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Inner Light Mineral Dual Foundation by Aveda

Inner Light Mineral Dual Foundation

staying power(117)
color accuracy(4)
coverage: medium coverage

Top Reviews

staying power


i have used different type of makeup over the years and this is the best one i have found that covers and stays on all day

- Aveda User

it stays on and always looks fresh doesn't matter it i put it on at 7am and it on til 7pm it still looks awesome

- Aveda User



provides full coverage and yet is lightweight

- Aveda User

the color is perfect, the coverage is smooth without being heavy, and looks very natural - i can now throw out all those other bottles and compacts - i have found the one

- Aveda User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

it will stay on all day, doesn't change color and blends well

- Aveda User

this product provides pretty good coverage for a fifty-something and never ever turns orange

- Aveda User



it's almost like not wearing any make-up at all, but my skintone is even and smooth

- Aveda User

i love how easy it is to apply and how smooth it makes my skin look

- Aveda User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

inner light has given me clear, non-drying, and beautiful coverage without being heavy or clogging my pores

- Aveda User

it has great coverage, doesn't clog your pores, and personally it helped with my acne

- Aveda User



i've only ever used it dry, and with skin that is prone to redness and breakouts, i love that it covers my blemishes while still looking natural

- Aveda User

great performance, wet or dry

- Aveda User


blends well

i can control the coverage and it easily blends in and evens out my skin tone

- Aveda User

18 yrs on and i still love it, it blends into skin well, stays put, doesnt irritate and gives a lovely natural finish, apply with the sponge for full coverage or dust over with a big brush for a very subtle even tone, great for oily skin

- Aveda User


not creasing

it helps it settle in beautifully

- Aveda User

it does not sit in creases and gives me a soft glow

- Aveda User


good quality

this product is a high quality, lightweight, beautiful foundation

- Aveda User

the quality is amazing, the coverage is awesome (stays on all day

- Aveda User



it provides beautiful, buildable coverage, and can cover my most difficult-to-hide flaws

- Aveda User

it's great buildable coverage

- Aveda User



this was a great purchase since i get compliments on how radiant my skin looks

- Aveda User

i have rosacea and this product evens out my skintone and brightens my skin without drying it out

- Aveda User


medium coverage

it has a nice light to medium coverage that looks and feels very natural

- Aveda User

it's easy to use, looks lovely and great medium coverage

- Aveda User
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aveda userApril 13, 2011

Best foundation ever!!!

If Aveda ever discontinued this, I would collapse into a ball on thefloor and sob for a week. Think I'm kidding? Alright, maybe I'm being alittle overly dramatic, but that's pretty much how I feel about thisamazing powder foundation. It took me almost 19 years to find theperfect foundation. Now that I have it, I feel like my "quest" is over.I've found my prize. LOL It is an amazing silky powder that keeps mycombo-oily skin matte ALL day, with ZERO touch-ups. It coversflawlessly. I have very uneven skin with slight rosacea and acnescarring and this foundation makes my skin look better than it ever has.I don't even need a concealer with it! The best part is, I can layer iton in certain areas and it never looks cakey or fake. It also takes VERYlittle to achieve flawless coverage. I use a big kabuki brush to apply.The color I chose is PERFECT. I ordered the lightest shade, "01 Cream"and was so excited that it was not only light enough, but matched myskin perfectly! Mostmakeup brands are too dark for me, so it was exciting to find a productthat is healthy and natural-looking and also matches me! Lastly, thisfoundation does NOT break me out! Best foundation ever!!! « less

- aveda
aveda userFebruary 5, 2015


I would like to start by saying that since I have been using the tourmaline line makeup is truly not a necessity. I have been using the dual foundation for years, though, and I still love it so much I actually look forward to applying it every morning. Over time, I have developed a regimen that works like a miracle. I begin by washing my face with the tourmaline exfoliating cleanser and follow with the tourmaline radiance fluid, a touch of the tourmaline hydrating creme, and a lightweight sunscreen. This preparation perfectly hydrates, protects, and primes my skin. I first use a concealer brush to dab the dual foundation around my eyes and to cover any dark spots. I noticed some reviews on here that dissuade using a sponge for application, but I think the key is the type of sponge. I use an egg shaped sponge that hugs the contours of my face. I rinse it in warm water and thoroughly wring it out so it is just slightly damp. I pat the dual foundation gently onto my skin, building coverage as desired. I personally want something that evens skin tone without masking the natural glow the tourmaline products bring out in my skin. The dual foundation does just that. The result is radiant and flawless skin.I first tried this method one night before I went on a date. Over the course of dinner, my date kept mentioning how my face looked smoother than usual. It was funny to see him try to delicately tell me my skin always looked nice, but it looked especially lovely that night. I decided not to let him in on my little secret. « less

- aveda
aveda.eu userDecember 11, 2017

Excellent powder foundation

I have been using this product for a few years now. It has been a perfect match for my skin color (which is hard to find), and I like the coverage it offers - fairly opaque, but not unnatural in appearance (i.e., you can barely see some hint of freckles if I don't put a lot on, and it is excellent at smoothing skin tone; I may apply it more heavily over a salicylic acid concealer to cover up an occasional blemish, which is pretty rare these days). I wear an SPF lotion underneath (not an Aveda product) - I'm guessing it helps the powder to adhere and stay in place, as the moisturizer is argan oil-based; I apply it with a foundation brush rather than the applicator pad provided, and I like the results with this regimen. It comes in a plastic container, and you'd have to buy the compact separately - I find it sufficient to just use it out of the plastic container and only apply in the morning at home (it lasts all day). Sometimes the powder can bead up in sweat droplets, but probably most powders would, and I'm too happy with it to change. I like that the product is natural, and I have not had any issues with acne/rashes developing from it. It offers a nice balance of excellent coverage and feeling light. I strongly recommend this product. Less

- aveda.eu
aveda.eu userApril 26, 2017


I was in need of some new make up and liked the ethos of Aveda as such, I visited my local Aveda stockist. i explained to the consultant that I required a natural looking slightly dewy foundation. I have mature dry skin and did not want a mat finish that would sit in my wrinkles I purchased this foundation, the bronzer and blusher along with the case to hold them all and a mascara. I was initially disappointed in the packaging and the fact that you have to purchase a case to keep the products in but decided to overlook this if the products were of a good quality and suited my skin type. To say I was doubly disappointed would be an understatement the foundation is very mat and did not suit my skin at all The blusher and bronzer are so small that when you use a brush with them the product transfers from one to the other in the case The mascara made my eyes very red and itchy Aveda is by no means a budget brand I spent almost £100 these products which are now in the dustbin a very expensive mistake i would not recommend these for mature, dry or sensitive skin. Less

- aveda.eu
aveda.eu userApril 30, 2011

Wonderful Makeup

Purchasing makeup has always been a difficult task for me due to my fair complexion combined with acne prone skin with patches of eczema dryness: Very problematic skin that prevents me from putting on too much products.Yet I also need a good solid coverage due to breakout scars and red patchyness. I've tried a lot of different makeup since my early 20s (now I am in my early 30s) and I can finally stop looking now. This makeup is truly marvelous. The coverage is excellent but the powder does not feel cakey, does not flake off (this is very important), does not discolor, does not irritate my skin and lasts a long time. This is important since I also travel frequently on business and I need the makeup to be durable. The makeup also layers so well that I can dab an extra difficult spot with a brush and forego on any additional concealer. The color palette may be limited but aster perfectly fits my complexion.I prefer to use this with a good brush rather than the sponge since it makes it a little more even for me but the sponge is nice to carry for touchup if needed. This is worth every penny to me and I am thrilled to have discovered this product. Less

- aveda.eu


Overall safe Ingredients

Ascorbyl Palmitateacne
Glycine Soja Oilacne

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