invented

- Viewpoints User


redness relief

i put it on my sons face that night and the next morning he woke up with no redness and no crusty, yellow crystals in his forehead

- Target User

started noticing dry red patches on my baby's face

- Toys R Us User
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drugstore.com userJuly 20, 2009

Cured my acne!

I know this product isn't designed to fight acne, but if your skin is very, very sensitive it does!!! Okay, I have tried everything – absolutely everything to cure acne. First, I tried everything I could find over the counter, randomly picking one thing after another. I also tried Proactive only to discover that like everything else designed to fight zits, Benzoyl Peroxide is so strong it only irritates my sensitive skin and makes it break out worse. So I decided to try a more gentle approach and followed a book's regimen for vitamin and herbal remedies. This also, was to no avail. Then I went to the dermatologist. The solution he had me put on my face had the potency of airplane paint stripper…and the same effects. After a year of going to the dermatologist, my face was breaking out worse than it ever has before or since. Let me tell you, by this time, my face was worse than just breaking out. It was so sensitive to so many product I had tried that it was constantly itching and bright red all over! After realizing the products I had been using were the problem I went through quite a long stage when I wouldn't let anything but water touch it. The after-effects of these products still would not reverse. I bought the book, "The Skin Type Solution," and took the quiz, which referred me to my chapter. (This book is absolutely the Bible of skincare.) I was surprised when my chapter said that my face might not tolerate Benzoyl Peroxide – something I already knew very, very well. The book recommended "Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizing Cream" instead – a product so gentle that it doesn't even claim to cure acne. But for my sensitive skin, it did!!! It didn't take near as long as I had expected before the pimples vanished. Then the redness went away. It took a little longer for my face to feel normal again, but gradually, even the constant itching vanished completely. I have been using this product for the last three years and it really works!I'm beginning to get really worried because I can't find the night cream version of this product anywhere. I hope Aveeno never stops making this. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- drugstore.com
walmart.com userDecember 24, 2017

Great Results!

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Scrub & Daily Moisturizer came in a package together, so I’m not sure if they are sold separately or not. The scrub is a 5 oz. tube and the moisturizer is a 4 oz. bottle with a pump top. Both of these products have some natural ingredients. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that there is fragrance added to them.The scrub claims it is “skin brightening with moisture-rich soy extract and naturally derived gently exfoliating granules” and “Gently removes impurities for softer, brighter, more even-toned skin.” To use, you get your face wet, then squeeze the cleanser into your hand. You need to gently massage the product over your face in a circular motion. Then you rinse your face thoroughly. They do tell you that “if you experience dryness or irritation, use less frequently.” It has a pleasant smell, however, I could do without the fragrance in my cleanser, as I don’t believe it is necessary and people with asthma and allergies may not be able to tolerate it. The texture of the scrub is smooth and soft until you start rubbing it and then the granules can be felt. The granules are tiny, so you can’t actually see them, but you can feel them with your hands/fingers. I've definitely noticed a difference in the skin on my face- smoother and softer.The Daily Moisturizer is thick and silky feeling. It, also, has a pleasant smell. I did have a slight problem getting the pump cap to unlock. It contains sunscreen – a broad spectrum SPF15. It claims that it is “clinically proven to even tone and texture.” Even though it is a moisturizer, the “uses” on the back of the bottle talk about helping prevent sunburn and sun protection, decreasing the chance of skin cancer and early signs of aging due to sun exposure. It doesn’t really talk about the moisturizing effects. Personally, I feel that they intend this product more for the sunscreen than the moisturizer. Even in the directions it states “For sunscreen use apply generously and evenly.” I’m sure that the natural ingredients help with the skin tone and texture as they claim, but they seems very focused on the sunscreen purposes of this product.Aveeno is a trusted brand and is a Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. I would recommend both of these products. « less

- walmart.com
walmart.com userDecember 4, 2017

Non-irritating and reduced under-eye puffiness

I am so glad I was given an opportunity to try the Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Under Eye cream because this was not a product line I have ever been drawn to in spite of its marketing campaign. However, I was pleasantly surprised with its results.I am 46 years old, and while I don’t have too many issues with fine lines (yet!), I do have some fine lines underneath my eyes and suffer with the occasional puffiness under the eye. This product claims to combat fine lines underneath the eyes, wrinkles, and improve the appearance of crow’s feet, as well as reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Let's see what the product can do.The cream itself is thick and glides on quite nicely with a little dab using the pinky fingers. I did not find this cream to be greasy at all, so it didn’t cause my make-up to run underneath my eyes as some eye creams can. I noticed that it absorbs quite well and absorbs quickly without irritating the sensitive skin under my eyes. The cream didn’t seem to have any type of fragrance, and it didn’t burn the corners of my eyes, which always seem to be a dry, irritated area for me (my eyes seem to tear up regularly). I found this cream to be rather soothing for those irritated corners of my eyes.What I found interesting about this product was its ability to smooth out the fine lines under my eyes and reduce puffiness almost instantly. It was the morning after the Thanksgiving week-end that I decided to take a before and after photo just to see if there were any changes detectable by my camera since we can often believe something is working when it isn’t, or alternately believe a product confers no benefits when it actually does. Fortunately, I don’t wake up every morning with puffy eyes, but the morning of this photo, I did - and it was very painful to see in a photo! I was truly amazed at the reduction of the puffiness under the eyes (and it wasn’t my imagination!), as well as the reduction in the appearance of fine lines.While I cannot attest to its results on crow’s feet (because I don't have any), I can attest to a reduction in under-eye puffiness and fine lines. Trying this product definitely makes me want to check out other products in the Aveeno line. « less

- walmart.com
ulta.com userJuly 24, 2014

Love it!!

Ok, first of all you can never go wrong with Aveeno! I have tried so many of their products and I have even tried some other brands, but nothing compares to Aveeno and the results their products give! Some background on my face type: my skin isn't extremely sensitive, but it has become irritated when I tried rough exfoliants (which I just use three times a week) or face cleansers with fruity scents. I can get a lot of tiny zits on my nose, which just look like little bumps, zits on the top of my forehead, and under my chin, and I have a nasty habit of popping them (Yikes! I know). I have tried Neutrogena's bar facewash which worked ok for a while, but dried out my skin really fast and eventually the zits would come back, I even used the clean and clear facewash and that didn't even do anything for my face! For less than a week I've been using this facewash at night before bed and Aveeno's Positively Radiant face cleanser in the morning as soon as I wake up. After the second day of this routine I already started to see a huge difference! Those annoying little zits on my nose were almost completely gone, the redness and dark spots from where I had popped my zits were gone (thank god!), the zits above my forehead and under my chin had disappeared, and my face complexion had also began to even itself out. Today I feel like I could actually walk outside without concealer or foundation, even makeup entirely, and not feel insecure about my natural skin. I would recommend this to my friends and family because I have never been happier with a drug store face cleanser. If you do buy this product, just like any other face cleanser you have to use it before you go to bed and after you wakeup or else you will just be wasting the product. Make sure to give the product a few days before expecting a result and try no to touch your face a lot in order to prevent get the oils on your hand onto your face causing even more of a breakout. Also a neat trick I learned is to splash some warm or hot water onto your face to open your pores and then use the face wash and really focus on those targeted areas on your face, then rinse off with cold water in order to close your pores. Also make sure to use a good moisturizer after you wash your face because I have discovered in the past that a lot of face cleansers can dry out your skin and that makes putting on makeup a big pain. Once again you can never go wrong with Aveeno and sorry for the long review lol! Less

- ulta.com
Aveeno userDecember 27, 2014

Am I Allergic?

Through high school and most of college I had mostly clear skin. In my mid twenties I started breaking out along my chin and forehead. Long story short it was due to a hormonal imbalance which has since been taken care of, but I was left with lots of red and dark spots. So I was looking for a product to help even my skin tone. At first I used a different "visibly even" foaming cleanser. I had no adverse effects to that, but it did always leave me with skin feeling a little dry and tight and a residue feeling, so after a couple bottles and just a little bit of improvement I thought about trying something else. And because of Aveeno's pretty good reputation I decided to give this a try. The first few days were great. It's a stronger scent, but I like the way it smells and my skin did not have that dry and tight residue feel like with the other one. But then I started noticing I was getting these little tiny bumps all along my forehead and temples. It almost feels like I have sand or crumbs or something on my skin. Then I started noticing larger red pimples. My whole forehead and chin were broken out like I've never experienced before. I first thought it might be something in my diet so I kept using this and my skin continued to get worse. I switched to using a salicylic acne wash to get rid of the acne and when it mostly cleared back up I started using this product again, and the next day I started breaking out again. It is most definitely this product causing my skin to break out, and in ways my skin does not do on it's own, even before when I had a hormonal imbalance. I have no idea if this product can actually even or improve skin tone or texture as now I have way more red and dark spots than before I started using it. Maybe it's an allergic reaction? After reading other reviews I can tell it's not a unique experience and I wanted to include the details of my experience to maybe help find out why some people have such a terrible reaction. « less

- Aveeno


Overall safe Ingredients

Distearyldimonium chloridehazard
Cetyl Alcoholacne
Isopropyl Palmitateacne
Benzyl Alcoholhazard
Distearyldimonium chloridehazard
Cetyl Alcoholacne

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Rochelle Marie🍒
OilyOily Skin
Oily skin, breakout, redness at homemade concoction DRUGSTORE This little method actually helped me a lot. These wipes are actually from ROSS. I had never heard of the brand so I was a little skeptical at first. They aren’t super dry, but they’re not really damp either like most my facial wipes, so in the morning after cleaning my face (with aveeno products pictured) I add some of the aveeno moisturizer and Garnier micellar water directly to the wipes. Definitely noticed a difference in my skin! Helped with the oily-ness, acne and redness! Although I have oily skin sometimes I’ll also use some aveeno infusion drops! #aveeno #garniermicellarwater #rosewater #oilyskin #redness #mildacne @Positively Radiant Daily Face Moisturizer @SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Mattifying @
Profile picture of Edmarie Carrasquillo
Edmarie Carrasquillo
DryDry Skin
Anyone know about a good drugstore (or drugstore price) moisturizer for dry sensitive skin that’s fragrance free? I recently used to use Glossier’s priming moisturizer then moved to using Embryolisse lait creme concentrate but lately I’ve been extra sensitive to fragrance I tried CeraVe’s moisturizing cream and works great on my body but it performs terribly on my face, then currently I’m using Simple’s replenishing ultra rich moisturizer for dry skin but it just seems to evaporate on my face (I try to overcompensate with face oil and my sunscreen but it’s still not enough/right)
Profile picture of Karla Luna
Karla Luna
SensitiveSensitive Skin
I’ve been using this one and it’s really good!
Profile picture of Kennedy Johnson
Kennedy Johnson
CombinationCombination Skin
Any good ideas on a moisturizer that won’t make me break out or make my face too oily? I only get dry in the winter but I don’t want to over do it. Someone told me to just try a moisturizing toner? Thoughts?
Profile picture of Belinda Goldsmith
Belinda Goldsmith
CombinationCombination Skin
I’ve used aveeno for years. My cheeks are usually dry and my forehead and nose get oily. One pump of this is enough hydration for my cheeks and doesn’t make my face too oily. Sometimes my face gets a little drier than usual but I never need more than 2 pumps. I also use the biore blue agave face wash and I feel that also helps control the oil.
Profile picture of Savanah Terrell
Savanah Terrell
OilyOily Skin
What is a good moisturizer for oily skin? I typically don’t use moisturizer because my face is already oily but in the winter it does start to dry out a little bit and I use topical acne medication that sometimes dries it out as well.
Profile picture of Evelyn Trujillo
Evelyn Trujillo
OilyOily Skin
I have really oily+acne prone skin and this helps a lot. If my face needs a little more moisture the I use Thayers rose petal facial toner. It’s amazing.
Profile picture of Kendall Marie Hall
Kendall Marie Hall
CombinationCombination Skin
good face moisturizer for oily skin as well as decent face wash? Preferably drug store
Profile picture of Jordan Novak
Jordan Novak
DryDry Skin
this moisturizer is light and has SPF! makes you look dewy, but not oily. as for a face wash, Cetaphil face wash is a tried-and-true staple of mine. :)
Profile picture of Andrea Padilla
Andrea Padilla
CombinationCombination Skin
does anyone know of a good moisturizer to make skin smoother, softer?? I would say my skin is pretty normal- my t zone is oily. I don’t really break out, but I have some bumps— textured skin. #skincare #combinationskin #smooth
Profile picture of Jasmine Valencia
Jasmine Valencia
CombinationCombination Skin
What’s your favorite moisturizer? I have a very oily T-Zone but the rest of my face is extremely dry(you can actually see the dry texture). Any recommendations?
Profile picture of Belinda Goldsmith
Belinda Goldsmith
CombinationCombination Skin
This moisturizer is hydrating enough for the dry skin on my cheeks but doesn’t leave the oily areas greasy.
Profile picture of Emily Hochevar
Emily Hochevar
CombinationCombination Skin
Does anyone have any good affordable spf morning moisturizers? Something that doesn’t feel gooey on your face and that’s lightweight. I use a night moisturizer but it doesn’t have spf.
Profile picture of Amanda Ries
Amanda Ries
CombinationCombination Skin
I just got this and I like it! Soaks in nice without feeling that crappy heavy spf feel.
Profile picture of julie.
DryDry Skin
Hi everyone ! Im new here and I was hoping someone could give me tips on products or methods to help dry textured skin. I also have a lot of redness which I believe came from previously using scrub exfoliators. Im willing to try almost anything. Thanks in advance ! 💓
Profile picture of Jenn Castillo
Jenn Castillo
DryDry Skin
I have really dry skin as well and I had to go to a dermatologist because of it and she recommended this. it has helped me a lot. I used to have discoloration on my face and when I started using this moisturizer it has gotten better. it also leaves my skin really soft. make sure to apply it when you wake up, or before applying any makeup and before going to sleep!
Profile picture of Anahi Rivera
Anahi Rivera
CombinationCombination Skin
I want to switch my moisturizer...the one that I’m currently using makes me look really oily. What’s a good moisturizer for oily/combo skin ?
Profile picture of Belinda Goldsmith
Belinda Goldsmith
CombinationCombination Skin
Hydrates the dry areas without leaving the oily areas greasy.