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Fashion Lashes by ardell

Fashion Lashes

look: everyday
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these are so natural looking and i loved them

- Ulta User

the clear band makes for a very smooth look, i get many compliments on these lashes, especially people telling me how natural they look, even when i don't have any eyeliner on

- Ulta User
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ulta.com userNovember 22, 2015


I bought these for homecoming and was excited to use them, but they are horrible and the worst eyelashes I've ever used. I have used ardell eyelashes before so I don't know why these were so bad. The band was too thin and glue bled into the lashes, which made them stick together. They are flimsy so it was very hard to apply them- It took me over an hour to apply these. They are definitely not reusable! Also, I hve naturally long eyelashes but they still looked unnaturally long, so you won't want these if you're going for a natural or casual look. Theyre a waste of money, but then again, they dont cost much so its not a big deal. just dont waste your time and dont buy these!

- ulta.com
ulta.com userJanuary 5, 2016

Perfect fit for my lids!

I have a hard time with false lashes. All strip lashes are way too long for my eyes and trimming them always ends up a disaster (I think I have them short enough only to find out I'm wrong once they are on, then they end up too short). Also, the curve of my lid makes it almost impossible to get the inside corner glued down. The Ardell Accents fix both issues for me!The 315s are a more natural look that are great for everyday use. I also purchased the 305s (from another retailers since Ulta didn't carry them in store), which give a more dramatic look.

- ulta.com
ulta.com userJuly 12, 2016

I love these lashes!

These lashes are so beautiful! I naturally have really short but voluminous lashes, so I look for lashes that add length. There are very natural looking but definitely add enough length and drama to the eyes. I recommend these to everyone because they are a universally flattering shape. Ardell makes great quality lashes!

- ulta.com
ulta.com userDecember 2, 2014

Buy in bulk!

I have monolids and short lashes, so I love a false lash when I want it to look like I have lashes.I typically wear falsies (these specific ones!) on special occasions, as well as days when I'm going to be out for hours and no mascara (no matter how dry or waterproof) can keep up with the constant folding under that my lids to do my lashes.I don't wear lashes every day because I'm a student and lesbihonest, nobody has time for that in the morning. However, I use them more frequently than the average girl. I wear them every day I work as a hostess, because they last throughout the 8 hour shift and make me feel fancy when all I want to do is take a nap!I also put on my lashes in a different way - I use this technique where you cut the lash into thirds and glue them from underneath your real lashes (Youtube: "How to apply false lashes beneath the lash line" by All Things Beauty with Erika or "False lashes on waterline for super natural look" by OnTheRock111).Thus, I'm not a particularly good judge of how easy or not these are to put on in a typical way because I go through that whole process. I can say, however, the band is flexible.The lashes are long for me, but they don't look offensively fake. If I had different lash genes, they coooould be real haha. But I'd have to be really blessed ;)I use the DUO dark lash glue (highly recommend a dark glue!), which smells HORRIFIC but works for me. I squeeze a lot out onto some hard paper (usually the cardboardy backing that comes with the lashes) or the plastic container the lashes come in, and I WAIT. I usually do this before I'm finished with my makeup - I like to let it sit for 8-10 MINUTES! Any earlier, and it really doesn't work for me because there's a lot of rubbing and movement with my eyes and lashes, so the glue needs to be like cement! Haha. (And since I squeeze out so much glue, it doesn't dry up in that time.. usually) The glue will turn a dark grey around the very edges, and then I know it's ready (if most of it turns grey, I waited too long!).I reuse them about twice, and by the third wear, they're looking a little crazy so I usually opt for a fresh pair. To reuse, I honestly just pull off the glue bits and stick them back in the container, but most people suggest using eye makeup remover on a cotton swab to gently remove the glue (but this takes too long for me haha).This style is my FAVE from Ardell. Because the lashes are different lengths, it looks plausible, like real lashes. They aren't TOO full, but they're not TOO sparse where you can tell which lash is fake because there are only a few long ones. They also look fine if you need to trim them (either the lash band to fit the length of your eye, or the actual lashes to make them look more realistic).I usually buy the 4-pack online, which is around ten, but buy two twin packs and this is cheaper, since it's on sale! (FYI, I've never order other brands of lashes online - I stick to drugstore ones I can see irl, to make sure I'd like them.)Anyway, buy it, try it (watch A BUNCH of youtube videos for help!) and if you don't like 'em, send them to me! :DP.S. I just placed my order for these, but I trust Ulta will not mess it up and send me different lashes, or not a twin pack, etc!TL;DR -------------- these look natural enough for a girl with tiny lashes, and when they're on sale AND in a double pack, GO GO GO! « less

- ulta.com
Boots.com userJune 5, 2016


These lashes are perfect for night out makeup and dont have that horrible shiny plasticy look some cheap lashes have because the band is invisible, and the individual lashes cross over so look natural yet dramatic.The Duo lash glue included is so much better than other lash glues ive tried but its so sticky i'd recommend using tweezers to apply the lashes or they'll stick to your hand.Ive literally slept in these after a night out and woke up and they were still perfect! After, i just soak them in warm water - dont use makeup remover as it mixes with the glue and goes slimy! Gently remove the glue with tweezers, dry them on a cotton wool pad and brush through with an eyebrow brush and they look like new again! not even sure how many times i have reused 1 pair of Ardell lashes but its probably more than i should, but they are such high quality they are back to normal after a wash! « less

- Boots.com

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