Clear Complexion Cream Face Cleanser With Salicylic Acid by Aveeno

Clear Complexion Cream Face Cleanser With Salicylic Acid

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Skin Type

i have combination skin - some of the year my face is oily and i break out, other times my face is dry and flaky, and even some of the year my face is flawless - it's a huge pain

- Aveeno User

i have combination skin

- Walmart User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

this along with the clear complexion daily moisturizer has really evened out my skin tone and has improved my overall complexion

- Walmart User

after just the first use of the clear complexion wash followed by the clear complexion lotion, my skin was so smooth, the redness had significantly gone down, and the dark spots just looked brighter

- Walmart User



this cleans without drying, and does a very good job

- Walmart User

it doesn't dry my face out at all - the cream is very silky, the beads in it don't hurt when you scrub your face and afterwards your face feels super smooth and nice

- Walgreens User


good for acne

i have mild acne and dryness and this stuff is wonderful in combating both

- Walmart User

from someone who has been prescribed numerous acne medications which left my face dry, this product by far is the best i've ever used

- Aveeno User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i like to wash my face in the shower twice a day so it opens my pores, then i finish by using cold water :)

- Aveeno User

it must do a good job of clearing out the pores because (knock on wood) i haven't had a single break out since starting this facewash several weeks ago

- Aveeno User



i have oily/combination skin and since i started using this product i have noticed a huge difference in my skin and receive compliments all the time about how smooth, bright, and even my skin has become

- Walmart User

this is the best facial cleanser ever created, it smells really good and it kept my face from being dry, and now my skin is soft and smooth :) thank you aveeno (:

- Walmart User



i love the foamy texture and how soft it feels on your skin

- Walmart User

believe me, my skin texture never was this soft before this product

- Walmart User



i love the smell and the gentle exfoliating beads make my skin is super soft

- Walmart User

she has very sensitive skin and this product is very gentle

- Ulta User



my skin looks brighter, feels smoother, and shines

- Walmart User

this foaming cleanser is gentle, smells delightful, is very natural, and leaves my face brighter and clearer without over drying it or leaving it tight and uncomfortable

- Walmart User


redness relief

my skin is usually very ruddy and inflamed looking but this cleanser along with the smart essentials night & spf moistuizer have calmed the redness down dramatically

- Walmart User

the redness is gone and my face is nice, even, and acne free:)

- Walmart User


poor quality

the old formula with the microbeads was the only face wash that visibly improved my acne and quality of skin

- Ulta User

some of us were actually willing to pay for quality

- Aveeno User
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walmart userNovember 11, 2018

Bring back the formula with the microbeads!

I've used the Aveeno Clear Complexion with microbeads for well over 10 years with great satisfaction. I have very combination skin with oily t-zones and breakouts along with dry, itchy patches. This product worked wonderfully for me until recently. I too noticed the slight change in bottle but only after buying and using it did I really notice the disappointing change in formula. PLEASE, bring back the microbeads from the previous formula!! My skin does not look or feel the same and it no longer has the soft, moisturized, smooth texture it once had.

Aveeno userAugust 8, 2013

Only thing that works!

First off, I used Aveeno Clear Complexion Creme Cleanser for years...but I was introduced to a very high end skincare line that was said to do wonders for my skin. My skin rarely ever broke out with Aveeno, but I thought what the heck, I'll give this high end stuff a try and see if there's miraculous changes. Nope, just massive break outs, sores, rashes all over my skin! To recover from this, a woman at Ulta recommended that I try a different high end skincare I did. Cleared me up some but still broke out on a regular basis. One night, I was in tears, had enough of the break outs! I went to the local drug store and bought the ol' faitful Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser (so cheap in comparison to the other products too). My face felt as though it cleared up over night. I haven't had any break outs and my skin is just as the face wash states....clear. I even have some scarring from the break outs I had previously from the other skincare lines and they're slowly diminishing. I have combination skin, but moreso dry in my cheek area and this wash does not try me out. I do use a moisturizer afterwards, as you should alwayd do anyway. Honestly, my point is, high end stuff isn't always better...Aveeno really works me & I hope it does for you! « less

walmart userMarch 27, 2016

Great Product!

Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser has worked tremendously for my skin. Before being diagnosed with Celiac Disease (wheat/gluten intolerance), I would get horrible breakouts and searched everywhere for a cleanser that would clear my skin. The Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser was the only face wash that significantly reduced the amount of breakouts I had. Even though Aveeno does not label its products as “gluten free,” the Cream Cleanser does not contain any ingredients that irritate my skin, although those who are extremely intolerant to gluten may not want to use this product due to the fact that it is processed in the same facility as wheat. Not only did the Aveeno Cream Cleanser reduce the amount of acne I had, it almost completely eliminated it. This will always be my go-to facial cleanser for both breakouts and every day use because of its light texture and acne fighting ingredients.

walmart userDecember 16, 2013

This stuff is Amazing!

I can not believe I waited this long to try this stuff! I struggled with Acne all through school and then I found Avon True POREfection and it became my miracle cleanser. Then Avon stopped making it. I was back to the teenage Acne drama once again. I think I have tried just about everything. Mary Kay, Neutrogena, Biore, Phisoderm, Clean&Clear (which I was allergic to), Noxema, Garnier, Dove, Dial gold hand soap, even some Pinterest ideas, and the list goes on. Neutrogena always seemed to be my go to product though. I think I've use every product they make. Washing my face twice a day, once at night before bed to get rid of all the make up and oil from the day and once in the shower in the morning to get rid of excess oil and to refresh my face. I still had random break outs and dozens of tiny bumps that never turned red or anything and could be easily covered with make up but they were always there. I was at my breaking point!! I decided that I would give Aveeno a try. I only wish I had tried it 10 years ago!!! This stuff is Amazing!! I noticed a difference after ONE use! (Which by the way I had entirely too much of on my fingers! (It takes half as much Aveeno as it did Neutrogena)) I'm using the Clear Complexion Cream at night and the Clear Complexion foam in the morning. It's only been 3 days and already my random break out that was one of the worst ever is almost gone, and I barely have any of the small bumps left!! My skin has never felt this soft or smooth! (Even with the expensive Mary Kay Microderm line.) The very first night that I used the cleanser it did make my face feel dry and tight but I just used a Walmart brand Ultra Gentle Moisturizer and it felt better instantly. Since then it has not made my face feel extra dry or anything though. Even when I don't use a moisturizer. Thank you, Aveeno!!

Aveeno userOctober 5, 2013

I swear by this stuff!!

I love ALL of Aveeno's products. But their Clear Complexion line is amazing!! I have combination skin - some of the year my face is oily and I break out, other times my face is dry and flaky, and even some of the year my face is flawless - it's a huge pain. Anyway, the Clear Comlexion line has been a godsend. The Cream Cleanser is amazing for my skin because it's creamy to help with excessive drying but also contains Salycilic Acid to help with excess oil. And the beads really help to get a deep clean. The entire line is so amazing at evening out your skin tone as well. I recently purchased their Clear Complextion BB tinted moisturizer with SPF and it's amazing as well. I also use the Clear Complexion daily moisturizer primaril for night time.In short, you will not be disappointed with this line! « less

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